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Best Sweet Vermouth Cocktails Recipes

Vermouth is a wine flavoured drink that has been aromatised and flavoured with various other flowery ingredients, including brandy. There are two types of vermouth — sweet and dry. The sweet one (which we will be focusing on today) comes from Italy, whereas the dry version originates from France.

Sweet vermouth is a wonderful addition to a variety of cocktails so today, we are going to bless you with some brilliant recipes that will spice up any gathering.


When someone says ‘Americano’ you might think of the coffee — we would anyway! However, it is also a refreshing cocktail that highlights the lovely light flavours that are included.

To make one of these, you will need:

  • 28ml Campari
  • 28ml sweet vermouth
  • Club soda
  • Orange slice


1. Add ice into a glass.
2. Pour the Campari and sweet vermouth into said glass.
3. Fill the rest up with club soda.
4. Stir with a bar spoon (really, any spoon, but if you are feeling fancy, buy a bar spoon).
5. Garnish with an orange slice.

Corpse Reviver No. 1

This is a drier cocktail and claims to cure hangovers, however, if this is your first drink of the evening, it is likely to be the reason for your hangover in 12 hours’ time!

To make one of these, you will need:

  • 50ml cognac
  • 25ml calvados or apple brandy
  • 25ml sweet vermouth
  • 1 lemon (to zest)


1. Pour all the ingredients (apart from the lemon) into a class filled with ice.
2. Put your separate serving glass into the fridge while you are doing this.
3. Stir the cocktail until it has combined.
4. Take your other glass out of the fridge.
5. Strain the cocktail into this chilled glass.
6. Zest a lemon over the top to garnish.

Vieux Carre

This cocktail was invented at the Monteleone Hotel in the year of 1938. The sweet vermouth is without a doubt the binding ingredient here as, otherwise, all flavour would be omitted for an intense alcohol hit.

To make one of these, you will need:

  • 20ml rye
  • 20ml cognac
  • 20ml sweet vermouth
  • Couple dashes angostura bitters
  • Ice
  • ¾ tsp benedictine (this is a liqueur)
  • Couple dashes Peychaud’s bitters
  • Lemon twist (see the ‘how to make a lemon twist’ section at the end of all the recipes)


1. Pour all the ingredients, except the lemon twist, into a mixing glass.
2. Stir all this for about 60 seconds.
3. Use a Juley strainer (if you have one, if not, use a fine strained sieve) to strain into a glass.
4. Add ice.
5. Garnish with the lemon twist.


Like most of the cocktails utilising sweet vermouth, without it, it would be a bitter, unappetising affair but, as it stands, the Negroni is a well-balanced tipple.

To make one of these, you will need:

  • 28ml gin
  • 28ml Campari
  • 28ml sweet vermouth
  • Ice cubes
  • Orange twist


1. Pour all the ingredients into a mixing glass, except for the orange twist.
2. Stir and stir again.
3. With a finely meshed sieve, strain into a rocks glass.
4. Add thick ice cubes.
5. Garnish with the orange twist.


Consider this Negroni’s cousin. The Boulevardier cocktail is rich and interesting, quite different from the cleanness of its close family member.

To make one, you will need:

  • 28ml bourbon
  • 28ml Campari
  • 28ml sweet vermouth
  • Cherry or orange twist


1. Put all the ingredients (except the cherry or orange twist) into a mixing glass.
2. Stir thoroughly for roughly 20 seconds.
3. Using a finely meshed strainer, pour the mixture into a chilled glass.
4. Garnish with the cherry or the orange twist.

The Henry

The classic Manhattan cocktail has been adapted by Beloved who are based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It uses a variety of bitters that are available to buy from your local supermarket so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the ingredients if you are interested.

To make one of these, you will need:

  • 42ml rum Agricole
  • 14ml bourbon
  • 28ml sweet vermouth
  • 3 dashes angostura bitters
  • 3 dashes orange bitters
  • Orange twist


1. Put some ice in a mixing glass.
2. Add all the ingredients, bar the orange twist, into the pre-iced glass.
3. Stir softly until the drink has been chilled through.
4. Strain through a finely meshed sieve or julep strainer into a serving glass.
5. Garnish with the orange twist.

The Derby

There are a few cocktails that comprise the use of the name ‘Derby’. Why is this? Well, it dates back to the relationship between betting on horses during the races and drinking.

In this case, we are providing you with the recipe to make the sweet vermouth version (shocker!).

To make one of these, you will need:

  • 28ml bourbon whiskey
  • 20ml lime juice
  • 15ml sweet vermouth
  • 15ml orange Curaçao
  • Lime wedge or mint leaf
  • Ice


1. Put some ice into a cocktail shaker.
2. Add all the ingredients into the iced shaker, bar the lime wedge/mint leaf.
3. Shake, shake, shake!
4. Strain using a finely meshed sieve into your serving glass.
5. Garnish with your choice of lime wedge or mint leaf.

How to Make a Lemon Twist

Of course, you don’t have to use a lemon, many fruits work too. Try lime, grapefruit or orange for a different flavour profile.

You will need:

  • A lemon
  • Sharp knife


1. Cut a circular slice from the lemon.
2. Slice through one side of the peel and pulp until your knife touches the rind on the other side.
3. Remove all the pulp so you are left with just the strip of peel.
4. Simply twist the peel into a curly shape. It should naturally stay this way.
5. Now, use it as garnish for your drinks!

As you can see, all these recipes are displayed with the quantities of ingredients to make one of each, however, it is easy to round them all up so you can impress your friends during one of your party nights!