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Most Expensive Drink

The World’s Most Expensive Drinks

Fancy drinking away your inheritance? Well, these decadent tipples are sure to help you with that! Starting from a whopping £2,410 (per glass!), your pockets will be getting lighter by the sip.

An (Almost) Golden Cocktail (£2,410)

We’re starting with what you will soon realise, as a very modest price per glass for this list. Served at Tryst Nightclub in Las Vegas, it comes with a 24-carat gold plated straw, and of course its very own diamond. The great thing about this drink is that the ingredients are rather grand too, namely: Cristal Rose Champagne, Hennessey Ellipse and Grand Marnier 150.

The Winston Cocktail (£10,250)

Needless to say, this price is per the glass. The price tag comes from the rare ingredients used to create this masterpiece, and only one bartender in the world serves it; so, you’ll have to pack your bags and head off to Australia in order to try this once-in-a-lifetime drink.

Diamond Is Forever Cocktail (£18,157)

How to top the Winston Cocktail? Add a one carat diamond, of course! This tipple, served at the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo consists of, among other things, the standard Grey Goose vodka – safe to say this might not be what you expect at this price! However, with the diamond taking up most of the cost, they can’t afford to splash out on the ingredients.

The Ruby Rose Cocktail (£32,056)

Boasting another “high class per the glass” price is The Ruby Rose cocktail.  Frustratingly, it’s not the ingredients that makes it so expensive – it’s the garnish. In fact, the ingredients are so affordable, that this drink is served in your average bar for a regular price; you could even go out and make this delight for your dinner guests any night of the week. However, the staff at the White Barn Inn drop a ruby (four carats, no less) into this drink and therefore hike the price by a few 10,000 pounds.

1811 Chateau D’Yquem (£78,000)

Moving on now to a truly decadent bottle of wine. The 1811 Chateau D’Yquem, born in the midst of the Napoleonic war, will set you back £78,000. A collector in the United Kingdom, who refurbished the bottle in 1995, sold it to an anonymous buyer in the United States of America. A wine connoisseur was lucky enough to be granted a taste of this miraculous red wine during the same year as the reconditioning of the bottle and professed that it was one of two best Yquems he’d ever tried – quite the claim!

Diamond Jubilee Whiskey Series (£120,000)

Now, when you think of expensive drinks, whiskey might be one of the few that come to mind and, delving in deeper, you might consider Johnnie Walker – a man famous for his whiskey and the creator of the Diamond Jubilee series. For the substantial sum of £120,000 per bottle, this extravagant spirit is bound to give you the royal taste. Celebrating Her Majesty’s 60th coronation year, Johnnie Walker produced this bottle that is certainly fit for a queen. Along with the carefully crafted contents, the actual bottle is worth a great deal on its own; with the diamond-shaped crystal casings and the half carat diamond as a final flourish, this product carries aristocracy in every curve.

The Bombay Sapphire Revelation Collection (£160,282)

Stopping off in the world of gin, nothing will beat The Bombay Sapphire Revelation Collection. With the whole compilation consisting of just five bottles, with each selling for £160,282, this tipple is profoundly elite. Yet, they didn’t stop there. If you were one of the five lucky owners, then you would have acquired a year’s supply of Bombay gin! The designer of the bottle, Karim Rashid, adorned each one with diamonds and jewels, making them worth every penny.

The Macallan 64-Year-Old In Lalique (£291,125)

In 2010, The Macallan 64-Year-Old In Lalique single malt whiskey was auctioned off to the tune of £291,125. Not only are the contents produced and aged to the highest standard, but the bottle is formed from hand cut crystal of the purest form; it truly feels like you’re holding power in your palms. Aside from the greatness that this creation exudes, the rather heart-warming fact about this sale, is that all of the proceeds went straight to Charity Water, an organisation that introduces safe drinking water systems into developing countries – someone bought their little piece of luxury, while a whole town obtained their right to clean water – what more could you ask for?

Champagne (£1,602,200)

At this point, we probably have no money left, however, it’s time for us to take a look at champagne. By popular opinion, bubbles are for special occasions only, but this one really takes the cake with its price point of £1,602,200! Unlike your store-bought brand, this grand drink has been aged for 100 years before being poured into the 24-carat gold, platinum cased bottle.

The Eye of the Dragon (£4,406,050)

If you were thinking this is as lavish as it gets, you are sorely mistaken! Let me introduce to you, The Eye of the Dragon. High-flyers can enjoy this vodka for the nail-biting price of £4,406,050! Those fortuitous enough to be able to get their hands on this breath-taking artefact will be blessed with the velvety taste of charcoal-distilled vodka – the smoothest in the world and, for the price, it better be! As with most of these luxurious drinks, the bottle is a marvel in itself, and The Eye of the Dragon is no exception. The dragon coiling around the neck of the bottle is crafted from pure diamonds and, even prior to filling, the bottle weighs around 2.5kg – that’ll be the 15,000 diamonds and 18 carats of solid gold.

Billionaire Vodka (£5,808,193)

Finally, at the very top of the most exuberant drinks out there, we have Billionaire Vodka. Priced at £5,808,193, there is nothing more aptly named than this bottle, featuring just under two thousand diamonds set in gold. However, that is not all; the heavily encrusted casing is also dressed in a black, faux fur cover so you can legitimately feel every ounce of nobility from the moment it touches your palm. Undoubtedly, the vodka itself is of the highest quality ­– straight from an authentic Russian recipe and refined by diamonds.

Having had a dip into this elitist lifestyle, it’s time to head back to supermarket brand wine and Absolut vodka. It may not be diamond refined, coal distilled or come encrusted with thousands of pounds worth of jewels and gold, but it is good enough for most of us and doesn’t give you the shivers when you look at all those zeros!