11 Popular Colombian Drinks

A visit to Colombia without drinking its cocktail is incomplete. The hot weather and the warm environment demand something cool to sip up. You can try a coke or can also switch to something way better and healthy too. Yeah! We are talking about a cocktail that is the best option to quench the thirst in Columbia. The city is drastically famous for its cocktails coming in a variety of flavor and prepared with different types of ingredients. The answer to your tiredness and thirst is available in the city. So bang hard and get ready to taste every kind of drinks coming in front of you.  Have a look at the drinks given below and know about them:


Take the sip of the Corozo, the popular version of the French 75 cocktail. You will be fantasized with the rich taste of the cocktail. Its deep flavor will make you sip it again and again. The ingredients required to prepare the cocktail are corozo syrup, Chandon Rose sparkling wine, and infused gin.


  • Add all the ingredients and mix well to prepare the cocktail.

Tcherassi martini

Giving a try to a new cocktail becomes exciting when you come to know something surprising about it.  Tcherassi Martini deserves a thumb up when it comes to giving it a try. The ingredients required to prepare the Martini are Aguardiente, a mix of gin, mint and lemon foam. This mixture will give a lemon aroma along with citrus flavor.


  • Mix all the ingredients well to prepare the drink.


Sip the extremely tasty Canelazo that has got alcoholic beverage depending upon the Aguardiente popular in the mountainous areas of Colombia, Ecuador, and northern Argentina. The ingredients required to prepare it are- 6 cups of water, Aguardiente, eight sticks of cinnamon, and ½ cup panela.


  • Put all the ingredients in a pot and mix them well. Don’t add the
  • Boil the ingredients for 40 minutes over low heat.
  • Add the aguardiente and serve it gently.


Make your evenings more romantic with the sip of aguapanela. You will feel the whole taste throughout the night and don’t forget to appreciate it again. This delicious drink is perfect for making up the mood. It’s a complete liquid base, and without aguardiente will give health benefits. It contains cinnamon, cloves, lime juice, melted sugar cane, and aguardiente for making this delicious hot drink.


  • Mix all the ingredients well. Serve it gently!


Aguardiente is counted among the boiling water drink that is hot to sip up. Well, its identity in Columbia is famous as national liquor of the country. When in Columbia it becomes a must to taste the cocktail. It contains 29% alcohol content making it less harsh. The best way to drink Aguardiente is in shots. The ingredients required in it are Colombian Aguardiente (6 ounces), sugar (1 tablespoon), lime juice (2 ounces), orange juice (4 ounces), and one egg white.


  1. To prepare the drink, add a hot drink, cinnamon, Aguardiente, and Hervido made by boiling fruit juice. Fruit such as blackberry (mora), pineapple (piña), and passion fruit are best.
  2. Add sugar in it along with other ingredients.
  3. Mix them well and serve it.


Granadilla is a combination of tonic and vodka that bring sweetness to the drink. Even adding little rum will work and make the extra drink deep. Well to add magic to the drink, mixing aguardiente may not work first, but gradually it will start showing its taste. After leaving it for four to five days, the flavor will blend into mellow.


  • Add the alcohol and fruit in the same proportion.
  • Shake them well for breaking the seeds.
  • Leave it for overnight.


Taste the amazing Agraz berries mixed with allspice and cinnamon. It will give an earthy flavor holding an amazing color. This wonderful taste will come after soaking it for six days, and one can choose any alcohol as each taste similar. Serve it with ice and sprite to create magic. Ingredients required to prepare the cocktail are fruit, sugar, and spices.


  • In a jar, add fruits and alcohol in a 2:1 ratio.
  • Add 2-3 spoons of sugar and a pinch of spice.
  • Leave it for five days. Keep shaking it from time to time.
  • In the end, pour it and serve!


When you think of Uchuvas, its taste will flatter your tongue. The sweet and sour taste will bring excitement to the mind. Soaking Uchuvas in vodka turns out to be tasty, and the wonderful creation results into heavenly after serving with tonic and ice. Even serving it with cream is also liked by many.


  • Divide Uchuvas into two parts and keep them by inserting a cocktail stick. This will garnish the drink.
  • Add a small amount of sugar in it and quantify it with alcohol.
  • Adding cloves and cinnamon in the drink will enhance the taste of the drink.
  • Leave the drink for three days and shake it well.
  • Pour it and serve.


Mango blends well with rum giving a fantastic flavor. Keep them for six days, and after that, the fruit will infuse amazingly with spices and rum.  This will bring an improved version of mango.


  • Use a ripe mango to add sweetness and a gentle flavor to the drink.
  • Chop the fruit and add rum in it to cover the fruit.
  • Now, mash the mango with a spoon, then add panela, a few cloves, a stick of cinnamon, and leave it for one week.
  • Pour it gently and serve it.


Similar to other juicy fruits, Lulo is also the one used for making a brilliant tasty cocktail.  Well, it is even added in Bogota cocktail. It creates wonder after mixing with spirits and vodka. The citrus flavor of the fruit spread all over the mouth, creating a pinch in your eyes.


  • Squeeze the lulo to take the juice out.
  • Mix it with sugar and water.
  • Pour the juice and serve it well with foam.
  • Add any alcohol and ice in the drink.


Viche is a product of sugarcane available on the Pacific Coast of Colombia. This homemade prepared drink is illegal here, but there is no such action taken from the side of authorities that seem to restrict the illegal production. It is stronger in comparison to Chicha but holds light rum in flavor and strength. For drinking it, it is better to mix them up with sugar drink like any fruit juice.


  • Prepare the drink by mixing the ingredients well.
  • Serve it gently and enjoy!