Top 10 Popular Cuban Drinks

Talking about Cuban cuisine is not complete until the discussion reaches cocktails specifically the ones prepared by real Cuban rum. Several Cuban drinks recognized internationally are made in the clubs and bars of towns and beaches in Cuba. The following article discusses about the 10 most popular Cuban drinks that mesmerize you with their taste and make you a fan. These traditional drinks have been recommended by the experts so tasting them once is a must. Have a look at the popular drinks of all time.

1.     Daiquiri

Daiquiri is among the easiest Cuban cocktails that require three ingredients lemon juice, rum, and ice (frappeado or chopped) It is among the freshest drinks one can make. Pour the drink in the glass after preparing. It is the popular drink of Floridita bar in Havana and has variants named martini and margarita. People have experimented making the drink using a variety of flavors as it blends well with several options.

2.     Piña Colada

Pina Colada is not an everyday drink but instead a festive drink and it waves mostly around the Caribbean islands. No one can miss the delicate blend of coconut milk and pineapple juice after stepping into the Cuban city. The drink is a little frosty because of its coconut oil and there lies no reason to order the virgin versions of this drink. It may demand a little extra effort to get the basic cocktail, but it’s not difficult too. You just need to have the proper ingredients and a blender.

3.     Saoco

Although mojitos or rum and coke Cuba Libres are treated to be national cocktails of Cuba, there is another name with more importance. Saoco is an exhilarating Campesino drink prepared with aguardiente, squeeze of lime, green coconut water, two teaspoon sugar or honey and ice served in the country. Modern Saoco is made using white rum, and it includes mineral water along with coco water, but you may exclude lime and sugar.

4.     Crema de Vie

Crème de Vie is a famous drink also known as “cream of life.” This traditional drink is treated as a part of the after-dinner party mostly enjoyed during the holidays. It is even gifted in decorative bottles to friends and family members as a goodwill gesture. The drink is especially popular during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The drink is a balanced mixture of sugar, water, egg yolk, vanilla, and milk cream.

5.     Mojito

Mojito is a favorite drink of the Cuban island that was introduced as a medicinal drink for curing diseases. It is a mixture of fresh lime juice, sugar, rum, ice and soda water. The drink is preferred mostly by people because it provides refreshment too. The history of the drinks is fascinating as it is connected to James Bond Film and Johnny Depp Films. Well, all the fun will come out after you take a sip of Mojito, so get ready.

6.     Cubanito

Cubanito is the most popular drink of Cuba and is a simplified version of Bloody Mary. There are very few who choose to go with this spicy drink like the ones in Mexico and Central America. The drink is a beautiful combination of lemon juice, spicy sauce, tomato juice, white rum, and Worcestershire sauce. The drink is also used as an appetizer as it includes Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce.

7.  El Presidente

El Presidente is an appealing drink made with light rum, and it works well when the weather is not so good outside. The drink has a tempting flavor that can pull on your sweater while you cheer the drink in an evening chill. It is made of orange curacao vermouth, rum, and grenadine and it gives a taste of sweet sensation.

8. Canchanchara

Canchanchara is among the oldest drinks of Cuba originated during the Cuban War of Independence by the guerrilla fighters for keeping themselves warm during the chilly cold nights. Just a simple mixture of the cocktails can revive human spirits. You will be amazed by the true Cuban heritage cocktail that can bring an interesting twist to the classic collection of sweet, citrus, and rum. The drink is a wonderful mixture of rum, honey, and lime that offers a wonderful taste.

9. Cuba Libre

Cuba Libre is a popular mixed drink whose name originated from Spain, and means “Free Cuba.” This easy drink is similar to rum and coke, but the mixture of lime juice lightens the mixture and bring downs the sweetness of cola. The lime is the only ingredient that defines the Cuba Libre in the form of an individual drink. While you grab a sip of the Cuba Libre make sure to enjoy the time and the drink well. Have this drink in a highball glass full of ice while garnish it using lime wedge. It is also known as Cubata when it is prepared with dark rum.

 10. Rum Collins

Rum Collins is a cocktail which is obtained by mixing rum, powdered sugar, lime juice, ice cubes and slices of lemon. This Cuban drink can roll your mind away from the regular boring mood. To add more flavors, garnish with cherry and lime. You can switch to gin in place of rum. The cocktail will give a sweet and fresh flavor having a distinct taste after you add gin to it. Shake the rum, sugar, lime and pour the mix in Collins glass having ice in it.

Cuban cocktails are a blend of sweetness, salty, sour and a little bitter but they all have something that differentiates them apart from their taste. Any Cuban place can make you fall for Mojito, or a Daiquiri, Cuba Libre, or Ron Collins with its taste. You can enjoy the taste of the Caribbean island nation without thinking about the coast of Florida. For the ones who reside in Cuba, rum is enough, and the bartenders across the world have designed their versions of vintage cocktails which reflect Cuba’s origin.