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Best White Port Wine Brands

The Reviews and Know-How

You have probably heard of white, red and rose wine but have you heard of white port wine? Maybe not — don’t worry, we have the ultimate guide right here.

What is White Port Wine?

As you have probably guessed, it is made from white grapes like Rabigato, Códega and Malvasia Fina. Typically, it will be packaged up while it is still young but, as you’ll see from our recommendations, that isn’t the case for all of them.

It is a light and fresh style of wine which makes it perfect for summer gatherings or those warm evenings afterwork. You will see flavours such as citrus fruits, apricots and nuts showcased in most vineyard’s white port wines.

Usually, they are served in cocktails or as an aperitif since they are so sweet. However, there are numerous styles of this drink which denotes its exact level of sweetness. These are: Extra Seco, Seco, Doce and Lágrima (sweetest). Additionally to this, you can find white port wines that have been aging for 10, 20, 30, 40 years or less which impacts the richness and overall feel of the tipple on your palate.

How to Serve White Port Wine

As mentioned earlier, many port drinkers like to add it into cocktails due to its sugary flavour. Commonly, they will whip up a great tasting white port and tonic. Luckily, it is really simple to do!

Ingredients for your White Port and Tonic:

  • 50ml white port
  • 100ml tonic water
  • Orange peel
  • Sprig of mint
  • Ice cubes (as many as you like)


1. Add ice cubes into a glass
2. Pour the white port and tonic into it
3. Place the orange peel inside the glass
4. Use the spring of mint as a garnish
5. Enjoy!

Yep, it really is that easy — you are bound to be the talk of the town when you bring out these at your next social gathering.

The Brands

Since there are countless brands to choose from, you may need a hand when it comes to choosing the one that you should purchase. That’s why we have provided you with a pretty comprehensive list so you don’t need to spend hours at the store.

Quinta Santa Eufemia NV 30 Anos White (Port)

Price for a 750ml bottle: $84.35 (£64.62)

This white port wine is pretty dry but provides a wonderful acidity which is offset by the long aging process. However, on the palate, you will notice a burnt toffee flavour that balances the citrus tang well.

J.H.Andresen NV 40 Year Old White (Port)

Price for a 750ml bottle: $40.00 (£30.64)

Due to the wood aging process, this tipple is extremely fine as it has had time to evaporate and settle down. As it dances around your palate, you will be pleased to find that ripe fruits hit your taste buds and bring about a juice-esque feel (making it almost too easy to drink!).

Vallegre NV Vista Alegre 40 Anos White (Port)

Price for a 500ml bottle: $115.33 (£88.35)

Since this white port wine has been aging for such a long period, you may think that the richness has overtaken the freshness. This is a fair assumption but, surprisingly, the manufacturers have kept some of the gorgeous, tangy orange aspects alive in the drink.

Additionally, notes of toffee will find their way onto your palate to boost the drinking experience to a whole new level! This white port wine is definitely a crowd pleaser.

C. da Silva NV Dalva 20 Anos Dry White (Port)

Price for a 750ml bottle: $51.99 (£39.83)

If you are looking for a truly delicious white port, this is the one for you.

Like with all of them, the price point is somewhat steep. However, this one is more than worth it. Spicy wood elements mingle to create a rich drink which will delight your senses. You may notice burnt orange tones too if you search hard enough. Definitely one for the dinner party.

Niepoort NV 10 Anos White (Port)

Price for a 750ml bottle: $26.17 (£20.05)

This tipple is extremely fruity, comprising lemon curd and jammy marmalades to give it a rich, syrup like feel. The acidity levels (coming from the lemon) is balanced nicely with sweet-as-honey toffee to allow for a pleasant aftertaste.

Quevedo NV 30 Years White (Port)

Price for a 750ml bottle: $71.10 (£54.47)

Although the Quevedo NV White Port Wine has been aged for 30 years, it is not overly concentrated. Thankfully, it harbours enough acidity to maintain the freshness, despite being left to do its thing for so long. On top of this, it incorporate some rich marmalade notes too.

C. da Silva 1963 Golden White Colheita (Port)

Price for a 500ml bottle: $185.85 (£142.38)

As with the previous tipple, it has managed to keep its softness throughout its life to provide a great drinking experience to this day. You should expect a large amount of concentration though. Having said this, the orange cuts through the otherwise overly ripe nature.

Van Zellers 1962 Palmer Colheita White (Port)

Price for a 750ml bottle: $300.00 (£229.82)

Since it has been aged for so long, the concentration is obviously very present however, it is balanced by fresh tones of lemon to reduce the richness. Orange and wood flavours will come in towards the end, leaving you with a gorgeous aftertaste.

Yes, the price point is scary but, if you ever get the chance to sample it, do so!

Kopke 2007 Colheita White (Port)

Price for a 750ml bottle: $35.53 (£27.25)

Straight from the winery known as Kopke, this jammy, extremely fine wine brings joy with every mouthful. Bursts of sweet orange cut through the richness of the slightly aged tipple for a super easy drinking experience.

So, next time you are invited to your friend’s house for a sophisticated, summer soiree, you will know exactly what accompaniment to bring!