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The 10 Best Mongolian Vodkas 2021

Mongolians have many specialties whether it is a food or a drink. Though Vodka is not the traditional drink of Mongolia, it is the most consumed drink. According to the estimation, each Mongolian drinks two vodka bottles per month. There are hundreds of distilleries in the country.  Generally wheat is useful for making Mongolian vodka and there are various brands.

There is an acceptance ritual of vodka. For a guest, there are three services. The host serves each guest with a single glass that begins with the oldest person. The guest has to put the glass to his/her mouth, and again the host fills the glass by adding a symbolic drop. Very often Mongolians soap their right finger in alcohol and flick with their ring finger and thumb.


This Super premium Mongolian vodka is consumer friendly and comes in a beautiful bottle that contains six figures. These figures are of the moon, the sun, two horizontal rectangles, two triangles, two vertical rectangles, and yin yang. This vodka is crafted from mashed and fermented organic wheat that goes to six stage distillation. The alpha grade vodka is then filtered through charcoal, quartz, diamond and silver metal to produce pure and clean product. After filtration, it is brought to proof. With vanilla cream touch, this gives a dry and bold finish. On the palate, it gives a hint of sweet citrus, anise, pepper and bread notes.

Chinggis Khan

This is the highest grade vodka of Mongolia that is the best export product and best design and package. It is a popular product in many countries like U.K, USA, Korea, etc.  The vodka comes with honey notes. On the nose, it is lavender, aniseed, and mellow spice. On the palate, it is silky medium weight with a honey-rich sweetness, slightly pepper, aniseed, and licorice. The finish starts with the sweetness and ends with a hint of creamy aniseed with underlying dryness.

Eruul Vodka

The name Eruul is the translation of “blessing” in Mongolia. It consists of a grain base and whortleberry extract. It offers gentle taste and extra smoothness. This is the first Mongolian vodka that uses silver filtration method for smoothness and extra purity. It contains a little bit huckleberry extract. The vodka has won many competitions such as Int’l DLG Quality Competition Gold 2012, Mongolian Association-Super brand PR 2003 and San Francisco Spirit World Competition-Silver 2006.

Grand Khan Premium

This is triple distilled vodka that is named after the man of the Millennium, Grand Khan. This is made from the fine quality wheat grains that are harvested from steppes of Mongolia with the blend of purest glacial waters obtained from highest Mongolian peaks. On the nose, it is soft with balanced, stylish, clean with a slight punch.

Mongolian Warrior Fruity Varieties

This vodka combines the real fruit taste such as Dark berries, Green Apple, Creamy Caramel, Icy Lemon, Sweet Orange, and Red Berries. On the nose, it is soft and fruity.  The chilled vodka feels fruitier like soft berries. Subtle yet elusive, it sits perfectly on the palate. The flavor balance makes it clean and refreshing. Best enjoyable with ice, neat or on the rocks.


This ultra-premium vodka is a symbol of respect and honor as Great Emperor Chinggis Khan ruled the world through power but restored peace to the chaotic world. To protect his officials and envoy, the emperor issued decrees known as Gereges. It is the decrees of honor in which highest was the Golden Gerege or Altan Gerege. The alcohol content is 40%, and the primary ingredient in its production is wheat grains.


Originally the Arkhi brand was reproduced in 2011. The aim was to export the wheat with the premium spirit in 1976. The filtering technology combines modern methods as well as traditional methods such as sand, coal, four-layer filter and membrane. This is pure white alcohol that contains no extra ingredients. This brand celebrated the 40th launch anniversary in 2016.


This is premium vodka which is the result of high-quality grain fermentation. Organic wheat is useful in the production. The distillation process takes place for five times for obtaining perfect purity and taste of fresh grain. This unique taste vodka combines 2000-year-old water “938” with 9.38 pH from the source present in Greenland. With a high level of sophistication and full body, this vodka is harmonious and comprises of distinctive finesse and fragrance.


Bolor means translated from Mongolian crystal. Genuine Mongolian mountain crystals filter Mongolia’s Bolor vodka. The elaborate filtration gives Mongolia’s Bolar Vodka intense purity. This purity exists on the palate with soft accents and makes it’s refreshing. The designer bottle of Bolor Vodka is modeled after a rock crystal. This extremely noble vodka is unique due to its extreme softness. Filtration by Mongolian rock crystal is the peculiarity of this vodka. This filtration procedure reduces suspended matter and enhances purity. It is fantastic when chilled and the Color adds convincing flavors and extraordinary qualities in cocktails. There is 39% alcohol.

Khar Suvd

Khar Suvd means Black Pearl, so as the black bottle. The exceptional smoothness with slight dark roasted coffee makes it unique. It uses pearl filtration process. This vodka is crystal clear with pleasant, soft and light coffee nose. On the palate, it is smooth and harmonious. It feels warm with spicy tart notes of roasted coffee beans. It is an excellent addition to snacks, Russian cuisine and as an independent drink. Khar Suvd in its decorative box is presentable for any celebration and worth to gift. Besides this, the vodka also has various other advantages such as healing properties, increasing immunity and body tone.

Golia Vodka

This is the first vodka to come from the East Asia. Golia is honoring Mongolia, the country of famous warrior Genghis Khan. It is in honor of all men out there. “Prepared to be conquered” is the tagline for all adventurous Mongolian men. After consuming, you should probably expect to enter a fierce battle. The vodka filtration process takes place for six times in platinum and silver.