Types of Dark Beer

Out of all of the alcoholic beverages that are prevalent throughout the world, beer is by far the most recognizable and widely drank in comparison to other forms of alcohol. It is also the third highest consumed beverage of any kind, only behind water and tea. While there are many different styles of beer that fall under different categories, dark beers are considered one of the tastier by those who consider themselves to be a beer connoisseur. Dark beer gets its color from the brewing process where darker malts are used, which gives it both its distinguishing flavor and look. Now take down a cold and dark one as we look further into the different types of dark beer.


Usually considered one of the more famous dark beers though not necessarily being so dark in color, these beers were immensely popular throughout the period after the 16th century. Stouts are made of malt which has been more roasted and contains both water and yeast. There are also several different types of stouts, ranging from the darkest (the Irish Stout) to the less darker stouts.

Types of Dark Beer 2

Dark Lager

A Dark Lager beer is made with roasted hops and barley and are much richer in flavor while also being dark and very flavorful.

English Porter

Another beer that gained fame in the old world, this dark beer traces its origins to early England and even gets its name due to its booming popularity among citizens around the River Porters. While usually considered the premier dark beer, their popularity around the world is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Munich Dunkel

Most likely the tastiest out of the bunch, the Munich Dunkel is composed of the tastiest ingredients that combine to give the beer a very appreciable taste that is very smooth and goes down easy. With low amounts of bitterness and a sweet taste, this dark beer definitely packs a heavy one-two punch in the race for the best dark beer.


Another type of beer that is highly sought, the color of this beer is almost entirely dark and is usually around 4-5% in the concentration of alcohol per beer. These beers are very popular because of the many different rich flavors ranging from chocolate all the way to coffee. Its color comes from the roasted ingredients that play a part in the brewing process.

Dark Ale

Another English beer, this one contains an incredible combinations of hops, yeast and a malty blend that so brilliantly combine to make a brownish color that tastes very fruity yet has a very strong and present character that will make a perfect companion to any long night.

Something to keep in mind

As one must remember, not all dark beers are created equally. Guinness, the most popular dark beer, is not so thick and is usually taken down very easily amongst beer drinkers while there are other types of stout that will make even the biggest of beer drinkers cringe due to it’s thickness. And even then, thickness does not play such a huge role in the famous “beer belly” we see amongst many of our fellow companions.

Whether the beer be dark or light, the amount of carbon dioxide that is added throughout the brewing process will determine how much we feel after having a nice and cold one. Many are actually turned into self-proclaimed dark beer drinkers after having had experienced a great light beer that comes in many tasty options ranging from chocolate to coffee and can be found in many different breweries across the world. The reason the beer is dark in the first place is not due to its thickness but rather the content of the malt throughout the fermentation and roasting process.

There is always enough time to come and join the dark side and try a dark beer that you will most likely end up loving. Ranging from all types from heavy to light to bitter and sweet, the dark beer is out there waiting in some bar or pub waiting for that first magical taste. One must just leap into the dark and begin to experience with the knowledge to be able to completely dive into the enticing world of dark beers.