Nine Most Popular Argentinian Wines

Argentina ranks among the fifth largest producers of wine in the world. Argentinian wine has its roots in some parts of Spain also. Being the largest producer, it provides varieties in wine. The different types of grapes available in the country are Malbec, Bonarda, Torrontes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Tempranillo, Pinot Noir, and Syra. These popular … Read more

The Best Vietnamese Beers Worth Trying

It was the start of the 19th century when beer came into the life of Vietnamese by the French people. The initial stage of the production involved a large workforce in doing the production, but later on, after Vietnam got independence, there was a change in the production techniques. The government brought changes in the … Read more

The Best Swedish Beers Worth Trying

Sweden is known for its quality life, the environment, and prosperity. But when it comes to beer, there is a lot to do. At a Friday night celebration you will find yourself gulping Swedish beers which are sharp on the wallet, high on the water and low on barley. Sweden is famous for glogg, vodka, … Read more

Top 10 Spanish Drinks

Spain is a country best known for its superior drinks and an array of liquor varieties that the place has on offer. The irresistible and vibrant culture of Spain continues to attract visitors from all over the world. The Spanish cocktails earned fame globally and merely the name creates colorful pictures of different drink mixes … Read more

Top 10 South African Wines

South African wine has a long history since the year 1659. It was the time when Jan van Riebeeck produced the first bottle of wine. Production was more concentrated around Cape Town, having major production centers and vineyard at Paarl, Stellenbosch, Worcester, and Constantia. The Dutch established a refreshment center at the Cape of Good … Read more

Top 10 Scottish Beers

Scottish whiskey might have gained worldwide popularity, but beers in Scotland are not far behind in the context of their unique taste. Apart from having a remarkable accent, kilts, haggis, pub-lined streets, and bagpipes beer is one more famous thing in Scotland. It is brewed, tasted and perfected from as long as 5000 years since … Read more

Top 10 Most Interesting Russian Drinks

Russians are famous for serving a wide variety of drinks for every occasion. Either it’s a get-together or celebration; there is something special for every occasion. Even Russians follow these drinks to another level where they sip it for changing their mood. Some drinks for a happy mood, some for sad, some for refreshment and … Read more

Top 10 Russian Beers

A significant proportion of the Russian populace tends to be addicted to vodka-the nation’s most popular alcoholic drink. Russians’ fatalistic obsession with vodka claims the lives of nearly 20% males annually. In terms of popularity, beer ranks a distant second. Out of an average Russian’s annual alcohol consumption of roughly 12.5 liters, beer constitutes approximately … Read more

The 10 Best Puerto Rican Drinks

Puerto Rican is famous for its drinks. There is something unique in every drink and every sip. The Latin cuisines of Puerto Rica are incomplete without them. While you step in Puerto Rican make sure to complete your dinner with the local drinks and take a pleasant experience from the city. Here is a list … Read more

Top Puerto Rican Beers

Puerto Rico Island is popular for beaches, bars, and casinos. Here people like any reason to celebrate! Every year August 5th is celebrated as Beer Day. Beer is an integral part of any get-together, vacation, and celebration. What will be more relaxing than a cold beer on a hot sunny day?  You do not need … Read more

The 10 Best Portuguese Wines

Portugal, the beautiful Iberian country has a large array of grape varietals that produce different types of wines. For wine lovers, it is the best country to navigate as they get to taste different varieties that are not available anywhere in the world. Like every wine producing countries, Portugal also has classifications which explain wine … Read more

The 10 Best Peruvian drinks

Peru is popular for its delicious and diverse cuisines. It is not surprising that the country offers super tempting drinks. Try a wide variety of beverages during your trip to Peru. From ancient concoctions to national cocktails, there are lots of Peruvian drinks that will tickle your fancy. The country offers an array of alcoholic … Read more