Best Pomegranate Tequila Recipes

Pomegranate tequila is delicious, aesthetically pleasing and easy to mix into gorgeous cocktails — what more could you possibly ask for? Let’s jump right into the world of pomegranate tequila cocktails so you don’t have to wait a moment more to experience this wonderous tipple.

Pomegranate, Lime and Tequila Granita

To Make 4 of These, You Will Need:

  • 7L pomegranate juice
  • 177ml simple syrup (just boil then bring to a simmer, equal parts sugar and water in a saucepan until the sugar dissolves)
  • 120ml tequila
  • 2 whole limes (juiced)

How to Make It:

1. Mix all of the ingredients in a big bowl.
2. Pour the mixture into a dish.
3. Put the dish into the freezer.
4. Leave it for around 5 hours.
5. Take it out and use a fork to scrape the frozen mixture until it’s crystallised.
6. Place it back into the freezer overnight.
7. Serve within 1 week.

Pomegranate, Orange and Tequila Frozen Cocktail

To Make 7 of These, You Will Need:

  • 150ml tequila
  • 100ml pomegranate juice
  • 100ml Cointreau
  • 2 whole oranges
  • ½ bag ice cubes

How to Make It:

1. Squeeze the oranges to release their juices.
2. Put all of the ingredients into a blender.
3. Blend until the texture is “slushy”.
4. Serve immediately in whatever vessel you like!

Christmas Cocktail

To Make 17 of These, You Will Need:

  • 750ml tequila
  • 2 whole pomegranates

How to Make It:

1. Peel the pomegranates.
2. Remove the red-ish purple capsules.
3. Fill 17 shot glasses with them.
4. Pour tequila on top.
5. Serve immediately and enjoy!

Pomegranate Slushy Margaritas

To Make 4 of These, You Will Need:

  • 120ml water
  • 60g sugar (caster preferably)
  • 470ml pomegranate juice (the fresher the better)
  • 120ml lime juice (again, the fresher the better)
  • 120ml tequila
  • Pomegranate seeds (however many you like)
  • Lime slices

How to Make It:

1. Put the water and sugar into a saucepan.
2. Place it on the hob over a medium heat.
3. Stir carefully until the sugar has dissolved.
4. Bring to boil and leave it there for around 1 minute.
5. Take the pan off the heat.
6. Pour the pomegranate juice, tequila and lime juice into the sugary water.
7. Stir.
8. Place the mixture into a baking dish.
9. Pop into the freezer for approximately 3 hours.
10. Take it out of the freezer and use a fork to break the ice crystals.
11. Place into the freezer again and leave it overnight.
12. Scrape it all into a blender.
13. Blend it until it resembles the texture of a slushy.
14. Pour into glasses.
15. Garnish with a lime slice and some pomegranate seeds.
16. Serve immediately.

The Perfect New Year’s Eve Cocktail

To Make 1 of These, You Will Need:

  • 2 shots tequila
  • 1tsp syrup
  • 3 grapefruits (or pomegranates, juiced)
  • Sparkling wine like Moscato
  • 1 slice grapefruit
  • Sugar
  • 2 shots gin
  • 1tbsp lemon juice (the fresher the better)
  • Ice
  • 1tsp grenadine
  • Pomegranate seeds

How to Make It:

1. Put the sugar into a shallow dish.
2. Grab a grapefruit slice and run it around the rim of the glass.
3. Dip the rim into the sugar.
4. Fill the glass and a cocktail shaker with ice.
5. Pour the syrup, grapefruit juice and tequila into a cocktail shaker.
6. Shake for approximately 30 seconds.
7. Strain the mixture using a finely meshed sieve into the previously sugared glass.
8. Top up with the Moscato.
9. Add a grapefruit slice to garnish. (You have now made the first part of this delicious cocktail. Now, you’ll be making the second part which will act as a “chaser” for the first one.)
10. Pour the lemon juice, grenadine and gin into a cocktail shaker.
11. Place a glass into the fridge to chill.
12. Add ice.
13. Shake for about 30 seconds.
14. Strain the mixture using a finely meshed sieve into the previously chilled glass.
15. Top up with the Moscato.
16. Garnish with the pomegranate seeds.
17. Enjoy!

Dove Cocktail

To Make 4 of These, You Will Need:

  • 2tbsp sugar
  • Lime wedges
  • Ice
  • 250ml tequila
  • 125ml orange liqueur
  • 250ml pomegranate juice
  • 3 whole limes
  • 1 orange
  • Grapefruit soda (any brand)
  • Pomegranate seeds (entirely optional)

How to Make It:

1. Run a lime wedge around the rims of 4 glasses.
2. Place the sugar into a shallow dish.
3. Dip the limed rims into the sugar to frost.
4. Place ice cubes into the glasses.
5. Pour the tequila, lime juice, orange liqueur and pomegranate juice into a jug.
6. Gently stir.
7. Pour into the 4 glasses.
8. Top each glass with the grapefruit soda.
9. Garnish with the pomegranate seeds and a lime wedge.

Blackberry and Pomegranate Tequila Delicious

To Make 4 of These, You Will Need:

  • 3 whole blackberries
  • 6 mint leaves
  • 10ml lime juice
  • 40ml tequila
  • 80ml pomegranate juice
  • 10ml agave nectar
  • 15ml ginger beer
  • Ice
  • Lime wedge (garnish)
  • More mint leaves (garnish)

How to Make It:

1. Put the blackberries, mint leaves and lime juice into a shaker tin.
2. Muddle until the blackberries have broken down and the mint has released its flavour.
3. Add the tequila, pomegranate juice and agave nectar into the shaker tin.
4. Add ice.
5. Shake about 5 times.
6. Pour the ginger beer in.
7. Split between the glasses.
8. Use a lime wedge or mint leaf to garnish.
9. Serve immediately.