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Best Sweet Fruity Wine Brands

The Fresita.

The fresita is a sparkling, delicious wine blended with squash of raw strawberries,

The simplest way to get your fresita bottle chilled before opening is to immerse it in a bucket filled with ice and water for about 45 minutes. Or if you want it to reach the ideal temperature, you can also chill it in your freezer for about 30 minutes.

To enjoy the best quality of the fresita, drinking it between 4 to 6 degrees is recommended. The fresita attains its complete balance between the divine taste of the natural strawberries and the brut sparkling wine at this temperature.

The crush sinks to the bottom of the bottle, which is a natural reaction. Therefore, to enjoy the most exquisite taste of this classic drink, it is advised that before you uncork the container, you should twist it at first.


1. Basil leaves
2. Grapefruit juice about 15cc
3. Cranberries
4. Ice cubes
5. Fresita


1. Cranberries
2. Orange wedge
3. Basil leaves.


1. Ready the ingredients
2. In a cocktail shaker, mix the cranberries, basil leaves and 15cc of grapefruit, then grind the mixture to merge the flavor
3. Put the ice cubes in the mix and shake vigorously for 15 minutes. Strain the mix in a glass and fill up the rest with the fresita.
4. Garnish with cranberries, basil leaves, and orange wedges.

The Strawberry Wine Sipper with Mini-Sicles.

The strawberry wine sipper with mini sicles is a unique wine you can easily make yourself, the incredible thing about this drink is the mini-sicles, which is irresistible.

This tasty wine can serve as a dessert, too, and this drink is so full of divine flavor.

Ingredients for Wine Sipper.

A fresh apricot
A fresh strawberry
An ounce of simple syrup
Strawberry wine about 2 ½ ounces
Pinot Grigio 1 ½ ounce
Ice cubes
Garnish: Rosemary

Ingredients for the Mini-Sicles

A tablespoon of pure honey
A quarter of the simple syrup
A quarter of Boone’s farm strawberry daiquiri wine
One-third cup of club soda


1. Recipe for the strawberry sipper.
2. Ready the ingredients
3. Add the pinot grigio, strawberry wine, simple syrup and the ice cubes in a cocktail shaker
4. Cover the lid of the shaker and shake well for about 30 seconds
5. Pour the mixture in a glass of ice cubes

For the Mini-Sicles

1. Add club soda, Boone’s Strawberry daiquiri wine, simple syrup, and honey in a measuring cup.
2. Stir for a minute
3. Get a mini-popsicle mold and strain the mixture inside, cover the lid and allow to freeze till the next morning.

Merlot Wine.

The merlot wine is made from the merlot grape, in France, particularly Bordeaux, the merlot grape is the most planted in the city. And it is also a variety of the Vitis Vinifera being the second most planted variety.

A combination of both Syrah and Cabernet, this unique wine contains both tannin and body that assures longer life and more involvement than any blended wines carries independently.


A packet of malo-lactic culture
Three teaspoons of yeast nutrients
Three tablespoons of Oak-Mor powder
75 lbs of fresh Merlot grapes
A teaspoon of potassium metabisulfite
Four teaspoons of pectic enzyme
A packet of Bordeaux yeast wine


Ready the ingredients
Get a bucket filled with a gallon of water and mix the potassium meta bisulfate inside
Using a cloth, dip it in the solution for about 5 minutes
Use the same fabric to clean the fermenters when done
In one of the fermenters, combine the merlot juices and blackberry and stir well
Then, add the lalvin champagne yeast on top, set it aside for an hour and stir again.
For the next five days, stir the mixture once every day
Allow it to stay again for another two days and seal the dough tightly for another 21 days.
With the use of another fermenter, transfer the mixture to the second bottle
Allow it to stay for another 28 days, and then, after that duration, the wine is ready to be bottled.
Bottle and allow it to stay for another 90 days, ensuring it’s proper aging.
Serve and enjoy afterward.

Cherry Limeade.

A bottle of white wine or a minute concentrated limeade. Cherry vodka plain or a brand-new bottle, and some sliced limes and frozen cherries will make this soul-refreshing wine for you.

That’s just it and nothing more. But if you want a little stretch out, you can always serve it with some white soda like sierra mist or sprite.

Or if you prefer cutting the sweetness, you can serve with a club soda. And you can freeze any leftover (not sure there’ll be any) you have in a mason jar.

But ensure you leave a good inch of about two in case of expanding. And it does freeze well.


A thinly sliced lime
4 ounces of cherry vodka
8 ounces of frozen limeade from concentrate
A 750 ml barefoot pinot grigio wine bottle
2 cups of dark sweet frozen cherries or pitted and halved cherries
Ginger ale


Ready the ingredients
Get a pitcher and fill it with wine, vodka and limeade concentrate
Stir well and freeze until ready to serve
Add cherries and ice in a rock glass, and strain any excess juice in the glass
Into each glass, pour the wine mixture and top with ginger ale.

The White Zinfandel.

The white zinfandel is a sweet wine produced from the zinfandel grape, which is red-skinned. Its pink color is gotten from the grape skin after it has been squashed and instantly removed from the juice.

Bob Trinchero discovered this drink in 1972. This delicious wine came as a result of his little experiment on trying to make his Amador county zinfandel bigger.

He extracted a quantity of the free-run juice and fermented it as a white wine, which eventually came out with a pale pink color, as a result of the short exposure to the red grapes skin. Fans had a taste of it, and the rest was history.


A sliced lemon
A sliced orange
A wedge sliced peach
Two tablespoons of sugar
Cinnamon sticks about 2
Two tablespoons of orange liqueur
Chilled club soda (10 ounces)
Peach schnapps (1/2 cup)
Bottle of chilled white zinfandel about 750ml
Ice cubes


Ready the ingredients
In a tall pitcher, mix the bottle of chilled white zinfandel, peach schnapps, the orange liqueur, sugar, the cinnamon sticks broken in half, lemon, orange and sliced preach.
Refrigerate for 30 minutes and allow the flavor to mingle.
Stir the mixture in club soda
Ready 6 wine glasses and fill up with ice cubes
Strain sangria over the ice and serve.