The Different Types of Soju Explained

SOUTH KOREA’S FAMOUS ALCOHOL: SOJU Research done in 2012 found that this surprisingly unknown South Korena spirit, soju, is actually the most popular alcohol in the world by volume of consumption. It trumps every other spirit you know by more than double the sales. Its popularity is mostly due to sale in South Korea, where … Read more

The Different Types of Stout Beers Explained

WHAT IS A STOUT BEER? While the term stout used to refer to all sorts of different strong alcohols in the past, it has a more narrow definition in modern times. Nowadays when you taste a stout beer the thing that is most memorable is the rich, roasted flavor of the beverage. Contrary to what … Read more

The Different Types of Porter Beer Explained

PORTER BEERS Porter has a history that takes us back to its beginnings in England around 1722. Beers that were first called porters were actually the same thing as stout beers served in England. There were very hoppy, dark, and rich in roasted flavors. The name porter was given because of the popularity of the … Read more

Best Madeira Brands

WHAT IS MADEIRA? Madeira is a Portuguese wine that is fortified with brandy or any other neutral spirit. It undergoes a unique aging method that involves heating the wine and purposely exposing it to oxygen in order to bring out a certain flavor and color. Although the wine is enjoyed by some people all around … Read more

Types of Cachaca

BRAZIL’S FAMOUS SPIRIT, CACHACA Cachaca is a distilled spirit that is made exclusively in Brazil. It is the most popular spirit that is consumed in Brazil, but it did not find as much international popularity until more recent years when it has spread to the US. Many people drink Cachaca in a popular cocktail called … Read more

Types of Arak

MIDDLE EASTERN ARAK Around there world there are a few strong spirits that are similar to one another, as each are anise flavored spirits. This includes Ouzo, Raki, Arak, and others. Arak is the Middle Eastern variety, which is usually eaten with small appetizers known as mezze. The reason this drink is usually taken with … Read more

Types of Pisco Explained

SOUTH AMERICAN PISCO BRANDY Pisco is a spirit generally classified as a brandy because it is made from distilling grape wine. It is mainly produced in Chile and Peru, with Peruvian pisco being given numerous awards as one of the best liquors in the world. In its early days, Pisco was made with a wide … Read more

A List of The Different Types of Ouzo

OUZO, THE GREEK SPIRIT One of the most well known and best loved liquors in Greece is the locally made ouzo. You can find small cafes all over the country that serve ouzo with mezedes, salty and savory bites similar to Spanish tapas. Ouzo is a very strong liquor that usually has around 40% and … Read more

Best Brands of Stout Beers

INTRODUCTION TO STOUT BEERS Stout beers are those which are made with a very rich, dark blend of ingredients to create a thicker and more flavorful beer. They are usually dark brown or even black in appearance with a substantial head foam. Flavors commonly found in stout beers are very earthy, rich, and strong such … Read more

The Different Types of Metaxa Explained

GREEK METAXA WINE Metaxa is a wine that takes tradition very seriously. Every ingredient used is completely natural and organic; no chemicals are used in the process at all. For this reason there is a need for the Metaxa winery to keep a wine master. His task takes a lot of training and experience in … Read more

Best Brands of Soju

INTRODUCTION TO SOJU Soju is a famous Korean rice wine. It’s made exclusively in North and South Korea, with each region of the countries producing a unique flavor of wine. Surprisingly to many people, soju is the best selling spirit in the world, trumping the competition by more than double the sales. Many of those … Read more

Best Porter Beer Brands

INTRODUCTION TO PORTER BEERS Porters have often been compared against stout beers because of the similarities. While they are made of a lot of the same ingredients and might even use the same methods, porters have their own defining characteristics. The use of strong malts in porter makes it uniquely flavorful with a different set … Read more