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Best Gifts For Bourbon Lovers 2021

Gifts For Bourbon Lovers

Whether its a dad, brother, cool uncle, boss or spouse, we all know a hardcore bourbon lover. It is a drink that has its own culture and a serious following. Just like wine, there are bourbon tasting events and it even has multiple festivals for itself. For every bourbon lover, there is a different kind of bourbon on the market, readily available. It’s not just the heavy alcohol of the drink that the fanatics enjoy, it is the way its aged, the ingredients, the aftertaste and many more things that make this beverage such a big discussion topic amongst many friend groups. With a following this big, there is a huge market out there for gifts for bourbon lovers. We all love getting gifts that are related to our hobbies and things we love. Sometimes, it can be hard to find gifts for a macho, manly man. Well if what you have been looking fora re some cool gifts for a bourbon lover, we have gathered some interesting ideas, all of which you can find on the internet for reasonable prices.

  • Wedge Glass

One of the coolest looking glasses you will ever see on the market, this glass has a unique design for people who lie their bourbon cold in a chilled glass but not with ice – never with ice. Th glass itself is shaped just like a regular whiskey glass but it comes with a removable silicone attachment that can be thrown into the freezer to freeze and it will fit into the glass perfectly, creating a wedge(shocking). The ice inside the silicone mold melts extremely slow so you don’t have to rush to drink your bourbon and it will never be watered down.  It’s the best of both worlds! Having your bourbon cool without it being watered down or dealing with those plastic ice cubes that keep bumping into your lip. The design looks cool, its very practical and it is available for online purchase.

Source: https://uncrate.com/whiskey-wedge/

  • Bourbon Cask Aged Chocolate

Chocolate may not sound much like a gift on its own but it sure can be used as a buffer gift or in a gift basket along with other things. This chocolate bar is made with cocoa that was aged in a bourbon cask and is filled with different flavors of caramel, vanilla and 82% raw chocolate for an incredible mouthfeel and aftertaste. Paired with a cheeseboard, a cigar, a glass of bourbon or on its own, this is a taste your bourbon lover will not forget. The brand also keeps things as healthy as possible by keeping the chocolate organic, GMO – free, soy free and gluten free. It is no wonder it won the 2013 Good Food Award, the taste, the ingredients and the history of being aged in a bourbon cask all come together for a meaningful gift.

Source: https://www.raakachocolate.com/products/bourbon-cask-aged

  • Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Lazy Susan

A wooden lazy susan has been loved in all rustic homes since the beginning of times(questionable) but what makes this a special gift for bourbon lovers is the fact that the wood is reclaimed from a bourbon barrel, making it uniquely American. This lazy susan has a 21 ½ diameter, completely turntable and it is handcrafted in the USA. It is coated in polyurethane to protect the wood from water stain and damage. It can be used as a cheeseboard or to hold other appetizers. Get this lazy susan for your bourbon lover and they will forever remember you while using it as a serving tray or just a decoy in their beautiful kitchen.

Source: https://www.bourbonandboots.com/products/reclaimed-bourbon-barrel-top-lazy-susan

  • Barrel Fermented Cigars

What is a better gift than a cigar for a bourbon lover you ask? Well, let us tell you. It Cigars that are fermented in bourbon barrels. So flavorful, and deep, these cigars come in multiples so the gift receiver can enjoy them for longer or share them with whomever they want. The extensive process of making these fermented cigars market hem a great, unique gift as well as let them know that you are paying attention to the things they like. The wrapper leaves are fermented in used barrels of bourbon, creating the best type of cigar wrap you will ever have.

Source:  https://flaviar.com/blog/bourbon-lovers-gifts

  • Tickets to the Bourbon Classic

A chance to meet the master distillers and brand ambassadors and a great place to try a bunch of well-made Bourbons, drinks and small appetizer plates! This is the absolute perfect event for a Bourbon lover! There are classes and breakout sessions where you will be able to learn some tips and tricks about making Bourbon. It is held annually in Louisville and is a place all Bourbon lovers come together to enjoy and share their hobbies together.

Source:  http://bourbonclassic.com/attend

  • Bourbon Barrel Ring

The wood that comes from the fermentation barrels for bourbon is really quality and frankly, beautiful. A true Bourbon lover will not only appreciate the alcoholic beverage but the entire process it goes through to be made. This beautiful ring is made from the reclaimed wood from the barrels and glossed and sealed for a lifetime of enjoyment. The inside o the band is stainless steel to elongate the durability of the ring. Using the best Kentucky Bourbon Barrels, the gift will be unique one fort he bourbon barrel and can even be used as wedding bands. There are many sizes available from 9 to 15 and is offered at a much more reasonable price than gold or silver rings.

Source:  https://www.bourbonandboots.com/products/authentic-bourbon-barrel-mens-ring

All of these gifts will show how much you care about the gift receiver and all can be saved for a long time if not forever. It is always lovely to receive things that show us that people pay attention to our likes and hobbies. For every dad, every partner, every unless every brother that loves a good conversation about bourbon and is into the culture, there are incredible gifts. You can purchase all of these online and choose to gift them along with a bottle of bourbon, a card and a link to our website for the best recipes with bourbon.