The Best Bourbon Drinking Accessories You Can Enjoy

There is nothing like enjoying a snifter of bourbon at the end of a long day. Several bourbon drinking accessories will provide you with an even greater experience for enjoying one of the world’s finest spirits. These five accessories are as unique and beautiful as they are useful.

Godinger Decanter Set

A decanter ensures that any sediment left in a bourbon bottle stays in that bottle. This Godinger decanter set includes a secure stopper for 850mL of bourbon.

The design creates a globe-like appearance. The decanter glass has a large ship etched into its body. The glass is also positioned so you can lift the unit up and pour the bourbon out of the container and securely into your glass.

The set also comes with a wooden base and two matching glasses. The wood base also has some spots for you to secure the glasses on.

Prestige Decanters Dispenser

You can also look at this decanter if you are looking for an accessory that allows you to dispense liquor. Whereas the Godinger decanter set requires you to pick up the bottle to pour the bourbon, this Prestige Decenters set uses a dispenser tap that holds 1150mL of bourbon. A large ship is etched on the glass decanter body; you can also order a model featuring a tank landing ship or a submarine etched on the surface.

The stopper on the top part of the container keeps the bourbon fresh while on the inside. The spigot on the bottom is made of stainless steel to prevent an unnecessary plastic-like taste. A wood base also features on the bottom.

Blanton’s Bottle Stopper Display Stand

You can add your bourbon bottle stoppers onto this unique display stand. The cherry wood finish has room for eight stoppers. Each hole has a 7/8-inch size, thus providing enough room for anything you have in your stopper collection. The stand is useful for bourbon bottle stoppers as well as ones for whiskey or tequila bottles.

Ashcroft Twist Glasses

Ashcroft makes these glasses for bourbon, whiskey, and many other spirits. Each 10-ounce glass features a twist-like design that creates several light effects showing up on your whiskey. The glass is also lead-free for your safety.

King Stones Whiskey Rocks and Stainless Steel Cubes

Although bourbon is excellent when chilled, the ice that you add will melt and water down your spirit. You can use a stainless steel or granite cube in your glass to keep the whiskey from becoming diluted. Each stone offered by King Stones includes a firm body that keeps your bourbon chilled without risking dilution. The stones will not develop condensation either. You can also wash off the pieces with water and secure them in an accompanying bag. This King Stones set includes a pair of glasses, some leather coasters, tongs for handling the stones, and a cigar cutter.

BarMe Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones

Most of the bourbon stones that you will find feature appealing cube or sphere bodies. But you can also find some stones with novelty shapes. The BarMe bullet-shaped stones offer a classy appearance with a long-bodied bullet design on each one. These cubes are made with stainless steel and can chill your bourbon in about three minutes on average. Each stainless steel stone is easy to clean off and can be secured in an accompanying storage bag. A matching pair of tongs can also be used for lifting those bullets out from a freezer or other chilling space and into your bourbon glass.

Perfect Pregame Cigar Flask Gift Set

A flask is ideal for when you want to take your bourbon with you while on the go. Perfect Pregame makes this flask that keeps up to two ounces of bourbon safe and chilled. The stainless steel surface keeps the bourbon insulated for hours. An accompanying funnel is included; the steel funnel helps you move the bourbon gently into the flask without spilling anything.

But the flask does more than just store bourbon or any other spirit. A compartment for two 6.5-inch cigars is included on the side. That space is next to the spout. A matching cigar cutter is also featured in this gift set.

Sea Stones On the Rocks Granite 6-Piece Whiskey Chilling Stones Set

Granite is often used in some bourbon stones to produce a chilling effect. The natural mineral can be cut and formed to be nonporous while maintaining a chilled temperature without risking condensation. Sea Stones makes this set of six stones with beautiful granite materials. Each stone looks different from one another, what with granite including various deposits and natural stress lines.

The six stones are made with disc-shaped bodies. You only need to add one to your glass. A wood board is included for securing your stones when not in use; a few cut-out spots are included for providing a storage space for each stone.

Oakzip Gas Station Style Liquor Decanter

It never hurts to have a bit of fun with your bourbon. Oakzip makes this decanter that can store about 35 ounces or 1000mL of bourbon or another liquor. The design is about 19 inches high. The layout features a see-through reservoir that is shaped to look like an old-time gas station pump. A stainless steel body is utilized around the full surface.

To dispense the bourbon, grab a hold of one of the two fuel pumps. Press the lever and the decanter will move the bourbon from its base to your glass. The glass panel includes a readout to help you see how many milliliters of bourbon are left. With two pumps, you can share your bourbon with someone you know. Hooks for the pumps are included on the sides.

Corkcicle Whiskey Wedge

Not all people like it when their bourbon stones cling around the glass. Others may also prefer to use regular ice to keep the flavor of bourbon from being too intense. Fortunately for them, Corkcicle makes this wedge that you can secure at the base of a traditional bourbon glass.

To use the wedge, you would add water to the silicone ice form. After the water freezes, you would remove the ice wedge from the form and add the ice to one side of your glass. Add the bourbon and then enjoy. The wedge produces an even surface that keeps your dry chilled while also producing an intriguing artistic statement in your glass.

Axe Sickle Barware Stainless Steel Pourer

You do not want to risk spilling your bourbon when pouring it, let alone splash it all around a glass. This Axe Sickle is designed to fit on top of a bourbon bottle. Open the cap off of your bottle and affix the pourer to the top. The pourer keeps the bourbon organized when you bring it out of the bottle. The stainless steel body and the rubber cork produce a clean fit that will not influence the flavor of your bourbon. You can also clean off the pourer with soap and water. You can get two or more pourers in one set.

You are bound to enjoy these bourbon drinking accessories no matter what bourbon type you might be interested in. See what makes these appealing the next time you look to enjoy a fine bourbon.