Nine Most Popular Argentinian Wines

Argentina ranks among the fifth largest producers of wine in the world. Argentinian wine has its roots in some parts of Spain also. Being the largest producer, it provides varieties in wine. The different types of grapes available in the country are Malbec, Bonarda, Torrontes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Tempranillo, Pinot Noir, and Syra. These popular grapes come from different regions of Argentina which includes Salta, La Rioja, Catamarca, San Juan, Mendoza, Neuquén, and Río Negro.

The only star among this group is Mendoza that shines in term of quality and quantity with 80% of the wine production of the country in this region situated far from Andes Mountains from Chile, Buenos Aires, and Santiago. In south Patagonia lies the Rio Negro and Neuquen, on the other hand in the north side lies the Salta. The domestic market runs from the production of Catamarca, San Juan, and La Rioja.

1.     Fabre Montmayou- Rose

One of the famous wines of Fabre Montmayou that gives a fresh aroma of raspberries and strawberries with citrus flavor is Rose wine. Prepared by using Malbec grapes, this Argentinian wine grows on Mendoza vineyard. The process of picking is carried out in December along with green picking. Later, the sorting of grapes is done using hands, and before vinification for selecting the best grapes. After the chronological pressing of the grapes, they are passed on for fermentation in a steel tank. This action is done at 14-16°C.

Admire the crisp taste of perfect rose in the form of wine. Have it with tuna empanadas or grilled fish; the choice is yours!

2.    Gran ReservaMalbec

Gran ReservaMalbec is another fascinating wine that grows in the fields of Mendoza, Vistalba, and Lujan de Cuyo. The grape used in making the wine is Malbec that gives a strange odor after preparation. This red colored wine is a blend of red and black fruit, cherries, blackberries, hints of flowers with a touch of spices. For bringing perfection to the drink, it is kept in barrels of French oak for an entire period of 12 months. Go ahead and have this excellent drink combining with creamy cheeses, chocolate, and red meats.

3.    White Bones Chardonnay

Try this white wine that grows on the foothills of Andes Mountains in Argentina. A heartfelt thanks to the producer who made an effort in choosing the most delicate rows and lots. White Bones Chardonnay possesses a lemon yellow color and is available in the bright range. It has a fascinating blend of pears and apples mixed with fruit and vanilla.

It has got a fantastic taste full of rich alcohol that fills your mouth with fizz. The complete impact of the wine gives a balance of clear acidity, bright and abiding finish.

4.   NosotrosMalbec

NosotrosMalbec has a dark rich and red color. It gives a bearing of black fruit to the nose. The oak used in making the wine is appropriately mixed to create a delicate and strong wine that can be stored for a decade. The wine is prepared by the passionate winemakers who put all their efforts into making the wine. The grapes of this classic collection were from the popular blocks del Plata vineyard.

5.    Altura Maxima Malbec

Altura Maxima Malbec is a desire of all the Argentinian natives because of its unique taste that is sourced from a high altitude. At the extreme height, the plant receives intense sunlight and low UV protection that results in producing thick-skinned grapes. It gives an extra feel to the mouth when gulped on and fills the mouth with acidity.

Altura Maxima gives fruity aroma with the flavor of hazelnut, baked cherry, carrot, and mulled berries. Altura requires a blend of dark chocolate and coffee to get a proper finish.

6.    Volturno-Malbec/ cabernet sauvignon blend

Volturno Cabernet is a wonderful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec grapes. It posses a dark ruby red color with the odor of red fruits, lead, licorice, pepper, gunpowder, and chocolate. It has a light hue of dried meat and dark fruit. While you gulp it, you will find your mouth filled with fruits and jelly. The long presence of the drink will create a desire in you to keep drinking.

The creamy texture of the wine with the flavor of the plum presents a rich touch. The pleasing aroma stays with green herbs and cocoa powder.

7.   Altamira single-vineyard Malbec

While you are looking for an Argentinian wine, you will come across Altamira which is luscious. It is a bright red colored wine. It will give you the aroma of blackberry, minerals, and tobacco. The sweetness of the wine blended with fine grains tells about the black fruit. It has a fresh acidic nature that fills the whole mouth with bubbles. The fascinating layer of coffee on the drink gives a refined touch and finish to it.

8.    Icono- Cabernet Sauvignon/Malbec blend

Icono is the wine that hides its quality in its name. Yes! The wine is among the iconic drinks of Argentina. Icono is a darling mixture of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec which makes it a classic drink with elegance. It has derived ripe fruit, sweet spices, and purple flowers from the adoring Malbec and dynamic Cabernet Sauvignon providing complexity, texture, and structure to it. In the context of quality, Icono is incomparable to other regular wines. It comes in the list of the top wines. A die-hard lover of the wine can drink it now or for the next 25 years.

9.  Conjuro, Bordeaux Blend

Conjuro, an Argentinian wine is counted among the expensive varities. This cost not only includes the simple liquid content but also wholesome of aroma and flavor. Going in the depth of the wine, it has got charcoal and black cherry in it with great taste. It comes with a smokiness which stays because of fermentation in oak. The alluring BressiaConjuro is a result of Bordeaux style, and therefore it gives a blend of tannins and acid. If you desire class and elegance in your drinking, then you must go with Bordeaux.