Best Polish Vodka

10 Famous Polish Vodka Brands

Simple questions do not necessarily have simple answers. Russians or Poles, who make Vodkas better is one such innocent (or, perhaps, not so!) question. Poland does have quite a few reasons to brag.

  • There are so many choices. One can check out the sweet cherry-like taste of the Wisnioca, or may choose to indulge in the hazelnut-Nutella flavored Orzechowka. Then there is the Pigowka; which gives the feeling of eating quince fruits and there are mint, lemon, and lime-infused ones.
  • You get to gulp it down in Poland only. The 4/8 bars can be found in Krakow and Warsaw, where one can enjoy a plate of pickled herring and Vodka for as little as twelve zlotych, i.e., around three and a half US dollars.
  • It is flavored with bison grass. Poland is internationally famous for its remaining few European bison. The iconic and much-gossiped Zubrowka is packed with bison grass, an aromatic herb which is distinctly characterized by scents of vanilla and coconut.
  • The Polish people invented it. One can spot the proponents in Poland any time, often vigorously describing how the word Vodka found its way to early middle age texts before it does in Cyrillic books across the Russian borders. The Poles are said to be brewing ryes and potatoes for around a thousand years.
  • There are numerous ways to consume it. One can go for the Mad Dog shots in a night-out in Krakow which are a concoction of pure Vodka, a few drops of Tabasco sauce, and raspberry syrup. The cocktail bars of Warsaw are also worth visiting.

The top Polish Vodka brands

1. Wodka Wyborowa

It is popular both domestically and internationally, and every one out of four people living in Poland consumes this label. It is obtained from best quality rye alcohol and mineralized alcohol and has a sweetish, soft taste. ABV is 40%. The name Wyborowa comes from the Polish word Wyborowy which means choice. This drink is manufactured by Wyborowa S.A., and it was first introduced in 1823. Its unique bottle shape was designed by architect Frank Gehry.

2. 21-Excellent Vodka

Sourced from premium water and rye-derived alcohol, the high concentration of ingredients in their pure forms ensures an unforgettable taste. ABV (Alcohol by volume) is 40%.

3. Baltic

It is a kind of potato Vodka with ABV of 40%. A more expensive version called the Special Baltic contains rye alcohol which is matured for two years in oak barrels.

4. Victory

Manufactured from best quality rye alcohol and mineralized water, the drink’s unique recipe is responsible for its appealing, soft flavor and smell. ABV is 39% and it is distilled six times before bottling. Only premium potato varieties like Stobrawa, Mila and Glada are used in the manufacturing process of this drink. Modern purification system and different filters are used for the distillation process.

5. Wodka Mono-Polowa J. A. Baczewski

A mass market Vodka produced with the help of the original recipe invented by the Baczewski family, natural flavors are added to this drink. ABV is 40% and it is manufactured by Gessler. Monopolowa means monopoly, which indicates to the true privilege historically given to the aristocratic families of Szlachta, empowering them with exclusive rights to produce and sell Vodkas in their territories. This brand is trendy because of its high quality at the exceptionally affordable price.

6. Wyborowa Zytnia

The vodka here is obtained from a mixture of grain and alcohol which gives it a unique taste. With ABV of 40%, the promoters of this brand state that it was created with passion. It is currently appreciated as well as served at popular hotspots across the world.

7. Karpatia

Made with the help of unique manufacturing technology for adding fruit alcohol in the drink, comes with ABV of 38% and 42%. It is amber-colored Vodka obtained after long periods of aging.

8. Copernicus

The product is based on rye alcohol and comes with ABV of 39% and 40% for the luxury and light varieties respectively. The bottle is beautifully designed, and strategically placed expensive Swarovski crystal elements can be found on its body.

9. Krakus

A type of rye Vodka, it has a distinctly mild, little sweet flavor and grain aroma. ABV is 39% and the first label of Krakus was designed by Andrzej Heidrich who co-designed the present version of the Polish emblem, created the bank notes, and crafted the Military Cross Medal. Akwawit S.A. is the manufacturer of this drink and it is being produced since 1962. Krakus means cracking in Polish.

10. Lublinka

The vodka is made from best rye alcohol and specially treated water. The drink carries a sweet smell and the taste of pure grain Vodka. It has got an ABV of 40%. The Lublinka Zytnia varieties come with ABV of 39% and 40%.

11. Luksusowa

The product is produced by employing particular technology and is obtained from high-quality alcohol and mineralized water. It has a typical aroma and taste for this Vodka class.

12. Mazowiecka Zytnia

Produced in Mazanovia (east of Poland), it is made of rye alcohol, and fruit alcohol is added too. With ABV is 40%, people define its taste to be lovely, clean tasty and of course smooth.

13. Polonez

It is sourced from rye alcohol and comes with ABV of 40% and 50% for white and blue label respectively.

14. Chopin

It is also manufactured from higher grades of rye and specially treated water and comes with ABV of 40% and 45%.


The Poles are pretty famous for saying Vodka does not give you a hangover! They consume their national drink with plenty of sausages like Krakowska, blood sausage, smoked ham, Kaszanka and many more. In Poland, meat (especially pork) and Vodka go together with like way veal sausage along with wheat beer in Bavaria. Fatty foods are said to inhibit the absorption of alcohol in the bloodstream. Vegans and vegetarians can try salty mushroom pickles which replenish the body with necessary minerals (which are depleted after alcohol consumption) to prevent nasty hangovers.