Best Canadian Beers

Featuring The List of Top 10 Canadian Beers

Canada is the second largest country, and despite having such an enormous landmass, a significant portion of the country is sparsely inhabited. But the Canadians love beer than any other alcoholic beverage. The Canadian beer is an introduction to the culture and history of the country with many Canadian and International beer brands available at beer stores, restaurants, and bars throughout the country. Although the more prominent brands are rarely authentic Canadian and mostly international being imports from the US and Mexico. The locally brewed beers are available nationwide due to the dominant presence of microbreweries.

The two major players in the Canadian beer market are Labatt and Molson. These two companies brew beer exclusively in the country, but neither of them is thoroughly Canada based. The prevalent dominance of the microbreweries around the country has let Canadians reach out to the original taste of locally freshly brewed beer. The inception of brewing in Canada came with the first settlers and the traders who saw great potential for natural resources in the country. The first commercial brewery in Canada opened in 1668 in Quebec City, and from then the industry has not looked back. Let us look at a compiled list of some of the best Canadian Beers:

Propeller London Style Porter

In business for the past 14 years a  classic dark beer which seems beautiful inside the bottle and even better when poured in the glass. It is bitter but less than a stout and a way lot smoother. It is stated by the company that the beer was first crafted in the mid-1750’s and has evolved as a blend of pale roasted chocolate malts jumbled with English and North American Variables.

It was considered as the drink for the masses before the ales and stouts became regulars. The name porter originated because of its strong masculine persona, and this nourishing drink was considered to be the hardworking classes drink. Brewed by the Propeller Brewing Company in Halifax, Nova Scotia and has an alcohol content of 5%.

Beau’s Lug-Tread Lagered Ale

A beautiful Ale brewed in Canada by the Beaus All Natural Brewing Co with a striking brilliant straw golden color and soapy foam and an enchanting aroma of the pilsner malt with some grassy herbal hops and the a hint of apple. And to add the cherry on the top! It is balanced perfectly with the bitterness with a clean and dry finish.

This is an excellent hybrid with the top fermentation like an ale and then kept in the cold like the lager and that is how the Lug Tread gets its name! It has an alcoholic content of about 5.2%.

St-Ambroise Pumpkin Ale

This is Montreals own brewed by Quebecs premium brewery Brasserie McAuslan and launched the first beer in 1989. The beer was an instant success with its launch and the pumpkin ale actually put the McAuslan in map and made them what they are today.This craft beer is an ode to autumn. A medium amber hue and the aroma of fresh baked spice with the pumpkin touch ending with a clear smooth finish!

The sad thing about this beautiful ale is that it is seasonal and the massive amount of fans have to wait for its time in the year to enjoy the fruity flavor and chug down the smooth pale ale!The alcoholic content of this drink is 5%.


The brewer is Unibroue and they were the first to distribute strong beer in Quebec with launching Maudite in 1992. What is funny is the name translates as “damned” and drinking this makes you feel like the tales of “Chasse-Galerie”which tell khoe few lumberjacks try to sell their soul to the devil! Feeling damned? This beer is inspired by the abbey beers and Belgian double style ales!

The drink is evilish strong and sinfully beautiful giving a smooth velvety feeling in the mouth with rhythm of chocolaty, spicy  and fruity flavors. The alcoholic content of this drink is 8%.

Péché Mortel

In French this name means the “Mortal Sin”! Sounds deadly right? Looks deadlier with the classic dark and intensely black shade with the infusion of the roasted flavors and little trade of coffee brings the exact bitterness it needs.

The drink has a high alcohol content of 9.5% which make is one of the strongest in the list. It gives an aroma of the roasted malt and the sweet smell of the espresso. This sweetness also consists of touching scents of dark fruit, Chocolate and coffee and tasted like the rosy sweet and with the ferocious fruity taste and the right combination of the beer. This beer is brewed by Brasserie Dieu du Ciel in Montreal Quebec.

 Molson Canadian

This is probably the best in the list and out of all the crafted beer the Molson Canadian gives the eoriginal authentic taste that canadians enjoy. It has a huge distribution and and has been brewed in one of the oldest breweries of the North America, the Melson family brewery. This family has brewed beer since 1786. The founder of this brewery Mr. John Molson did many things for the development for the country like the Canadian Railways. Sadly Mr. Molson could not live to experinece the launch of the Molson Canadian beer which was launched in 1959 and has been serving the folks for more than 40 years.

Only three words for the taste, Crisp, clean and refreshing! It has an alcohol content of 5% and brewed in Montreal, Quebec.