Best Irish Wines

Welcome to the official wine productive province known by the name of Ireland. Very few people know about Ireland’s achievement over wine production. The position of the land lies too far from the earth’s equator that makes the growth of wine hard on the grounds of Europe. The common topic that is assumed to be the reason behind non-productiveness is the wet and cold temperature of Ireland. It resists the production of quality vines needed for wine. This additional point has been proved wrong as the country has few selective producers who keep on experimenting with their production to achieve success. Get to know about some of the popular wines of Ireland that rules in the country.

1.     Wicklow Way Wines

Wicklow Way Wines is the Irish wines grown by the Irish producers. The wine is popular under the brand Monier. These wines are produced using strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries that contain antioxidant properties and are incredibly colorful. They hold strong fragrance which pours into the juices. For producing the wines, these berries pass through fermentation to bring a pure flavor and best quality.

Wicklow, a completely different wine of Ireland, reflects its popular terrains. The wineries of Wicklow put their best to come out with environmentally sustainable wine.

2.     Petite Sirah

Petite Sirah, the name of the wine derives from the size of the berries rather than from the name of the wine. Sirah is the biggest, effective as well as tunic wines of America. The berries create a powerful, handy, fruity, wine that can be blended with numerous big dishes. One can use stews, meats, grilled meats, and braised to match it.

The color of Petite Sirah is dark purple that presents the essence of blackberries, blueberries, liquorice, black pepper, and spice. These wines are great, massive, masculine, and chewy wines, and when they are young, they produce a considerable quantity of tannin. These wines keep improving with their passing age and decade.

3.     Lusca Black Raven 2016

Imparting an image of Fingal Region, the Black Raven is the symbol of this place. The region has got the famous vineyard Llewellyn that lies in the Lusk. Behind the preparation of this dark color, wine lies the amazing Dunkelfelder grape. Whosoever will apply for the sip will get aromas of red cherries, cranberries, raspberries, and red currants. It has a fascinating and appealing freshness. The wine gives an acidic taste on the tongue. As it starts ending on the tongue, it gives a warmer hue with hints of spice and pepper.

4.     Lusca White Cuvee

Lusca is an alluring mixture of Schoenberger grapes and Sauvignon Blanc. The grapes of the Lusca white wine grow in a cool-climate blended with herbal and floral shade. Once you bring the wine close, you will get a fascinating aroma of white pepper, grapefruit, lemon, lychee, and white flowers. As you gulp it, you will find high acidic notes on your tongue. During the ending time of the wine, this will give a hue of green fruit and white flowers. This 12% abv wine comes in a bright yellow color.

5.     Mead

Mead is among the popular Irish Wines famous for its traditional values. Prepared with real and pure honey, herbs and fruits, people also call it by the name honey wine. This sweet wine is popular for improving and enhancing fertility. It was famous among the wine troops as amative. This belief is still popular among the people of Ireland, and therefore it is often served during weddings. It is important for the groom and bride to drink it on the night of the wedding. The honey wine is the popular term that rises from the word honeymoon.

6.     Blarney Red

Blarney is a first farm bottle wine. For preparing the brew Cabernet Franc and Merlot is mixed in the ratio of 1:1. The fantasizing ale has got an attractive red color that can bring water to the mouth. While you take a sip, you will cheer a spicy aroma from Blarney, and your tongue will get filled with flavor. This every day, drinking wine had been an award winner for multi-level since 2004.

7.     Tempranillo

Tempranillo is among the desirable wine of Ireland because of its flavor and aroma. The wine comes in red as well as purple color. Behind the dominating aroma of Irish wine lies the black and red fruit with black pepper spice. While taking the sip of ale, you will feel tannin on the palate as the fruit flavors extract more. Sip Tempranillo with a chicken dish, and this will give an amazing wine experience. As you gulp the whole wine, the oak will start revealing itself.

8.     Barbera

Barbera is a grape variety of 2000 and is among the third-seeded grape variety. The grape produces high yields and is popular for a dark color, rich in flavor, high acid level and contains fewer amounts of tannins. The ale shows layers of the mean weight of spices with purple flowers. As you gulp it, you will find an essence of freshness with the juicy and herbal ending.

The ones who feel awkward in drinking Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon must go for Barbera. Accompany the ale with BBQ because it enhances the taste after getting mixed with pork, grilled chicken or burgers. The food lovers will enjoy having it with any fish dish.


The popularity of the wine rises or falls because of its taste and aroma. Either it can make anyone its die-heart fan or can become the reason of someone sadness. The taste and the aroma come from different breweries where the fine grapes pass through several processes and prepare into fine and fantasizing wines. Ireland has a very close connection with a brew from a very long time. Drinking wine in Ireland is not just having a sip; it’s about having pleasure. It’s not about having a good eve or just close time with your wine; instead, it’s about getting into the wine while drinking it and feel it from the heart.