Top Puerto Rican Beers

Puerto Rico Island is popular for beaches, bars, and casinos. Here people like any reason to celebrate! Every year August 5th is celebrated as Beer Day. Beer is an integral part of any get-together, vacation, and celebration. What will be more relaxing than a cold beer on a hot sunny day?  You do not need any reason to drink beer in Puerto Rico, just grab a glass full of chilled beer and enjoy your day!

In the last couple of years, beer and its different varieties are becoming popular — many new importers began to establish microbrews from all around the world. Puerto Ricans always prefer a cold beer, so the servings are done in smaller portions. It is done to be consumed before it warms up. People here believe that rubbing half a lemon under drinking arm cures hangover.  The demand and production slumped after the hurricane Maria. However, it seems to have picked up now and things are getting back to normal.

Amongst the long list, some popular beers of Puerto Rico are:

1.     Medalla Light

It is an iconic pale golden color brew that has a sweet malty aroma. It has a bit of a cidery finish with premium ingredients and a refined, clean taste. The wine pair well with different delicacies and is a popular beverage. This is perfect for hot tropical days. This beer has won multiple global awards in different competitions such as the North American Beer Awards, the Australian International Beer Awards and Monde Selection in Brussels.

2.     Ruby

It is American Pale Ale with a grapefruit infusion and creates a fresh citric flavor that is perfect for tropical weather. It has the aroma of fresh grapefruit with a grainy touch and malty sweetness in the background. Grapefruit is pleasant in the palate but also a slightly acidic. The beer has a more grapefruit peel character rather than pulp. There is also a bitterness to counteract the fruity sweetness. It is a light, easy, refreshing drink which has a grapefruit flavor and medium-high carbonation.

3.     Dacay Red Al

This is the perfect balance of freshness and flavor. The combination of malts gives it an extraordinary array of flavor profiles. The slightly roasted taste with a sweetness of caramel makes it a local favorite. The balance of aromas and hop flavors deliver the best after effect. The drink is light, refreshing and does not feel heavy after a couple of sips.

4.     Magna Special Craft

This redefines premium beer. The carefully selected ingredients bring elegance to a full-bodied beer. It is bright golden colored liquor with a small white head and leaves a bit of lacing. The wine has a characteristic aroma of grains, corn, crackers, and grass. The taste is slightly sweet at the beginning but bitter in the end. It is light-bodied but not watery drink. It comes with the average carbonation.

5.     Ocean Lab SJU Lager

SJU Lager pours crystal clear gold and has a half finger head. The classic thin lager has the characteristic smell of malt, corn, and straw. The drink is very light and has a refreshing mouthfeel with medium-high carbonation. The overall experience is fairly decent and it is a good alternative for those people who prefer light lagers and avoid trying something new.

6.     FOK 1.5 IPA

A unique ale that is brewed with orange peel and some honey is brick red and not very clear. It has a rugged look with several inches of tan soapy head. The aroma is like hops initially and then pine, citrus that works together well. The grain is fresh and not heavy on the caramel. The subtle addition of orange peel and honey makes it a distinct beer. It has a smooth consistency and appears crystal clear.

7.     Old Harbor Melon Ale

The beer is pale gold colored and slightly hazy. The two finger foam head stays for a long time and leaves beautiful lacing covering the entire glass. It has a candy-like fruity smell with the dominant note of passion fruit and a hint of grain in the background. The taste is sweet with slight bitterness. Overall it is the fantastic experience of passion fruit on the palate with a nice, refreshing taste backed up by a wheat presence. The smell and taste make it perfect for a sunny day.

8.     Old Harbor Visitante 212

The beer is dark brown and opaque. There remains some tan lacing on the glass but no head to speak of. The prominent wood scent with coffee and roasted malt notes enhance its flavor. There is also a sweet chocolate aroma with a rum sting in the nose. It tastes sweet and strong rum notes balance out the spiciness. The wood presence is prominent and has an extremely creamy and smooth mouth feel with very little carbonation. It is best when taken in small quantity.

9.     Boqueron 3 Palmas Milk Stout

It is dark brown, almost black. This develops a dark tan half finger head that vanishes after some time. The spotty lacing is left throughout in a glass. The sweet scent with roasted malt notes, vanilla and milk chocolate is refreshing. Vanilla and malt flavors complement the toasted bread taste. The robust appearance is surprisingly light and little watery with light carbonation.

10.     Autumn Ale

The liquor is pale gold with a bubbly white head that vanishes, and the only ring remains. The aroma is very faint and comes with malt and grain notes. There is no harsh bitterness in the taste, and the dominant flavors are of malt and grains. The smooth, light and simple drink is refreshing. It has mild carbonation that has to deceive with ABV of almost 6 percent.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are more than 50 more options that are famous across Puerto Rica. Like any other country, the beers available here have their own specialty and people prefer them from around the world.