Top 10 Mexican Drinks

Mexico is famous for its colorful and varied beverages. A trip to Mexico will be in vain without tasting some of its famous drinks. They are super delicious and some of them are impossible to reproduce outside the region. These are more than just cocktails and spirits that a person should try at least once when visiting Mexico.

The popular liquors among the Mexican population are Tequila, Beer, Mezcal, Kahlua and Wine. Tequila is obtained from sugar distillation of blue agave plant while Mezcal is the sibling of tequila that is produced from an agave plant. Kahlua, the coffee flavored liquor forms the base of many famous cocktails. Beers have a long history in Mexico, and it is one of the most desired liquor. Wine also makes a vital part of many Mexican drinks.

Do not forget to enjoy an amazing range of sweet, spicy and chilled flavored drinks next time when you are on a trip to this lovely part of the world. Imbibe the following beverages and celebrate your day.


It is the beloved cocktail of Mexico. Paloma is refreshing to drink that comprises of tequila grapefruit-flavored soft drink, fresh lime juice, and salt. This is served chilled with a wedge of lime. So if you are fond of tequila then Paloma is the best choice to enjoy. The recipe is flexible so you will be able to customize it.

You can use varieties of juices or grapefruit soda that are available in your area. Moreover, twist the original recipe with the addition of some herbs.


This is the classic beer cocktail that has numerous variations in its recipe. The most popular form contains beer, assorted chili-based sauces, tomato juice, spices, and chili peppers. Serve it in a salt-rimmed glass with lots of crushed ice.

If you do not like hot sauce, then try Chelada that contains lime juice. Michelada recipe fluctuates from region to region, so make sure that you know the ingredients before sampling this awesome drink.


Margarita is a satisfying and zingy cocktail. The drink is little strong and mostly served in a blue-rimmed tall-sided glass. The ingredients include lime juice that is also used for rimming, sea salt, tequila, crushed ice, orange liquor, sugar syrup, and lime slice. You can use sugar syrup as per your taste.

Snacks that go well with margarita are Fish Taco Nachos, Jalapeno-Mango Salsa, Grilled Chicken Quesadillas, Mini Taco Dip Tostadas with Avocado Cream and Spicy Guacamole.


Mezcalita is a spicy, smoky and mysterious cocktail that has variations in its recipe. It is more orange flavored and served with spicy salted rims. You will certainly have multiple rounds of this fantastic drink after imbibing it once. A mixture of salt and chili powder is used for rimming. Ingredients include mild mescal, orange juice, lime juice, orange bitters.

You can add agave nectar, sugar syrup or orange liqueur to the drink if you prefer a sweeter version. Serve this awesome drink with cheesy nacho chip and guacamole.


Vampiro cocktail is the national drink of Mexico and has carbonated fruity and spicy taste. This delicious drink is often served in an old fashioned or tall glass. Ingredients such as agave Tequila, citrus-flavored soda, fresh orange juice, lime juice, Sangrita, and fruit seasoning.

You can also try a variant of this drink by replacing sangrita with tomato juice, grenadine syrup, pepper sauce, and freshly ground black pepper. The other variant includes pomegranate instead of tomato juice and grenadine syrup. You can enjoy it with hamburgers, spicy guacamole, and tacos.


The drink tastes fantastic on a hot sunny day. It is a twist on a bloody mary. The original recipe includes clamato in spite of tomato juice. The other version of this cocktail includes ingredients such as Mexican beer, tequila, tomato juice, hot sauce, and a lemon wedge. for an extra kick pair it with a shot of tequila or drink on its own.

You can have it with snacks such as chips, cheese tarts, corn, and crab fritters, popcorns and salmon tartare.

Cherry Matador

This drink is perfect for any occasion and is an alternative to a margarita. It is served in a champagne flute or martini glass and requires only 5 minutes to prepare. Ingredients such as tequila, fresh lime juice, pineapple juice, and maraschino cherry juice make a delicious drink.

It is recommended to use fresh lime juice instead of store bought as this makes a great difference. If you do not like tequila, then use rum as a base. Chips, tarts, fritter taste great with this cocktail.

Mexican Sunset

This cocktail is particularly made for summer evenings. It looks great and tastes even better than its appearance. Sip this tropical drink and explore the beautiful natural surroundings. The simple ingredients such as tequila, pineapple juice, lime slice, maraschino cherry, grenadine syrup, Amaretto, and peach schnapps are used in preparation.

Drizzle grenadine at the bottom of the glass to feel the colors of the sunset. Snacks such as hamburger, Fish Taco Nachos, and Spicy Guacamole go well with this delicious drink.


This jewel of a cocktail is a combination of blueberry liqueur, tequila, sugar syrup, fresh lemon juice, and club soda. You can add more or less sparkling water and crushed ice. It is magically refreshing and boozy drink.

If you do not like tequila, then add Gin instead. The blueberry liqueur gives ruby color to this cocktail. Snacks like nachos, guacamole, and burger taste great with this amazing drink.

Devil’s Garden

As the name suggests, this drink has various flavors hidden inside it. The first sip will refresh your palate with mint and lime flavor. Then spicy and smoky undertone of mezcal (chipotle infused) creeps on the palate. Cynar liqueur adds a veil of mystery.

You only need to toast one dried chipotle until it releases smoke and places it in a bottle with mezcal. Combine all ingredients to get this awesome drink. Enjoy burgers, chips fries, fritters and nachos with this unique drink.

We have enlisted classic cocktails that are widely consumed in Mexico. Mexicans love tequila and most of the famous cocktails use it as a main ingredient. Try them and you will love all the recipes from standard to strange ones. If you are not fond of tequila, then try something different like Gin or rum and get the new version of your choice effortlessly. Simple ingredients with fun twist add to taste, and the result will be surprising!