Top 13 Famous Beers of New Zealand

New Zealand is a hub of beer making industries running around 150 brewpubs, commercial breweries, and microbreweries. These beers contain 60% of alcohol content. The two favorite breweries of New Zealand are DB Breweries and Lion Breweries from where most of the beers in New Zealand come from. There were many small groups caught during the beer disclosure initiated during the year 1990. Today, a proper beer lover may get confused if he steps out in search of craft beer. Here beers are prepared by locals with a passion for producing beer and their love for drinking beer. This list contains of New Zealand’s beers having a mix of craft beer and mainstream beer.


Are you in search of a trendy cheap bear in New Zealand? Speight’s will be a good option for you. This favorite brew is known for being the pride of the south. Excellent manufacture of the company Lion, this ale has given rise to numerous ale houses all around New Zealand.


If you are in Mangatainoka and looking for some fun, then go for Tui, a famous brewery that will give a fantastic taste to your tongue. One should definitely taste this exclusive beer in life. Tui will not only excite with its taste but also with question hidden under the cap of the bottle.

Brew Moon

Brew Moon is a delight of Invercargill, Wellington, Christchurch, Nelson, Dunedin, and Blenheim. Available on taps, this brew is available in all microbrewery and one can have it for tasting. Something which makes this beer different is the way of serving it. Instead of bottles brewers chose to serve it in cans.

Golden Lager

Monteith’s Golden Lager is among the famous refreshing lager distilled in Munich Style. Today the golden color Monteith’s Golden Lager seems to be a bit darker in comparison to modern lager of the mainstream. The rich taste of the lager comes from the mixture of cashew nuts with mellow hops.

Monteith’s Black

Monteith’s Black is an ultimate combination of strong malt flavor and nice creamy texture. Its aroma is altogether attracting with a black, brown head. Its sweet taste can mesmerize with ease.

Steinlarger Pure

Cheers to the moment when you hold the Steinlager Pure. The beer does not contain any kind of preservatives and additives and this fact makes it more popular. It is counted among the purest beers with no preservatives and no additives. You can say, it is the beautiful combination of malted barley, Water, yeast, and hops. Brewers of New Zealand produce this pure Steinlarger on the grounds of the city.

Wired The Big Smoke

The Big smoke is famous as the most smoked beer in New Zealand, the brewers regularly produce it on the lands of New Zealand. The die-hard fans can’t blink their eyes from watching its lush smokiness. Along with the smokiness, its sweet chocolate gives a wild relief when sipped at first.

Six years ago, when this brew came into existence, the popular brewer Richard Emerson stated that as soon as he took the sip of the brew, he was not able to think about anything else other than the ale.

Epic Pale Ale

Epic Pale Ale is the one that reminds of the brewing direction in New Zealand. The preparation of this famous ale involves US Cascade to bring the flavor, Aroma and bitterness. While sipping it, one is likely to get a touch of rosewater on the nose with a citrus bite on the tongue. It’s been ten years since it came into existence, and today it has changed the scenario. Epic Pale is now an industry leader among the high American pale ale that has dominated the market.

Croucher Low Rider

When it came to producing ale with low alcohol, the only thing that came to the mind of the producer was Croucher. It has the balancing feature of being flavoursome beer at the time of having low alcohol content. Maybe it goes a little hard but drinking it is enjoyable. The popularity of the Croucher Low Rider can be seen from the Brewers Award Trophy in Experimental, Specialty, Aged, Barrel and Wood-Aged class.

Moa Sour Blanc

One can be the fan of this amazing Moa Sour Blanc. It requires extra care with a lot of time. By using the lambic style that needs long fermentation and conditioning using the wild yeast, the beer is prepared. It is spicy, dry, and acidic content that can clean and revive the palate. The beer has gained David Nicholls, the title of “godfather” of sour.

Gisborne Gold

Gisborne Gold, one of the oldest beers of New Zealand led to the rise of the beer revolution in the city of Wellington. It is a production of Sunshine breweries, and its founders were Gerry Maude and Geoff Logan. You can appreciate this little beauty that reminds of the East Coast Sun setting under the rising waves of 1990.

Mike’s Mild

Mike’s Mild the name that defines the hard work and saving of brewer Mike Johnson that he used to set up a brewery in September 1989. This popular brew has a chocolaty taste driven by sweet malt. This taste remains in Mike’s brewery even after the real Mike passed by.

8 Wired iStout

I Stout is a wow beer that can drive anyone crazy at the time of taking the 1st sip of it. This is a densely black color brew containing 10% of alcohol. The mixture is a blend of delicious coffee, creamy oat, and chocolate followed by a sense of bitterness in the form of a layer. This cozy beer brought the idea of stout Float containing I Stout in a glass with a scoop of vanilla Ice cream.

This long list of beers not only signifies the popularity of beer in New Zealand but also tells about the die heart lovers of brew living in every corner of the country. Their eternal love brought a different taste in every ale giving thousands of different taste with thousands of emotions. If you start counting the real list of brew of New Zealand, you will forget everything except remembering the drink. So, enjoy the taste of the beer in hand rest counts it later on.