Best Italian Red Wine

Italian Red Wines: Sinful and Sexy

Many people often engage in armchair discussions, debating which is superior, French or the Italian. However, it is important to remember that both are two distinct classes of red wines, and they have quite a few characteristic differences. For instance; grapes are cultivated in the warmer, far Southern regions in Italy, whereas the same fruits are procured from cooler top Northern places in France. The taste of the grapes is decided by the composition of the soil where they are planted. Terroir influences the flavor of the wine a lot.

Also, the process of wine making followed in France, and Italy differs vastly. French manufactures always opted for barrel aging for producing elegant wines. Italians, on the other hand, consistently proudly demonstrated their love for bolder wines with highly concentrated tannins. However, they finally gave in to the pressures of the US wine lobby and started employing oak barrels for aging.

Some of the best Italian sweet red wines are discussed below:

  • The brand Stella Rosa is all about being an iconoclast, out of the box, and off the beaten path. The ideology took its shape more than a decade ago when they came up with a refreshing and delicious semi-sweet sparkling wine which was unique, jovial, and sensuous. Since then, they have crafted ten beautiful flavors to their L’Originale product line and also six Imperiale champagne-themed wines. The Stella Rosa wines won many gold medals in the past.
  • Though Stella Rosa Rosso is famous for its classic Stella Rosa flavor, it is anything but mediocre red wine. Historically, red wines happened to taste dry and typically flat, but it was none but Rosso who dared to challenge and change that notion. Stella Rosa Rosso is a sweet, little sparkling red wine; with bursts of red berries and ripened strawberries. It is a perfect accompaniment to cheese, chocolate desserts, and spice-rich Italian cuisine and should be served chilled. It can be enjoyed without any mixes. The Rosso is a classic love story for all the wine connoisseurs to cherish.
  • One can never go wrong with Stella Rosa Black for a romantic dinner. It is the new baby in the town and produced in limited quantities. Semi-sweet, yet firm, with a perfect blend of wild berries and black cherries. It is necessarily a dessert wine that has got a real fruity spirit, and one should not get fooled by its moderate selling price. When the wine is poured into the glass, the seductive translucency of the purple colored paradise does not possess any legs, but some transient bubbles do swim to the surface. The opening is characterized by fruity black notes of blueberries and blackberries accompanied by honey and vanilla tones. In reality, it is light-bodied, though the label describes as being full-bodied; and has more sourness with rich tannins emerging and fading rapidly.
  • Stella Rosa Red is a delicious, semi-sparkling, semi-sweet, luxury red wine with a rounded feminine profile. It is a heavenly blend of ripened raspberries, red plums, and wild strawberries an can be paired with Asiago cheese, onions and turkey burgers, spicy cioppino, mixed berries and strawberry shortcakes. It won many gold medals in past competitions including the San Diego International Wine Competition and the TEXSOM International Wine Awards.

Some of the best Italian red wines that are available just under $100 are discussed below.

  • Gino Fasoli 2007 Alteo (Amarone della Valpolicella) is an italian red wine under 100 US dollars and is produced by the Gino Fasoli winery. It offers several varieties; namely, Corvina, Molinara, Rondinella, Italian Red; and has an ABV of 17.5%. The burning sensation of the spirit is balanced by its extraordinary creaminess and fullness. It is undoubtedly bold, big, with strong aromatic notes of toasted nut, chocolate fudge, vanilla, exotic spice and blackberry jam.
  • The Trabucchi d’Illasi 2003 Riserva Cent’Anni (Amarone della Valpolicella) is available for as little as ninety-nine US dollars. This neatly aged and well-balanced Amarone belonging to the hot 2003 vintage is manufactured by the Trabucchi d’Illasi winery. The opening fruity aromas smoothly transform into the combined notes of spice, toasted nut, and molasses. It is a silky, full-mouthed wine, pretty much chewable; and comes with an unmistakably crisp finish.
  • The Santa Sofia 2003 Gioé (Amarone della Valpolicella Classico) can be purchased for $98 and is manufactured by Santa Sofia winery. It offers extended, ripened notes of prunes, dates, and raisins. It comes with an endless supply of ripe fruity aromas, indeed, a veritable cornucopia of scents of ripened fruits. The spirit is chewable and mouth-full and leaves a sweetened after-taste.

Some of the best Italian red wines that is available just under $50 are discussed below.

  • The Raimondi 1998 Villa Monteleone (Amarone della Valpolicella Classico) is an italian red wine under 50 US dollars and is produced by the Raimondi winery. Once the dark and earthy beginning notes start to leave the taste buds; the aromatic mid-notes of apple skin, dark fruits, and horsehide begin to strike. It is thick, full-bodied, and mouth-full; and the low level of tannins gives it a syrupy profile with flavors of coffee, chocolate, and liqueur.
  • The Arnaldo Caprai 1998 Collepiano (Sagrantino di Montefalco) comes with a modest price of $48 and is manufactured by the Arnaldo Caprai winery. It is crafted with the help of the New World methodology and offers a terrific blend of fresh cedar, blueberry, and ripened blackberry. It is creamy, mouth-full, and firm; and finishes off with the reminiscences of dark chocolate.

There are some premium quality Italian red wines that are available just under $30 dollars.

  • Giancarlo Ceci 2014 Parco Marano Nero di Troia (Castel del Monte) is a superb italian red wine under 30 US dollars and is made by the Giancarlo Ceci winery. Accentuated tones of cherry aromas blending with sawdust, along with aniseed and game right on its nose, the spirit capacitate the taste palate to indulge in a brave new world that is yet to be explored.

Also, there are quite a few good quality Italian red wines that are available just under twenty US dollars. One such wine is the Fontana 1996 Dolcetto d’Alba. It is an above average italian red wine under 20 US dollars and is crafted by the Fontana winery. Its nose is characterized by nutmeg accents, cherry fruit, and a little musty note. It comes with a reasonably high sourness, and the flavors are accompanied by a sharp, tangy orange profile.