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Mind the Drink: Some Important Yet Easy Drinking Etiquette For You

Night-out with friends, office parties, or candle-light dinners with your date; it is vital to get acquainted with the basics of drinking etiquettes that are appropriate to every occasion. Most parties will offer some alcohol, wine, cocktails, champagne, etc. If any guest does not wish to consume it is absolutely fine to have a mock-tail, i.e., a cocktail without any spirit. For instance; a club soda with fresh lime juice; or any other fruity concentrate, or any soft drink like Coke would suffice.

At workplace

  • Use the left hand for holding your drink, as this will make the right one available for shaking hands
  • Dress appropriately, resist the temptation to wear club-wear and ask beforehand for the dress code if you are indecisive
  • Eat before you drink, as consuming liquor on an empty tummy is a sure-shot recipe for disaster
  • Avoid oily, and messy hors-d’oeuvres, and select only the items that can be eaten with a toothpick or a fork so that your apparel and hands can remain spotless
  • Get out of the comfort zone and network with employees from other departments
  • Steer clear of people engaged in serious discussions and watch for groups of workers that seem to be welcoming, shift close to them and make eye contact, and ask if you could join them with a smile
  • Always keep it positive; converse on holiday plans, vacations, movies, or even food; and do not discuss politics, medical issues, money, sex, office gossip, or anything controversial
  • Make a bold presence without being a brag and showy; as this could be the only time you will be getting a chance to greet the president or VP, CEO or any other honcho from the top management; and keep the conversation brief while focusing on the positive aspects of your company
  • Do not keep your mobile on the table at the sit-down dinner, as it will distract the guests
  • Never be the last person to leave, as those who are often late to depart are typically remembered, and certainly not in a good manner
  • Make sure to convey your regards to the organizer/s of the party, and thus, they will appreciate your acknowledgment, and it will create a positive image of yours in front of them

With a Date

  • A third or even a second round typically suggest that you indeed are enjoying yourself, and if it is not quite so, do end the date and avoid sending mixed signals
  • Never get drunk before and on your D-day, i.e., the day/night you will be bringing your date
  • If you do not wish to drink, do not agree to visit a bar, without explicitly stating that you will not be drinking
    • Bonus: What to and not drink on a date?
      • Beer: When a man asks for beer it is just plain stupid, but when a woman orders the beverage it means she is laid back
      • Gin and Tonic: A man with this spirit appears rich and classy, but traditional and conservative as well, and it signals ambiguity in case of a lady
      • Margarita: Strictly a no-no for a first date
      • Martini: A man asking for this drink looks somewhat feminine due to the signature glass, and hence, a gentleman should go for a stem-less one
      • Rum and Coke: It is strictly not meant for first dates; as Rum smells and those who will be drinking it are going to smell too, and if you must; go for a clear one that barely smells
      • Scotch: It says that scotch makes a man look sophisticated like Ron Burgundy, and a single stud with it seems upscale, but a woman with this drink just appears confused
      • Vodka Cranberry: This uncomplicated drink is typically recommended for geeks going on first dates, as not even Justin Bieber can mess this up,
      • Vodka Red Bull: This is a drink to be enjoyed solely with your frat-brothers and never commit the grave mistake of ordering it on your first and subsequent dates
      • Vodka Soda: A man ordering it means he has little imagination and creativity, and when a lady asks for this drink it conveys that she has an issue with her body-image and that the woman believes she is obese
      • Wine: Famous for being an excellent starter, this happens to be the only socially appropriate alcoholic beverage meant to be requested at a restaurant, make sure to ditch the specialty cocktails and embrace a Malbec

A night out with friends

  • Pace your drinks: Drinking way too fast is going to ruin the night. If you consume way too many drinks in short intervals, you will be unable to count the number and will wake up in a hospital or worse. Having no more than just one drink per hour will provide your body ample time for metabolizing the alcohol, and you will not be ending up dead drunk.
  • Avoid being dehydrated: Consume a lot of fluids including water, after, during, and before a rendezvous with any spirits. It will help to space your drinks, and thus, you will not be drinking too fast. Alcohol makes you dehydrated when it is metabolized after getting absorbed in the stomach, and this can trigger a nasty hangover.
  • Making good use of the buddy system: Make sure that each one of your friends is aware of the plan for that very night, stay close, opt for good choices; and stay away from any trouble. Before planning for a night-out with drinks, chalk out everything elaborately; such as where you guys will be going, the person/s who is/are going to be present there, and also how everyone will be going home in a safe and secure manner. If you happen to spot anyone or anything that seems suspicious and fishy during the night, maintain a safe distance. Always remember to stay away from bar fights, dark and/or isolated places, and shady individuals or groups.