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Low Calorie Drinks That Won’t Make You Feel Guilty

Worried About Calories, But Still Want to Drink? Don’t Be!

Here’s a fun fact for you: a chocolate martini is estimated to have 460 calories, while the Southwestern Grilled Chicken Sandwich from McDonalds is estimated at 360 calories, which makes for 100 calorie difference. To break it down even more, fat, protein, carbohydrates and alcohol all provide calories. Protein and carbs both equal four calories per gram, while just a gram of fat has nine calories. As for alcohol, one gram equals seven calories.

Here’s a little more bad news for those of you who prefer a cocktails: mixed drinks add up quicker in calories. For example, how many calories are in w standard 1.5 ounce serving of an 80-proof vodka alone?  96 calories. Then add in those tasty mixers.

This time of year is surrounded by the comfort of food and drinks. Indulgence is easy to give into, if not effortless. Whether this comes to you as a reminder or it’s the switch that turns on the lightbulb, there is some good news for you cocktail lovers: it is possible to catch a buzz and not feel bad about it.

The following drinks have less than 200 calories.

A Martini

This classic drink is not for the gin-shy. Less vermouth means more gin. Depending on your preference, this standard drink is a thumb’s up on the calorie scale, weighing in at 176 calories.


If you are a rum drinker, but are cautious of your caloric intake, steer clear of pretty much anything that can be ordered at a Tiki bar, i.e. a Rum Runner or Pina Colada. A mojito provides the same effects, with an added bonus, a 168 calorie bonus, that is. The recipe calls for white rum, mint leaves, lime juice, an ounce of club soda and just a touch of fine sugar, which all makes for a refreshing replacement for those overly sweet concoctions.


For you tequila lovers out there, you may want to consider passing on the margaritas. A Paloma is a blend of grapefruit and lime juice, mixed in with club soda. Cancel out the sugar or salt around the rim for a healthier additive. Sure, margaritas are appealing and fun, but do not underestimate this drink. For only 166 calories, you can sip on something delicious and guiltless.

The Old Fashioned

Coming in at 154 calories, this classic brings taste, as well as the effect you want. It can be added with a splash of bitters or a bit of sugar for more flavor, if you aren’t the straight, no chaser type.

A Low-Cal Cosmo

A regular cosmopolitan recipe calls for raspberry-flavored vodka, club soda, and a splash of lime and cranberry juices, though “splashes” may vary. Because juices contain high amounts of sugar, make sure the bartender makes it a real splash of cranberry or ask if they have a low-cal version. Or if you want to be your own bartender, purchase the healthier ingredients. Depending on the brands and ingredients, this drink can be as low as 130 calories.

A Spicy Bloody Mary

Ever realize spicy foods or drinks make you thirsty? Order a Bloody Mary extra spicy, see what you quench for.  Think of it as incentive for cutting back on the number of drinks, for this drink will take some time to consume. Most Bloody Mary mixes contain at least 25 calories, the vodka containing most of the calories. This drink can be as low as 120 calories, which is well worth having.


Champagne by itself is 90 calories. Add in the orange juice (preferably a low-cal orange juice), which makes for 111 calories. The Mimosa is popular for being known as the “brunch beverage,” however, champagne is festive and celebratory. Nobody said you couldn’t have champagne on any occasion.

Vodka Soda

Sounds bland, doesn’t it? Keep this in mind: soda water equals zero calories. All one has to count for is the vodka, which shall be repeated is, 96 calories. Sometimes the simple things are just what we need and we don’t even realize it. Go ahead, get another.

Rum and Diet

Thinking about ordering a rum and diet? Why not? For the calorie-conscience, the standard ounce of rum is what is counted for, which makes the drink at a total of 96 calories.

Johnny Walker Black and Diet

And you thought rum and diet was low. Well, check out Mr. Johnny Walker Black. This drink has a total of 69 calories. Fair warning, criticism will most likely come for mixing this with a diet soda. Shrug your shoulders and say, “Who cares?” Drink away.