Best Sloe Gin Brands

Put-off by gin’s reputation for it being marketed to older people or its pine needle smell? Sloe gin has been gaining popularity with consumers within the past decade. This is a great substitute for individuals that want to give gin a shot, but are hesitant by its appeal.

Sloe is a tiny dark blue fruit that derives from the blackthorn shrub. This contributes to sloe gin’s sour flavor, which helps mask the strong pine needle odor and taste. If this intrigues your interest in trying gin, you may be wondering about the best brands available. I compiled a list of the top 5 sloe gin labels; based on consumer recognition: Sipsmith Sloe Gin, Warner Edwards Harrington Sloe Gin, Adnams Copper House Sloe Gin, Plymouth Sloe Gin, and Daylesford Organic Sloe Gin.

Sipsmith Sloe Gin

Since 2009, this brand has crafted handmade quality alcohol from London, England. In 2010, they released one their most famous labels to date; Sipsmith Sloe Gin. This limited edition beverage is marketed as a vintage product infused with a new bold look and taste. Its packaging displays a red background with a swan; posing next to a batch of blueberries. The bottle’s signified look, is sure to turn heads. Gin is commonly mixed with various types of juices; Sipsmith proudly claims that this isn’t necessary, due to its rich fruity flavor. Consumers can enjoy the texture and quality based on its own merit.

Warner Edwards Harrington Sloe Gin

Another fairly new handcrafted British concoction, this Northamptonshire gin promotes itself for having a reduced amount of sugar; compared with other sloe gin labels on the market. The essence when cracking open the bottle, is to die for. The see-through burgundy red coloring and the scent of berries with a hint of pine, makes a gin enthusiast jump for joy! The flavor is slightly nutty, with its mixture of almond, spicy, peppery, banana, and berry texture. The company suggest that consumers should try to mix this label in cocktails, since the alcohol volume content is 30 percent. It is potent enough to maintain its unique and fruity impression down one’s throat.

Best Sloe Gin Brands2

Adnams Copper House Sloe Gin

England steals the spotlight again! This Suffolk label gloats that it does not contain any unnatural flavors or preservatives. The red plums contribute to the drink’s red ruby coloring and buttery texture. Having a beverage with a stability in sweetness and bitterness is rare. However, this brand proves this feat can be accomplished with time and effort put in, when hand crafted to perfection. If you are a consumer that cherishes a mild almond and spicy taste with an overpowering fruity flavor, then this is your drink of choice; granted that you do not mind an intense aftertaste of several fruits piercing your mouth and throat.

Plymouth Sloe Gin

The oldest gin that is still distilled in its place of origin, (yep you guessed it) England. This

Plymouth brand has roots dating back to the 1700s. This label has acquired awareness throughout the world, due to its mellowness. Unlike most sloe gin, which predominately has a forceful taste; Plymouth stands out by being more delicate. The scare amount of juniper leaves, contribute to the drink’s weaker pine needle aroma. Pushing this sloe gin, as a more accessible product to skeptics of trying gin. The makers recommend to use lemon juice and cream soda, when crafting a cocktail; brings out the gin’s full potential.

Daylesford Organic Sloe Gin

Have all of the previous sloe gins not pique your interest? Eager for a sloe gin that is pretty basic and more affordable? Daylesford is an organic farmshop based in England, providing customers with all sorts of organic products; ranging from cheese, meat, baked goods, and alcoholic beverages. Daylesford Organic Sloe gin may have unorthodox origins, but that does not prevent it from being on the list. Its classic taste and simple ingredients, prove that going back to the basics is beneficial. Instead of having a strong spicy flavor, like most sloe gin. Its noticeable taste is of a syrupy nature. Due to the drink’s flavor and organic components, this beverage is appropriate for a light-hearted festive atmosphere.