Best Tequila Shots

Shot Ideas To Make You Fall in Love With Tequila

To many of us, tequila equals the crazy clubbing nights of our university years. We remember it as the shot with a terrible burning aftertaste which can only be improved with a slice of lemon. If you recognize your experience, we urge you to give tequila another chance.

Tequila is, in fact, a versatile liquor used in many great cocktails, like Margarita, Tequila Sunrise or Paloma. Good tequila, if drunk correctly, will give you a smooth peppery aftertaste that does not require any additions, like salt and lemon. But if you don’t feel like drinking your tequila straight up, here are some simple and delicious shot recipe ideas.

 To begin with, there are five distinct types of tequila that you may come across: silver (or blanco) tequila, gold, Reposado, Anejo, or extra Anejo. Without getting into too much detail about the differences, the tequila that you might want to use for your mixed shots is the silver tequila. The bottle should have a 100% blue agave or 100% agave label – these are the purest sorts that will taste great both mixed and on their own.

Cinnamon and orange instead of salt and lime

This simple tip might change your tequila experience completely: an orange slice, dipped in cinnamon and sugar mixture, will ensure smoother drinking and enhance the notes of tequila instead of completely blocking them with a sharp lemon sting.

Tequila Sunrise Shot

Here is a shot version of a classic tequila cocktail. A typical Tequila Sunrise requires some orange juice and grenadine and is very easy to make. For a Tequila Sunrise Shot, prepare the shot glasses by dipping them in salt. Pour half a shot of tequila, top it up with orange juice, and add a splash of grenadine to get the classic sunrise look. Garnish with a quarter of a lime slice, and serve!

Crouching Tiger

This simple recipe incorporates the exotic flavor of lychee with tequila, producing a sweet and mild shot of a beautiful pink color. For this reason, many consider this shot the best one for women and recommend offering it to the ladies on a night out if you want to make an impression.

Take 25ml of blue agave silver tequila and mix it with 25ml of SOHO lychee liquor in a shaker. Shake well, serve in a shot glass and garnish with a lime slice. Enjoy the smoothness and sweet aftertaste!

Lime Drop

A traditional lemonade-inspired recipe suggests using the WHOLE lime to make shots. Do not be discouraged – there is hardly anything easier than just mixing slices of five limes in a blender. After you get your lime puree, put it into a strain over a bowl, and squeeze out all the lime juice. Mix the juice with a cup of cold water, ¾ cup of tequila and ¼ cup of sugar in a large pitcher.

Now that your shot mixture is ready, serve chilled in shot glasses. You can simply garnish the drinks with a lime slice, or grate some lime zest to rim the shots with before serving.

Jalapeño Tequila Shot

 Want to spice your tequila up? Try these Jalapeñoback shots – a strong and spicy take on a usual tequila shot. Use the juice from the pickled jalapeños and serve it in a separate shot glass. If you like it really spicy, garnish with a fresh jalapeño slice. Choose a smooth silver tequila, and serve in another shot. To achieve the desired heat, shoot the tequila first, and then do the spicy juice shot. Remember to take it easy, as the combination might not be too good for your stomach if consumed in large amounts!

Watermelon + Tequila

Alcoholic watermelon bites? Yes, please! To make these, cut out a hole at the top of a watermelon, and insert an opened tequila bottle upside down. Leave for a few hours for the watermelon to absorb the alcohol, then cut it into small cubes. Serve these delicious tequila snacks with a lime wedge and a pinch of salt.

Lime Jello Shots

Another exciting party take on tequila shots is making them jello! Lime jello shots will turn out a bright green color and will taste amazing. Mix a pack of lime jelly with a cup of boiling water; then add half a cup of cold water and half a cup of tequila. Pour the mixture into shot glasses rimmed with salt and let set. You can also experiment with different jello flavors, and make an orange or strawberry tequila shot, or even add some triple sec to make it taste like a margarita!

Bonus: Deep Fried Tequila Shot

This one is probably closer to food than a drink, which might make a strong case for the particularly sensitive drinkers. Deep dried tequila shots are extremely easy to make. You will need just the following three ingredients: a store-bought sponge cake, your favorite tequila, and some lime.

To make these delicious tequila bites, mix tequila and lime juice in a small bowl, then cut the cake into squares and dip into the mixture lightly. Heat some frying oil in the pan, carefully place the cake slices and fry for one minute until golden. Garnish with lime zest or powdered sugar, and serve as a party snack!

So, tequila shots can be fun, delicious and do not necessarily have to make you cringe. Tequila is a great liquor that can taste perfectly good on its own, as well as a part of a mix. If you are still in doubt – try these recipes!