Best Dry Red Wine Brands

Virtually all the red wines available for consumption are necessarily dry, provided port and dessert wines are not taken into consideration. The term dry suggests the outcome of the fermentation method when the sugar content of the grapes used is entirely converted into alcohol. There is a multitude of dry red wine varieties, and innumerable wine merchants make each varietal.

Technically speaking, all the red wines being marketed today are dry, but they do differ sharply in flavor and also mouthfeel. A few of them create a sensation of dryness inside the mouth and thus appear to taste dry. It is pretty much standard for many people to confuse the concentration of natural compounds and tannins present in grape skins which can make the mouth seemingly dehydrated, with wine which has zero or a tiny amount of sugar.

Montoya Cabernet Sauvignon

Admirers of Napa Valley Cabernet would honestly appreciate the fact that this old-worldly, layered, and tasteful wine is available for as little as $18.99 or even less. Grapes used to prepare this wine are procured from the vineyards situated between Saint Martin and Saint Helena (Napa Valley) in California. In addition to this, Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are obtained from the valley floor vines. The wine offers a distinctly intense flavor, increased tannin content, and mineral characteristics.

Domaine Loubejac Pinot Noir Willamette Valley

Though the sticker and the name indicate a French twist on the original Oregon Pinot Noir, its flavor is nearly identical to that of the cheap California versions sold in Tesco and Walmart. It is unmistakably jammy and comes with the taste of ripe strawberries that is pretty difficult to ignore. This wine sells less than twenty bucks ($18.99 to be just precise) and has an ABV of 14.20%. It begins with the aromas of red berries like raspberries blended with some spice, also a tad smoky, and finishes off with earthy notes and that of the dark chocolates.

Flichman Malbec Tupungato

It is full-bodied and essentially a red blend hailing from Mendoza in Argentina that lives up to the expectations and also shines pretty well with evening entrees. One is bound to ask for more! The wine gives a bold taste of dark plums mixed with currants and finishes off with a dry aftertaste of tannins that is hardly hard (pun intended very much!) on the taste palate. This redhead bitch pairs well with red meat or fish and mustard sauce.

Cabernet Sauvignon

It is an RDW or Red Diamond Wine and acknowledged among the top brands in the arena of dry red wines. It comes with an aroma of black fruits blended with delicate hints of oak. It is revered for offering a complicated mixing of optimal ripeness, the thickness of cherries, and the stubborn bitterness of black coffee. This 1981 vintage comes from vineyards of the Alexander Valley in the Sonoma County in California.

Chateau Feret Lambert Bordeaux Superieur

This medium to full-bodied wine has a distinct ruby red color and offers aromas of black and red fruits like currants and strawberries blended with tobacco and a dash of pepper. It is unapologetically dry with moderate to high acid and also tannins and produces a finish that is neither too rough nor too soft on the palate. This wine is necessarily a right bank Bordeaux overpowered by a softer Merlot and contains a barely traceable amount of Cabernet with respect to strength and finish.

Sextant Cabernet Sauvignon Paso

It is one graceful Cabernet that offers a multitude of flavors like blackberries, cranberries, and also light baking spice. As it is a California Cabernet, the finish of this full-bodied wine is velvety smooth. One great thing about this dry red is that both the nose and the palate are beautifully balanced. While it is yeasty, oak, dark berry or plum, and hints of pepper on the nose; the palate happens to be oak, dry, light-tannins, and smoky pepper.

Wildhaven Untamed Red Blend

The whole bottle of this red wine is infused with intense bursts of cedar and blueberry and provides the drinkers with unforgettable out-of-the-world experience. It has a unique fruity style and offers aromas of berry custard pie, flan, and delicate spice. The sweetness is distinctly semi-dry, and the chocolate flavor does remember to linger on the palate. It shines well with baked ham, lasagna, and meatloaf and one would never go wrong with this fruity, sleek, and smooth red devil.

Line Shack Cabernet San Antonio Valley

This full-balanced bodied red hails from the San Antonio Valley of Monterey in California. It has got flavors of blackberries, plums, currants, and mocha accompanied by medium accents of tannins and produces a notably long finish. The vines are grown on clay-limestone based soil and at the height of 1,000 feet. This wine is an epitome of a real Californian fruit bomb and sells as little as $13.04. It happens to be cedar and red fruit on the nose and ripe red fruit accompanied by soft tannins and high alcohol on the palate.

Valserrano Rioja Crianza

One can literally taste the tradition in this dry red, which is produced by a fifth-generation winery, located at Rioja in Spain. The wine is aged for one and a half years in French and American casks, and the pronounced aroma of the toasted oak on the palate and the nose transports the drinker back to the post-colonial Spain of the late nineteenth century. After the wine is decanted for an hour, middle notes of dark currants and red berries accompany delicate hints of masculine leather and pungent spice and are succeeded by the acidic top notes of dark cherries and raspberries.

Saladini Pilastri Rosso Piceno

This medium-bodied wine is loaded with black cherries and strawberries and must be paired with Veal Marsala. It is characterized by a velvety texture, incredible depth, and notes of herb, spice, and earth.

Conte Priola Pinot Grigio

This dry and light-bodied wine comes with refreshing flavors of citrus and happens to be pretty versatile when paired with light seafood delicacies.

Armani Pinot Grigio Venezie

This dry but flavorful wine is manufactured by the Armani family and is characterized by somewhat creamy flavors of pear and apple.