The Best Swedish Beers Worth Trying

Sweden is known for its quality life, the environment, and prosperity. But when it comes to beer, there is a lot to do. At a Friday night celebration you will find yourself gulping Swedish beers which are sharp on the wallet, high on the water and low on barley. Sweden is famous for glogg, vodka, and aquavit. At the end of the 19th-century punch that was the national drink of Sweden was replaced by vodka and then overtaken by wine. But Beer? Is it un –Swedish? Well, this is a common perception of tourists. Beer is a big seller that accounts for 70% of total alcohol sales due to the establishment of new microbreweries. Let’s have a look at some popular Swedish beer.

Funk Starter

Brekeriet brews this farmhouse ale. The clear body and golden hue beer come with strong effervescence. This attractive beer pours fat bubbled thick finger of white foam. The nose is lightly mineral with grassy hops that give rise to springtime feel and add a good touch to this beer. The taste is moderately bitter with a dash of sour and bit of funk.  Overall it is refreshing, bright, optimistic, and effervescent.

Tropic Punch Ale

This product is the joint effort of Dugges and Stillwater Artisanal in Sweden. The beer is brewed with Peach, Passion fruit, and Mango. It is fermented with lactobacillus. The hazy yellow hue with no visible carbonation is poured with a white head that slowly died away, leaving a thin and small bubbles patch on the surface with a narrow collar on the glass edge. The smell and taste follow each other, and strong peach flavors dominate over passion fruit and mango. It is light-bodied and has very less carbonation. This is a refreshing beer for summers that seems to be perfect for peach lovers.


The beer has robust and strong malt tones with scents of graham cracker, coffee, chocolate, maple syrup marshmallows with the hint of coconut. It is thick velvety that coats the mouth due to a syrup-like consistency. The beer is full-bodied, luxurious, and smooth with the above average aftertaste.  Overall it is a nice balance of stout tones with slight metallic tone and minor fizz. It works great with cheese or desserts.

Närke Konjaks! Stormaktsporter

Pours dense pitch black with a fluffy and big tan head. The aroma is perfectly balanced and brings distant roast cognac. Rich, pungent and delicious with loads of dark chocolate with barley bite, soy hints, soft tobacco, and ash.  The beer gives a smooth mouthfeel with great bitterness in the finish. It is a medium bodied rich beer with good head retention. Cognac notes concealed ABV.

Falcon Bayerskt

Falcon Bayerskt comes with a dark red copper hue and big beige head that sinks and compact to a finger thick. The sweet and malty aroma has little notes of rye bread and yeast with a somewhat musty smell. The medium-strong carbonation is present with tickling small bubbles. This weak bodied beer is sweet and mild in taste and semi-dry with low bitterness.

Gamla Stans Färsköl

Gamla Stans Bryggeri brews this European Pale Lager.  The beer is hazy and straw hue with the aroma of freshly prepared beer wort that is hop scented with some yeastiness.  The sweet flavor interrupts when the hop arrives and balances out with hop zing in the end with overall lusciously tasty flavor. The beer is medium bodied and refreshing with excellent carbonation. This quaffable lager is delicious and pours cloudy. The label states that it is an unfiltered lager. This is super tempting out of the bottle.

Gamlestadens Häxöl

This is an Easter beer of Sweden which is dark brown-amber hued. The pale brown head slowly sinks. The aroma is somewhat burned with traces of raisins, dates, pumpernickel, and marzipan. The burned bitter and fruity taste along with a touch of dry fruits makes it excellent. The aftertaste is long and bitter with some malty notes having flavor of hazelnuts. It comes with soft carbonation with popping bubbles.

Gellivare Julöl

Gellivare Bryggeri brews this Amber Lager. The beer contains 5% alcohol by volume. It is quite nice but little thin for a julol. Gellivare Julol is dark nut brown with neutral aroma. The rich head, light, and clean bodied have a good lacing. It comes with the neutral aroma, so not much to say about the smell. Watery and thin bodied with little roast finish.

Wisby Julbrygd

Gotlands Bryggeri brews Wisby Julbrygd. This European dark Lager contains 6% alcohol by volume. It has a dark brown-amber color, and the beige big airy head slowly disappears. The roasted and malty smell with notes of orange peel, apricots, nutmeg, some hints of black currant, beef stock, and grapefruit. Initially, the flavor is malty that later turns into bitter notes due to a blend of meaty notes and roasted fruits. The aftertaste includes bitterness along with other flavors. The finish is buttery or little earthy, and at the same time, the beer is light and smooth. The medium carbonation with medium bubbles reminds more of light old ale or brown ale.

Grebbestad Lager

Grebbestad Bryggeri brews this beer. It contains 5.20% Alcohol by volume. The golden-hued liquid is clear with the airy and off white high foam. The head slowly sinks, leaving a minimum lacing. The refreshing and dry smell is sweet and comprises of hoppy scents of fresh bread, green tea, grass, and minerals. The flavor goes back to back with the smell. The aftertaste is somewhat flowery with the hints of cooked meat and yeast. The medium carbonation comes with small bubbles.

Omnipollo Selassie

The black color beer has a mocha brown head that has decent retention with lacy spotting left at the end. A roasted aroma of the coffee and chocolate with a bit of vanilla gives strong scent. The taste resembles the smell with hints of caramel and slightly bitter finish. The rich, smooth, and velvety mouthfeel is excellent. The full-bodied liquid comes with soft carbonation. Overall it is wonderful sipper with smooth, rich coffee and chocolate flavors.