Top 10 Most Interesting Russian Drinks

Russians are famous for serving a wide variety of drinks for every occasion. Either it’s a get-together or celebration; there is something special for every occasion. Even Russians follow these drinks to another level where they sip it for changing their mood. Some drinks for a happy mood, some for sad, some for refreshment and some for a lonely time. Well, if you are planning to visit Russia, make sure to taste some of these. You will come back with a completely different experience of your life. Here are some famous Russian drinks that leave no gap in mesmerizing its fans.

1.     Medovukha

Medovukha is an alcoholic beverage having a look of bright yellow with sweet honey taste. If you love honey, then get a sip of this drink. It is prepared by using hops, flavoring agents, yeast, and a few more stuff. Preparation of intense Medovukha requires adding a small amount of alcohol without fermentation. The drink came into existence during the initial years of the Soviet Union. It was the time when perishable honey came into the market.


  1. Boil 3 cups of water and add hops.
  2. Let it steep for 3 hours and strain.
  3. Follow this by boiling a gallon of water and later cooled to 90-110 F.
  4. Add Champagne yeast in a honey water mixture and stir
  5. Pour this mixture in the fermented container and let it cool dry by placing in the subnlight
  6. Let it ferment for about 3 to 4 weeks
  7. Store Medovukha in bottles tightly screwed.

 2.     Vodka Russian Style

Russia and vodka have a close relationship with each other. The locals know very well as how to spend an evening at a bar. They make choices in their snacks and are sure to gulp vodka with it. Mamont, Russian Standard, Baikal, and Drova are the famous Vodka drinks that one must try once while visiting Russia.


To prepare the cocktail, all you need is vodka and Russian tonic water.

3.     Black Russian Cocktail

Visiting Russia and not having a sip of black Russian cocktail is not a good thing at all. It’s a dark black colored drink which can mesmerize anyone with its look. The mere look can bring water to your mouth. It has a little sour taste due to vodka and to make it sweeter one can add more Kahlua in it.


Preparing the drink is easy as all you need is to mix 2 oz vodka, 1 oz Kahlua and glass of ice.

4.     Mead

Taste the innovative combination of honey, yeast, water and old alcohol drink. Mead is a famous homemade drink that can be prepared within two weeks in a warm environment and consumed as long as eight weeks inside a cold room. The prepared recipe of Mead can be dry or sweet depending upon the amount of honey added. The famous mead turns to Metheglin when herbs become part of it.


To enjoy the evening you need to mix distilled water, 2-3 pounds honey, and ⅕ – ½ package champagne yeast and your mead are ready.

5.     Soviet Champagne

Let your lips get wet with the shimmering beauty of Soviet Champagne. The name of the cocktail itself defines its place of origin i.e. Soviet Union. The mesmerizing cocktails became a part of many people’s choice when a system of massive production came into existence. Today the champagne comes in several varieties with numerous options for the lovers.


For preparing the drink one needs to mix Stolichnaya (vodka) and an extra dry martini.

6.     Wasabi Martini

Plan a sushi party with your friends and surprise them with fascinating wasabi martini. Entertain them with this fun cocktail and collect praises for your choice. Get your beloved vodka and mix it with a glob of wasabi. The surprising combination of green horseradish paste, simple syrup, and lemon juice will fill your mouth with a mind-blowing taste that you never had before.


  1. Mix 2 ounces of vodka, ½ ounce simple syrup, ½ ounce of lemon juice, and 1 pea-sized dollop.
  2. Pour them in a cocktail shaker & Shake well
  3. Double strain in a chilled cocktail glass

7.     Russian Kvas

The chilling beer is friends to the Eastern Europian natives. This low alcohol content beer is even a time of enjoyment for children. People mostly prefer homemade ones as it hosts a wonderful taste.


The preparation of the drink involves dark rye bread, sugar, raisins, dry yeast, water and lukewarm. Presence of rye bread made it famous by the name ‘black bread.’ Adding strawberries defines the sweet taste of the drink.

8.     Little Tickle Cocktail Recipe

Planning for your Christmas and New Year Eve? Then surely make Little Tickle Cocktail a part of your plan. This thin cocktail comes in light purple color giving a fascinating look from the glass. Well, this hue is the result of Crème de Violette as it has got the attractive essence.

One who possesses Crème de Violette must leave no efforts in using it. It can add magic to the taste when mixed with gin and vodka making it a light martini drink.


To prepare a classic Little Tickle, you need to have vodka, gin, and crème de violette. Mix them up and garnish with a maraschino cherry and lemon peel.

9.     Ararat brandy

This is something different in the store now! Ararat brandy is one of its kinds available easily in many Soviet Countries and obviously in Russia. The drink was produced in Yerevan.


For preparing the drink, two elements are necessary. One is grapes of Ararat region and second is Armenian spring water. The brandy is kept for a minimum of three years and a maximum of thirty years to age. The drink is easily available in supermarket and alcohol stores. So if you want to try it, have a look at these places.

10.     White Russian Cocktail

White Russian Cocktail is more like a creamy bed set above the dark cocktail drink. It is not just a drink to sip. It demands more time to appraise it and gulp it with white cream. This is a dream cocktail of a bartender, Gustave Tops who brought it into existence.


  1. To prepare this drink, you need a unique combination of vodka, coffee liqueur, and white cream.
  2. Shake the vodka and ice with coffee liqueur and pour it in the glass.
  3. Now add whipped cream over it and enjoy the drink.