Best Bourbon Not From Kentucky

Bourdon is a county in the state of Kentucky; consequently, many people assume that all bourdon brands are made in Kentucky. Unfortunately, that is not the case since there are a lot of incredible bourdons that are made outside Kentucky.

Legally, whiskeys must be made in the US for them to be categorized under bourbon. Meanwhile, leave legal matters alone because we are not filling a case here, let’s focus on what matters: Identifying Best Bourbon, Not from Kentucky.

Well, one thing that makes the drinking world this exciting is the ability to explore different brands and give firsthand ratings, instead of relying on someone else’s opinions. After all, we all know that very few people can be trusted these days.

We too understand this reality very well, and that is why we have provided you with a list of 6 Best Bourbons made outside Kentucky, from which you will choose, experiment and rate them with your own criteria.

6 Best bourbon not from Kentucky

·         Hillrock Estate Solera Aged Bourbon

Hillrock mixed matured seed bourdon with barrel-aged bourdon, and you know what he got? An amazing whiskey with a deep aroma of oak and vanilla. This is a brand that you should take while you are in your worst moods, because it literally takes away all bitterness in your life.

As we said earlier, when it comes to rating alcoholic brands, everyone is a scientist on his/ her own way. Therefore, waste no time, grab a bottle of this amazing Bourbon and do a scientific research: experiment it yourself.

·         Garrison Brothers Straight Bourbon

This is another proof that bourbons made outside Kentucky are just as good as those made in Bourbon County, Kentucky. In regard to ingredients, almost everything in this incredible Bourbon is organic.

Besides that, Garrison Brothers Straight Bourbon has attractive scents of vanilla and toffee, which makes it attractive and friendly to your nose. Just feel free to try it out because you have all it takes to secure a bottle.

·         Belle Meade Bourbon

Belle Meade Bourbon is a Tennessee made bourdon that is designed to quench your special thirst for bourbons. The ingredients include rye and caramel, all which help to ease your stress level as you take a sip after the other.

This amazing Bourbon also contains vanilla and some special spicy rye, which add flavor to your drinking world. In short, don’t let somebody else rate this brand for you, do it yourself by buying a bottle in one of your finest or worst evenings.

·         Koval Single Barrel Bourbon

Koval decided to risk and defy the norms, all with the intentions to make you happy. Instead of using rye and wheat to catalyze the fermentation of corn, Koval decided to give it a try and added millet. The result was an amazing whiskey brand with a unique taste.

You also get to enjoy the sweet aroma of caramel, cloves, vanilla, and many more fruits all in one sip. “Spoil” our fiancé with a bottle on your date and see how things go.

·         High West American Prairie Bourbon

Just as the name suggests, this Bourbon pays tribute to the western history. Those are the days when the saloons and cowboys used to run the show. Meanwhile, this brand takes an entire decade to be ready for consumption, meaning today’s production will be consumed in 2029! That only tells you how special you are to drink this precious brand.

Speaking of special, High West American Prairie Bourbon has a very special smooth texture that does not allow your tongue to rest for a minute before requesting for the next sip. In regard to taste, this brand contains sweet aromas of chocolate and toffee, all which add taste and value to your drinking experience.

·         Watershed Bourbon

This is a Columbus, Ohio brand which also proves the rationale that a bourbon does not have to be made in Kentucky to quench your special thirst for bourdons. Watershed Bourbon is distilled twice before it is ready for consumption which makes it very smooth!

Since the content also matters a lot, let’s see what this amazing brand has for you. Well, Watershed Bourbon is made from wheat, corn, rye, and vanilla. Above all, it contains brown sugar that gives it a sweet taste, but not that much sugary.

3 of New York’s Best bourbon not from Kentucky

Google of the most developed city and the largest city in the world and New York will top the list. But now it is evident that those are not the only traits of New York, because she also produces some of the best bourdons on the market.

Meanwhile, the following are 3 best bourdons from New York, which you should taste and rate them with your own criteria.

·         Hudson Bady Bourbon

In their bid to add value to the world of drinking, Hudson mixed American oak casks with their own New York Corn Whiskey brand. The result was a light, sweet drink with a hint of rye, which you can order for anyone who understands the value of alcohol, including first-timers.

·         Kings County Bourbon

Kings County Bourbon is another testimony that New York is just as good as Kentucky when it comes to bourbon production. The Brooklyn-made brand has an attractive sweet aroma with hints of molasses and caramel which makes your drinking experience, glorious!

  • Van Brunt Stillhouse Bourbon

This another icon for New York, whose strength is recognized by almost everybody who drinks it irrespective of where they come from. It has a 65% concentration of corn, which makes it an ideal alcoholic brand for real men and women who love to get real with life.

It has bold sweet scents of vanilla, toffee, and caramel which makes you want to swallow the entire bottle–please don’t do that!

For me, Hillrock Estate Solera literally solves all my problems and leaves me stress-free, irrespective of the situation at hand. Again as we said earlier, you don’t have to believe me, try it out for yourself.