Best Riesling Sweet Wine Brands

Riesling wine, as you may know, is a white grape type that originally came from the Rhine region. It usually gives off floral aromas and can be dry, semi-sweet, sweet or sparkling. However, today we are going to focus on sweet Rieslings that are bound to delight your senses and be pride of place at any social gatherings.

The Reviews

Paradise Peak Sweet Riesling

Price: $9.99 (£7.69)

Made in Washington, this sweet yet fruity and balanced Riesling wine will really tingle your taste buds. You will notice peach and apricot on the nose with poached pear and perfectly ripened apple following it up on the palate in a wonderful melange of flavours.

It has received glowing reviews from various drinkers throughout the globe for harbouring all the best aspects of sweet Riesling. Plus, for the affordable price point, you can’t really go wrong.

Dr Heidemanns Riesling QbA

Price: $12.99 (£10.01)

This tipple comes from the Mosel region in Germany and harbours notes of apple and peach on the palate. They will linger in your mouth for a while after you have finished drinking this Riesling so you are left with a beautiful after taste (instead of the acidic notes that some wines leave behind).

Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling

Price: $9.29 (£7.16)

Pacific Rim’s sweet Riesling wine is produced in the state of Washington, specifically in Columbia Valley. It contains a medium-sweet feel due to the pineapple, peach and light honey tones that are present. After the initial flavours have gone, the finish is crisp which provides a great balance to the first kick of fruit.

Blue Vin Riesling

Price: $9.99 (£7.69)

This wine is incredibly easy to drink (perfect when you have had a long day at work, right?) since it is a light-bodied type of sweet Riesling. You will notice citrus and grapefruit flavours on the palate initially which settle into a gorgeous after taste once you have consumed it.

Experts state that it is best to drink this with sweet and sour sauce or pork ribs since the savoury aspects will help to balance it out.

Dr Loosen _Dr. L_ Riesling

Price: $9.99 (£7.69)

Dr Loosen’s Riesling is made from vineyards in Germany that have slate-filled soil and large slopes. On the palate, you will realise the notes of peach and crispy citrus fruits with a snap of mineral tones for the finish. At this wonderfully affordable price point, you should not say no!

Bree Riesling

Price: $12.99 (£10.01)

Bree’s sweet Riesling comes from Pfalz, Germany and is regarded as a medium-bodied wine. On the palate, you will be blessed with lime, passionfruit and fresh apple tones which are great for complimenting Asian cuisines or delightful salads. We recommend you buy this one in for a dinner party!

B Lovely Late Harvest Riesling

Price: $12.49 (£9.62)

Produced in the state of Washington, B Lovely’s Late Harvest Riesling is bursting with honey flavours and touches of apricot tones. It is really sweet and is best paired with your dessert or as a tasty tipple after you have finished your meal. Cheeses like Glouster work beautifully with this Riesling too. Not to mention that the price point is still extraordinarily affordable.

Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling

Price: $18.49 (£14.24)

This Riesling is produced in Washington state, namely the Columbia Valley region. Again, this is another easy to drink tipple that will delight both you and your guests. You will experience gorgeous flavours of apricot, pear, zingy grapefruit and white peach on the palate. Critics have dubbed it both charming and fun so, even though the price point is a little higher than the others, it will be worth it.

Rock View Riesling Columbia Valley

Price: $9.99 (£7.69)

The Rock View Riesling comes straight from Columbia Valley in Washington state. Your mouth will be graced with juicy peach and apple notes mixed with a sweet honeysuckle tone that balances the hit of fruit. Experts recommend that you pair it with spicy foods or, of course, for after a long day at the office.

Barefoot Cellars Riesling

Price: $7.47 (£5.70)

Surprisingly for the price point, this Riesling produced in California is a great everyday wine. Notes of tropical citrus fruits will hit your nose and palate first, followed by green apple and peaches to balance out the Mediterranean feel. Finally, you will be hit by a wave of orange blossom which creates a finish that is not overly sweet.

Recas Castle Riesling

Price: $5.99 (£4.57)

This tipple comes all the way from Transylvania, Romania! It harbours a fantastic value for money that no other can truly compete with.

Your palate will be refreshed by apple and peach flavours that are as crisp as they are luscious. It is recommended that you sip this after a meal with cheeses or fruits. Although, like any wine, drinking it after work or a stressful general day is more than understandable!

Charles Smith Kung Fu Riesling

Price: $11.49 (£8.77)

Charles Smith manufactures their wine in the state of Washington (Columbia Valley, again!). It boasts a brilliant zesty citrus fruit and peach flavour that will make your mouth water if you don’t take another sip. At the end of the drinking experience, it leaves a delicate flowery sensation which is nothing short of divine.

Lone Orchid Riesling

Price: $9.99 (£7.69)

This Riesling comes from Columbia Valley in Washington. On the nose, you will be met with white peach, lime zest and other citrus aromas. This lends itself nicely to the crisp fruit you will experience when you let it touch your palate. It is simply sublime when you pair it with spicy foods, bring it out at a gathering or sip it alone on your deck during a gorgeous summer’s day.

So, now you won’t need to stand in the wine aisle of your local supermarket and ponder for five minutes about which one to purchase. We have taken the guess work out of your Riesling shopping! Go forth and impress your friends at your next sophisticated do.