Mojito Tequila

Today, we will discuss a delicious drink. This drink is the mojito, but with an interesting twistL the mojito is made with tequila instead of with rum. A mojito is typically a very tasty combination of rum, lime, mint, and sparkling water. It is a cocktail that is refreshing, delicious, and suits many different situations. … Read more

Mojito Rum

The Reviews and Recipes Mojitos are a must when the summer season rolls around. There is nothing like chilling in your back garden in a warm, sunny day and sipping on your Mojito as you drift into a state of pure tranquility. Luckily, you can make tasty Mojitos without splashing the cash. Emptying your pockets … Read more

Margarita Wine

Margarita wine is the perfect accompaniment to any cocktail party or get together. And, they are quick and easy to make! Whatever your flavour preferences, you are sure to find a margarita wine to suit you and your guests. To help you out, we’ve compiled some of the best recipes for you right here. Mulled … Read more

Ciroc Vodka Flavors

You have probably heard of Cîroc vodka, but if you haven’t, then you’re missing out! ­­­Cîroc prides itself on their wide range of flavours and exclusive five distillation technique, combined with their luxurious French grapes and extensive experience in winemaking. Cîroc Vodka The classic. The original. It all started with Cîroc Vodka. Unlike other vodkas … Read more

Carbs in Liquor

How to Drink Liquor on a Low-Carb Diet Carbs in Liquor Low-carb diets, and eating healthy in general, necessitates moderation. As low-carb diets, such as the Keto Diet, become more and more popular, we tend to think that we must forgo alcohol to stick to the diet. We’re here to tell you that this is … Read more

Best Vodka For a Bloody Mary

If Tito Beveridge, the creator of Tito’s Handmade Vodka and the eerily infamous “Bloody” Mary Tudor were to have somehow met, well, few can say for sure whether it would or would not have been the dynamite relationship that is the timeless Tito’s Bloody Mary. But don’t take my word for it. Ask your local … Read more

Amaro Liqueur (And Cocktails)

Amaro’s rich and famous history dates to the period of Ancient Rome where nobles blood-thirsty for good food and sex would “imbibe” herb-infused wine for its revitalizing and revamping properties. The result was an Italian herbal liqueur that, by name, meant “bitter.” Now, this is not to be confused with bitters used for flavoring in, … Read more

Best Wine and Orange Juice Cocktails

5 Best Wine Cocktails.  1. The White Wine Spritzer. The white wine spritzer is a fabulous drink and one of the simplest to mix up, needing only two ingredients which radiates and exotically dresses any white wine. Ensuring that your sparkling water and wine are icy is fundamental to making a great spritzer. This aids … Read more

Best White Peach Sangria Recipes

There’s so much you can do with a white peach! And sangria is perfect for entertaining because it can easily serve a large crowd – you can use whatever fruits are available, but have a read on to discover some fabulous white peach recipes that are sure to wow your guests. Da Aldolfo White Peach … Read more

Best Whiskey Punch Recipes

One of the most annoying things about parties is having to play bartender and feeling like you’re missing out on the fun. But if you make punch, you really don’t have to deal with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Probably the most attractive aspect of making punch for a party is the fact that you … Read more

Best Tequila and Lemonade Recipes

Think of beautiful white sand beaches glittering under the Caribbean sun. Crystal blue waves roar against the shoreline as the lanky palms dance in the soft wind. You’re sitting on the deck of an old restaurant wondering what to drink in a place you’ve never been before. As you stare intently at the cocktail menu … Read more

Best Tequila and Ginger Ale Recipes

Now, the drink we are going to discuss today may not sound like it is a great mix, but we promise it is worth giving a shot (pun intended). And what is this drink you may be thinking? The drink of the day is Tequila and Ginger Ale! Tequila mixed with ginger ale is a … Read more