10 Best Mexican Wines

Mexico is popular for Tequila and beer, but it is home to the wine industry too. It is the oldest wine producing country in the continent of America. Mexico is not the wine drinking region, but people all across the globe love Mexican wine. The oldest winery in America is located here. Today there are 100 wineries and almost 1000 labels present in Baja alone. Many wine producers have won international awards for their excellent products.

The varieties of wines available in Mexico are produced domestically. Red, rose, white, sparkling wine and many others are available here. The taste of Mexican wines depends upon the vineyard site. The generous and voluptuous nature of Mexico wine goes hand-in-hand. Let’s have a look at famous Mexican wines.

LA Cetto

LA Cetto produces half of Mexico’s wine. It sells more than a million cases a year. This Italian family arrived in the Guadalupe Valley in the Prohibition Era. The family owns approximately 500 hectare in Valle de San Vincente and 600 hectares of vines in the Valle de Guadalupe. LA Cetto’s Nebbiolo is medium body, little spice, and complex in the nose with enough tannin. Warm red wine is slightly smoky in the finish and is a real, absolute steal.


This wine brand is produced in the Finca Sala Vive vineyard that is present in the central state of Queretaro. Freixenet Mexico is popular for sparkling wines. Sala vine Fruite is a delicious example that has good permanence on the palate. It emphasizes balanced acidity with notes of nuts. It comes with nice aromatic intensity with fruity and floral olfactory character. In addition it has notes of pear, apple, peach, white flowers, and some citrus.

The wine is clear and bright with transparent edges and yellow tones.  A fine string of bubbles breaking from the base and forming a firm crown in the glass entrance makes it attractive. Serve at 6-8 degree Celsius and as a companion of seafood, snacks, seafood, and meat dishes along with desserts.

Casa Magoni

Present at the entrance of Guadalupe Valley, this vineyard produces an affordable and popular Cabernet Sauvignon.  Integral to it are its lovely flavors of dark fruits, flowers, and some green peppercorn. The fruit comes out crisp and sapid. The wine tastes best after aging five years when tannins integrate more and wine becomes harmonious.

Interesting nose, smooth and slightly acidic at the end gives a delightful experience.  All the delicious Mexican platters can accompany the wine.

Adobe Guadalupe

Adobe Guadalupe produces classics like Gabriel 2016. Blackberry and dark cherry offer fabulous flavors. The slight acidity and medium tannins integration make it powerful on the palate. It is elegant wine with persistent acidity and has a long finish. The red fruits are strawberries, coffee, and red cherries. It has spicy notes from American oak barrels and 11 months aging in French. This wine goes perfectly with grilled red meats, roasted chicken and different types of cheeses. Serve at 10 degree Celsius.

 Bodega Dos Búhos

The vineyard is present outside the colonial city of San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato; it offers an excellent collection of organic wines. The vineyard uses ten different varieties of grape. Sauvignon Blanc is one of the best wines produced here. It is expressive and tastes like grass and bell pepper.

It is Medium length with herbal notes on the palate and zesty finish pair perfectly with roasted vegetables, pasta salad, and pesto sauce. The wine is low on acidity.

 Casa Madero

The vineyard is present in the Parras region of the northern state of Casa Madero, Coahuila, it is the first winery of Mexico. The company produces varieties of whites, rose and red wines. The full-bodied Malbec is a fantastic addition to the range of wines. The wine is ruby red with purple sparkles, aromas of blackberry, plump and fruity flavors.    Woody notes and spices make it seductive and elegant.  The smoky finish with a bit of acidity adds to its complexity. The wine is harmonious and friendly to the palate. Beat serve at 16 degree Celsius.

La Lomita

La Lomita is just 15 minutes far from the Pacific ocean; Currently, it produces varieties of wines. Wines are produced from the grapes processed on the property. The vintage Grenache Pagano is the most celebrated wine offered at La Lomita.

Minty, bold with hints of strawberry, blueberry, purple hibiscus flowers, and cranberry truly envelops the senses. The American and French oak barrels give smoke, cocoa, vanilla, and bittersweet chocolate flavor. This awesome wine is deep and intense with a long finish. Pair it with grilled meats, aged and ripe cheese and tacos. The exquisite and well-balanced wine is devastatingly good. Allspice finish is a surprise win.

Mexican Cellars

Mexican cellars produce varieties of exotic Mexican wines and first and only one to take Mexican wines to Australia so that people can experience the awesome wines. The Chenin Colombard 2016 is one of the best wines produced by Mexican Cellars. The clean and transparent blended white wine exhibits green tones. It is straw yellow in color.

Highly intense aroma and crisp on the nose this wine have a gentle mouthfeel. It has notes of guava, pineapple, lime, sweet grapefruit, mandarin, lychee and nectarine with spice touch of anise. The wine has excellent complexity and superior quality. A dry wine with light alcohol and fresh acidity has a good structure. It is well-balanced long and pleasant.

Vega Sicilia

Vega Silica’s Unico 1967 is a blend of 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 75% Tinta Fino, 10% Malbec, Merlot and Albarino which is white grape variety. The wine is intense with baked black cherries, apricot blossom, licorice, singed leather, and eau-de-vie. It is floral and vivacious and port- fruit like intensity. It is a medium body with fine tannins unfolding with each sip. The wine expands with bay leaf, sage and a touch of bitter orange.

Monte Xanic

Monte Xanic Calixa Rosado Grenache 2008 contains 100% Grenache. It exhibits the flavor of lilacs, anise and fresh red fruits. The medium intensity and excellent complexity add to its superior quality. The flavor supports aroma of wood in the barrel. The wine is perfectly balanced and ideal for pairing with Asian cuisine, chicken, Spanish omelet, shrimp sautéed with light sauces, grilled steaks, carpaccio, pizza and desserts such as red fruit cake.