Best Indian Drinks You Should Definitely Enjoy

Today in the age of mixology, Indian cocktails are presented in the same manner as in Western countries. Not only tantalizing tasting notes but they are also a refreshing change that team effortlessly with varieties of spirits. Indian spices such as tamarind, cloves, cardamom, black pepper, curry leaves, etc. are used to create heady mixes.

Variety is the spice of life, implement the same in your cocktail and get ready to enjoy. If you are no more interested in a regular dose of vodka, beer, whiskey or any other alcoholic beverage then try the recipes given below and get ready to shake your legs.

Spiced Moscow Mule

This spicy ale will refresh you and at the same time add some heat. This is an ideal choice for regions with moderate temperature and yet need some warmth. The ingredients include vodka, ginger beer, ginger syrup, Spices of your choice, lime juice.


  1. Combine the ingredients and mix.
  2. Top the mixture with ginger beer and garnish with spices of your choice.

Guava Mary

You are in luck if you love Peru as this spiked guava juice is the perfect option to beat the heat. Add vodka to guava juice, Tobasco and a slice of lemon. The red and spicy chili powder and sweetness of the guava juice surely elevate the flavor.


  1. Blend the ingredients well and pour the mixture into an ice-filled glass that is rimmed with chili
  2. Guava juice sweetness is toned down by vodka. So prepare the same and sip along!

 Cucumber Cooler

This cucumber cooler is perfect for those who do not like a sweet cocktail. The right amount of sweetness in this drink makes it the first choice for cocktail lovers.


  1. The drink is prepared by adding green mint leaves to gin.
  2. Combine cucumber soda, cucumber slices and gin in a tall glass containing ice.
  3. Squeeze lime wedge into your glass, and your perfect summer drink is ready in no time.


This authentic cocktail is of bright color and a perfect way to celebrate. This drink looks beautiful and easy to make.


  1. De-seeds all the fruits and mix them in a shaker.
  2. Top it with gin, lime juice, sugar syrup and strain the drink in a chilled glass.
  3. Use red chili powder to rim the glass.

Rum Panna

This is the best cocktail for summer. The scorching heat is unbearable and distracts you. This easy cocktail is the perfect choice to beat the heat with little nostalgia. The cooling effect of drink is good for your health. The special summer cocktail involves raw mango pulp, black salt, cardamom, black pepper powder, and sugar.


Blend the ingredients until smooth and pour a dash of white rum of your choice. Enjoy the drink and feel energetic.


Another popular drink in India made from Apple. It is super easy to make and a treat especially if you are a tea lover.


  1. Muddle the fresh apple chunks along with cinnamon and cloves in a Boston shaker.
  2. Now add some apple juice, maple spice syrup and green apple syrup in it.
  3. Pour Assam tea and whiskey in the prepared drink and shake well.
  4. Strain the mix into a rock glass and garnish it with an apple slice.


This drink is like the Christmas in a glass along with a twist of mint. The ingredients include fresh cucumber chunks, melon syrup, lime juice, ice cubes, basil leaves, and vodka.


  1. Blend the ingredients and serve frozen in a martini glass.
  2. Garnish it with a cucumber slice.

Dark Night

This is a drool-worthy way to mix rum and beer along with spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and ginger.


  1. Boil the spices and use 30 ml of this mixture to prepare one glass drink.
  2. Add this boiled mixture to the rum and top that with some beer in the tropical
  3. Add some orange for freshness.


This is the best way to enjoy marmalade. Ingredients include one freshly grilled orange, fresh chopped strawberries, Tequila, Whiskey, Marmalade, and black pepper.


  1. Muddle strawberries and grilled orange.
  2. Top with tequila, marmalade, and whiskey along with ice. Shake well until the drink becomes frothy.
  3. Strain the mixture in a martini glass and garnish with grilled orange and pinch of black pepper.


Enjoy this fantastic drink with pizza or some spicy snacks. Ingredients include white rum, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup, lime chunks, cumin powder, salt, chili paste, and chilled soda water.


  1. Muddle the ingredients and add chilled soda water.
  2. Stir for few seconds and transfer the drink in a glass rimmed with salt.
  3. Garnish the drink with mint and lime. Serve chilled.


This is all time favorite of Indians.


  1. Mix the traditional masala chai with vodka, egg white, lime juice, and sugar syrup.
  2. The drink is served in a martini
  3. Garnish the cocktail with an orange slice and cinnamon stick to add aroma.


This exotic drink involves Indian apricots soaked in vanilla for one day in an airtight container. Once they are soft, blend them, and your apricot jam is ready for use. The other ingredients include mango juice, lime juice, orange bitters, cinnamon stick, crushed ice, and vanilla vodka.


  1. Except cinnamon stick add all the ingredients into a shaker.
  2. Fill it with ice and shake vigorously. Use hurricane glass to serve the drink.
  3. Heat the cinnamon stick to get cinnamon oil aroma to stir the drink with this stick and leave it in along with a sprig of mint and mango slice.

Filter Coffee Martini

This is a vodka-based drink that exactly resembles a steaming hot coffee. This filter coffee martini has only one difference that it is served chilled. Here vodka is added to cold coffee and crushed ice is used as a topping. You will surely remember Bailey’s Irish Cream. A coffee teetotaler will transform into a cocktail lover for sure.