Ciroc Vodka Flavors

You have probably heard of Cîroc vodka, but if you haven’t, then you’re missing out! ­­­Cîroc prides itself on their wide range of flavours and exclusive five distillation technique, combined with their luxurious French grapes and extensive experience in winemaking.

Cîroc Vodka

The classic. The original. It all started with Cîroc Vodka. Unlike other vodkas that you know and love, this one boosts itself above the rest with its texture and flavour profile.

It is perfectly smooth whether you serve it straight or on the rocks. However, for the true lusciousness to come into its own, you’ll need to whip up some cocktails.

Luckily, this is a lovely addition to most of your favourite drinks like Champagne Cosmos, Blue Stone and Blue Stone Royal — pick your poison.


Delicious, crisp, green apples are highlighted beautifully in this drink. The addition of vanilla and citrus along with it supplements the flavour even more, combining to create an amazing flavour.

As you might imagine, Cîroc Apple Vodka is great for making Apple Mojitos, as well as Apple Crisps.

Red Berry

This tipple includes red and wild berries that come into bloom during the summer. Raspberry plays a huge part here and creates a soft sweetness while still allowing the silky vodka to warm up your palate.

Red Berry Punch — a cocktail combining Cîroc Red Berry, cranberry juice and tonic water — is the best place to start to truly enjoy this fine creation.

French Vanilla

As we have mentioned, Cîroc’s vodka is extremely smooth, which works in gorgeous harmony with the creamy, rich tones of vanilla.

They have managed to produce a truly stand-out vodka here as they have taken inspiration from the beloved French ice cream — what more could you want from the newest addition to the Cîroc family?

Cocktail making is what brings a party to life and this is recommended to be poured into Cîroc-Star Martini, St Tropez Punch and Naughty and Nice.


Their collection just wouldn’t be complete without a Carabao mango flavoured vodka!

Straight from the atmospheric tropics, this smooth blend of mango and other tropical fruits complements their brand wonderfully. As with all their drinks, this can be enjoyed straight, but it is also favourable to add into cocktails — such as a Mango Mimosa.

Hint: Mango Mimosas are ridiculously easy to make; just pour in the mango Cîroc and add champagne and some fresh orange juice. That’s it.


Cîroc can’t get enough of the tropical flavours! Freshly muddled pineapple is the dominant party here and makes for a truly special drinking experience.

It works magically with mint, simple syrup and lime juice to make a delicious Pineapple Mojito but can also be mixed with tonic water to create a Pineapple Spritz.


Orchard fruits and sweet, succulent peaches are combined together to produce a distinctive tasting vodka. The natural tastes work in harmony to ensure this drink goes down easily.

It does not take much work to make a luscious cocktail with this one, as all you need to do is add champagne and you have a Bellini! How much simpler can you get?


This tipple has been expertly infused with coconut and various tropical fruits, distilled five times as per their recipe, and results in unimaginable aromas of freshly desiccated coconut and a hint of vanilla.

Leaving the palate feeling light, smooth and silky, this can just as easily be enjoyed straight as it can be implemented into a decadent cocktail. Cîroc recommends creating a Coconut Julep — just add this tipple in with some lemon wedges, sugar syrup and a few mint leaves!

Summer Watermelon

So far, we haven’t met any of Cîroc’s limited-edition vodkas — until now. This Summer Watermelon drink is one of three that when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Made from high-quality French grapes, masterfully finished off in a copper pot still situated in the south of France, and infused with watermelon and other summery flavours, this vodka is a once-in-a-lifetime tasting experience.

Both silky smooth and beyond different, it can be enjoyed over ice, straight or perhaps mixed into a cocktail.

If you are planning on hosting a cocktail evening, then you may want to try creating a Watermelon Le Twist, Summer Watermelon Sparkle or Cîroc Watermelon Frosé to get your party started!

Hint: If you are after the easiest one, make the Summer Watermelon Sparkle. All you have to do is pour in cranberry juice and champagne along with the vodka.

White Grape

Another limited-edition drink, this time incorporating white grape into their five times distilled mélange. It is a truly decadent drink and perfect for festivities around the Christmas period.

Alternatively, you can concoct some groovy cocktails with this too. Try mixing it with lemonade, soda and a lemon wedge for a Mediterranean Side or add dry vermouth, white vermouth, a lemon twist and frozen grape for a sophisticated French Grape Martini. Whatever you try, it is guaranteed to taste great!

Cîroc X Moschino

Some of you may have heard of the brand Moschino, but if you are one who hasn’t, then Moschino is a world-renowned fashion brand. They teamed up with Cîroc to create another limited-edition bottle.

Being a playful, hot, luxury brand, they were bound to do something exceptional to the design of the bottle — and they did exactly that! Jeremy Scott, the Creative Director at Moschino, gave Cîroc’s bottle a full makeover.

He added the well-recognised Moschino gold chain and peace sign to it and made the entire outside an opaque blue — certainly very different from the others.

To enjoy this to its maximum, try blending it with blue curacao, lemon juice, pineapple juice, coconut syrup and a pineapple wedge for a gorgeous cocktail called The Cassper. Or, for a different flavour profile, add white vermouth, lime juice, simple syrup, muddled cucumber and soda water to make The Wizkid.

Now you have delved into the world of Cîroc and their beautiful selection of flavoured vodkas, we are sure you won’t want to come out!