Best Sweet White Wine Brands

As you know, sweet white wines come in many forms and are made by various manufacturers. With this in mind, it can be pretty difficult to find the best out there — it isn’t as easy as just walking into your nearest shop and picking up the first bottle of white you see. Why? Well, it probably won’t be worth it!

But, do not fret, we are here to tell you the best sweet white wines out there, so you are well informed the next time you are sent on a wine errand.

Sunstruck Sweet White Wine

Price: $7.99 (£6.19)

This medium-bodied sweet white wine has been made in California. The first tasting notes you will find on the palate are that of citrus, honeysuckle and apricot; then, flavours of fresh orange zest will delight your taste buds at the end of the drinking experience.

Sunstruck has managed to make a white wine that is great for after work, but also for a party to excite your guests!

Paradise Peak Sweet Riesling

Price: $9.99 (£7.74)

Much like Sunstruck’s above sweet white wine, this one is also medium-bodied, but it is produced in the state of Washington. You will be experiencing notes of juicy peach and apricot on the nose, with a wonderful poached pear and ripe apple flavouring mixing together on the palate.

Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling

Price: $9.29 (£7.19)

Again, produced in Washington state but by a different brand altogether, this Riesling variety is moderately sweet. Should you drink this wine, you will be tasting pineapple and peach, with little droplets of honey mixed in to add to the overall taste.

Do not worry however, your mouth will not be left with a full hit of fruit after you have drunk it, the Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling manages to finish on a bright and crisp note to balance it out.

Paradise Peak Sweet Gewurztraminer

Price: $10.99 (£8.51)

When you first smell this light-bodied sweet wine, you will be greeted with floral, apple blossom, baking spice and lychee notes — quite unique but amazing, nonetheless. As this gorgeous drink touches the palate, those aromas will turn into beautiful flavours but this time, joined by a crispness which balances it out.

Jam Jar Sweet White Wine

Price: $8.49 (£6.57)

The Jam Jar sweet white is produced in Western Cape, South Africa. It is crammed full of juicy peach and apricot flavours that is fairly common in this type of white wine.

What is truly brilliant about this one is that you can just as easily toast with at a fancy, special occasion, yet is not too out there to have a glass (or two) after work.

Middle Sister Moscato Sweet & Sassy

Price: $8.79 (£6.81)

On the palate, you will find this wine to have sweet pear, peach, lemon and honey notes which create a thick, syrup like feel within the mouth. It is a lovely dessert wine at a fabulous price.

Bully Hill Sweet Walter White

Price: $8.79 (£6.81)

This light-bodied sweet white wine is produced in the state of New York and consists of delightful American grape varieties that give this tipple a glorious rich, fruity and floral flavour.

Gallo Family Vineyards Sweet White Blend

Price: $6.49 (£5.03)

Gallo Family Vineyards drink brand is extremely popular in supermarkets and most of your local off licenses and stores — and for good reason too! They make beautiful wines at exceptional prices and, if you live in the sunny California, you should be proud as this wine is produced there!

This Chardonnay variety consists of pear, tropical fruit and honeydew melon notes on the palate. Not to mention that, for those who prefer their wine chilled, this is perfect for that.

Yellow Tail Sweet White Roo

Price: $8.99 (£6.96)

As you may have guessed from the connotation of the brand and wine name, this one is made in the country of Australia. It is a light-bodied sweet white wine and will keep you on your toes with its melange of fresh fruit and lemon sorbet flavours.

For those who love Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon white wine varietals, you will adore this one.

Hazlitt Sweet White Cat

Price: $10.99 (£8.51)

Hazlitt produces their wines in New York, specifically for this one, in the Finger Lakes region. This drink features floral aromas and a succulent white grape juice texture that is sure to delight all your senses.

It is recommended to pair this with any spicy meals you plan to enjoy to soothe your throat from the heat or serve it with finger food such as pretzels and dips.

Chateau Morrisette Sweet Mt. Laurel

Price: $11.29 (£8.74)

This sweet, light-bodied blend of dessert wine has been produced in the state of Virginia from Native American grape varieties. It manages to be sweet without overpowering you and instead, providing you with a unique, refreshing feel. You will be given a wonderfully balanced sweetness and acidity, with a finishing aroma of freshly picked grapes. W

White Winter Sweet Mead

Price: $15.99 (£12.38)

This dessert wine comes from the state of Wisconsin. It is a truly traditional affair that comprises the use of honey and water. For those of you who like the Moscato, you are bound to like this one as the sweetness is very similar.

If you love to pair your wines correctly, then try coupling this one with spicy Asian food or with a cheese course at the end (or beginning, of course) of the meal.

Buttercream Chardonnay

Price: $13.99 (£10.83)

You can thank the state of California for this beautiful sweet white wine. This silky number feels and tastes like warm butter beautifully drizzled over a flaky croissant. It can be enjoyed with friends at a garden party, just as easily as you can have a solitary glass after a hard day of work.

As you can see, there are plenty of gorgeous, sweet white wines out there that we consider to be the absolute best choice for any occasion!