Most Alcoholic Drink

Everyone loves a good, well-made strong alcoholic drink. These are the type of drinks you order at the bar and you are pretty much set if you have two or three, and even sometimes as few as one. These are also the type of drinks that you pour into a little bit of punch at a party, and then the party gets going! We all like to party, but what are the best drinks we can get to get the party going? What goes into these drinks that you order, that you get at your friend’s party? Why it is the drinks with the highest alcoholic content of course. So, if you enjoy drinking less drink and ordering the stronger drinks, we have a list for you here to check-out. Drinks that have a strong AVB or percentage range in price, ($$-$$$$$), they range in type (vodkas, whiskys, rums, etc.) and they range in percentage alcohol (70%-90%s). They can be found all around the world, so if you are really interested in giving the different drinks that have the most alcohol a try, then get ready to book a flight and pack your bags. Ranging from the beautiful Scandinavian mountains, to the isles of Scotland and all over the world, people love the most alcoholic drinks they can find. The most alcoholic drinks may not always be the tastiest, but they sure are a fan-favorite amongst bar crawlers and party goers all around the world. The following is a list of some of the strongest alcoholic drinks available on the whole entire planet, if you are brave enough to try them that is (all percentages below are in AVB).

10. Bacardi 151

Bacardi is the premiere Rum known around the world. While many kinds of rums are seen as only having 40-50% alcohol, this rum is not like the other rums. Bacardi 151 has exactly what its name is implying (151 proof) 75.5% alcohol! Pour this in your rum punch and get the party officially started! Have fun with this rum as it is the strongest rum out there.

9. Devil Springs Vodka

Devil Springs Vodka is one of the strongest vodka that anyone out there is going to find. Typical Vodka’s have 35-40% alcohol, but this Vodka puts the amount of alcohol in all other vodkas to shame! Devil Springs Vodka has a whopping 80% alcohol, which is more than two times any regular vodka out there. Make your vodka sprite with this next time, and be prepared to only need a couple of these very strong alcoholic drinks,  because these get the party started really quickly.

8. Sunset Rum

Sunset Rum may not be as famous as “Bacardi”, but Sunset Rum goes even stronger and harder than the strongest Bacardi Rum. Topping Bacardi with an incredible 84% alcohol this Rum is definitely one of the strongest rums around. You can make a mai tai pack a punch with this drink, and you will only have to make a couple of these at your party or served at your bar to get the night started.

7. Good Ol’ Sailor Vodka

Another Vodka on the list is Good Ol’ Sailor Vodka, which somehow tops Devil Springs Vodka with an amazing 85% alcohol! This vodka is the ultimate of all vodka in terms of getting your vodka cranberry to get your evening kicked off on an extra great note.

6. Balkan

We have another Vodka on this list that is somehow topping the previously listed Good Ol’Sailor Vodka. Hailing from the beautiful region of Scandinavia, Balkan is a Scandinavian Vodka with 88% alcohol! Pour some of this into your red bull for a really energetic evening, but be careful you may only want one of these as this vodka is deceptively strong.

5. Pincer

Do you like haggis? Have you always wanted to see the Loch Ness Monster? If you answered yes, Scottish-made Pincer is the Vodka for you. Somehow, Pincer is able to top Balkan with their version of vodka. Pincer vodka manages to have 88.8% alcohol! That may only be .8% more alcohol, but that definitely means a difference and packs a punch after you have had a few drinks at the party.

4. Absinthe Antitoxin

Absinthe is known by many to be a drink that makes you hallucinate! This is true for real absinthe if it is made with wormwood, which is the ingredient that makes the absinthe trippy. Absinthe Antitoxin is the strongest of the Absinthe’s, coming in a skull shaped bottle and containing 89.9% alcohol. It comes from Germany so be prepared for a strong drink and a strong journey.

3. Bruichladdich (Quadrupled Whisky)

This Whisky is very expensive, very pure, and very alcoholic. Bruichladdich has managed to make a Whisky that somehow manages 92% alcohol! This company has put a lot of work into making a very finely distilled, yet strong whisky, that you may want to serve at your more upscale events with a price tag like the one on Bruichladdich.

2. Luxco Everclear

Everclear is the drink that comes to mind when someone thinks of the strongest alcoholic drink for a party or the strongest alcoholic drink. But, coming in second on this list is the strongest version of Everclear: Luxco Everclear. This Everclear is an astounding 95% alcohol that will knock the socks off any drink lover, period!

1. Spirytus Rektyfikowany

Coming in at number 1 surprising many who thought it was everclear, is a polish distilled liquor known as Spirytus Rektyfikowany. The alcohol in this insanely mind-blowingly strong drink is at 96%! Topping the strongest everclear by 1% This makes it the strongest alcoholic drink available. Some say it tastes like the nastiest drink they have ever had, while many of the Polish find it delicious. Why not travel to Poland and try some yourself if you dare?

This was a list of some of the strongest alcoholic drinks available that everyone needs to try once. Well try these drinks if you dare, as some of them are more about getting the party started than they are about flavor.