Best Champagne in a Can Brands

Celebration in a Can

Nowadays, convenience rules in just about every shape and from. And that goes double for the world of alcohol. I mean, let’s think about champagne for a moment. Imagine you and your friends are headed to the beach on a hot summer day. You decide to bring a few drinks with you and, for some reason or another, you decide you’re going to bring a large bottle of champagne to share with you and your friends. How inconvenient would it be to have to deal with putting that gigantic bottle in a cooler and passing it around under the sun? Not to mention, the police don’t allow glass on the beach, so you then have to worry about dodging the law while trying to enjoy the day. But what if I told you there was an easier way? What’s that, you ask? How? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. We now have Champagne in a can, folks. And that, my friends, is a big deal. There are some that are great, there are some that are interesting and there are some that pack a punch. Here are my absolute favorites.

1. Underwood. Now, I may be a little biased here in favor of the Oregon based company, Underwood, but that’s my job, isn’t it? So, what’s the big draw to here anyway? Well, aside from the clean crisp taste, Underwood also comes with fun facts on the back of the can and tasting notes so that you don’t feel completely lost when trying to describe the taste to friends and family. Grab a six pack…or more and get ready for a groovy time.

2. Mancan Fizz. If you’re not into soda or seltzer on a warm summer day, then might I suggest this wonderful beverage full of flavor, fruit and zest. Yes, it is a little on the expensive side, but yes, it is worth the taste. Throw a case in your beach bag or grab a 24 pack and get the grill going. I promise you’ll enjoy it.

3. Andre Brut. If you’re anything like me, you probably binged on Andre Brut out of the bottle in college. It’s cheap, it tastes good and now, it comes in a can. Yup, that’s right. Gear up. With notes of pear and lemon and a clean crisp and easy taste, this champagne in a can is best poolside or as the surf booms up on the sand.

4. Shamps. Who doesn’t love alcohol and low calories in the same can? Think of it was something like a white claw but with a little more class and less of an expired paint taste. Shamps boasts a light body with notes of light cantaloupe and strawberry. It also boasts only 110 calories and a 5% ABV.

5. Lila Sparkling. I have seen very sparkling wines that come in a can good for the holiday season. But Lila Sparkling shatters that norm in so many different directions. And for a good reason. Aesthetic sure isn’t everything. Sure, it might look a bit more classy with a suave champagne flute in your hand but, if your so inclined to buy into that kind of stuff, grab a can of Lil sparkling and drink it out of the glass. What you’re sure to find is fresh notes of peach, pineapple, citrus and fresh strawberry along with a punch of fizz and a light body.

6. Oceans Away Sparkling Pineapple Wine. Okay, I have an idea of what you’re thinking. And yes, sparkling pineapple wine might seem a little “out there,” but I assure you, this is a phenomenal one. Nicknamed “need it to feel like summer now,” this champagne in a can is sure to live up to its name. It’s exceedingly light, the can looks cool as hell (that’s a big thing today in case you weren’t aware), and pineapple screams summer. Voted one of summer’s best wines, I guarantee you fall in love with this one.

7. Pop + Fizz. Two things about this canned champagne jump out right off the bat. It was voted best deal champagne and is more geared toward the sweeter side of the wine world. With aromas of white flowers and tastes of candied ginger and toffee, this champagne in a can is a little more on the unusual side but you can buy a can for as low as $3.99.

8. Babe Rose with Bubbles. Yes, I had to put a rose on here or else I don’t think I would feel right. With all the rose coming out these days, Babe is one of the absolute best. This canned champagne comes from the masterminds of “White Girl Rose” and also comes in 4 packs. Babe is a little more on the dry side and has notes of fresh strawberry and cantaloupe. Perfect for a warm summer night or a day at the beach, Babe is also great for social media as well.

9. Rose for Daze. Oskar Blues has long since been one of my all-time favorite breweries. And yes, this one is technically a beer. But! And I mean but, this is a rose style ale with notes of hibiscus and prickly pear that has a beautiful and radiant red color body and a beautiful light pink floral can. Rose for Daze boasts a light strawberry taste and is easy on the pallet. Hint, hint, get a six pack of this one stat even if you aren’t a fan of beer. It will surely be a great refreshing beverage that is sure to make your lips pucker.

Although canned wine is still somewhat new to the scene, it has certainly made a huge splash just as quick as it came. With so many different brands and types of canned champagne, these nine are certainly some of the best ones to enjoy and on a budget. I hope you find them both delicious and affordable for any day at the beach or night under the stars.