Best Non Alcoholic Red Wines

Can Wine Be Non-Alcoholic?

The first time I heard of a non-alcoholic wine I was stunned, as wines are fermented grape juice that, naturally, creates ethanol (alcohol). However, making wine non-alcoholic requires special equipment and expert knowledge. Non-alcoholic wine is not just grape juice, as opposed to what we buy from stores, but instead the sugars are removed allowing the body and tannins to come forth. The best way is to remove the alcohol from the wine. It includes a nifty method of distilling the wine by steaming it away. Next is to filtrate it, forcing the wine against a membrane that is so fine only water and alcohol can be seeped through it. This process is repeated constantly until the wine is a concentrate. Water is added back, however there is no/as much alcohol as the start product.

Best Non-Alcoholic Wines

With history out of the way, we can finally move on to some of the best products out on the market:

Sainsbury’s Cabernet Sauvignon

An impressively affordable and popular product from Sainsbury’s is their Cabernet Sauvignon. Containing up to 1.6 Units of Alcohol, this Spanish Red Wine is filled with blackcurrants, blueberries, vanilla and spice.

Price: £4.80

Eisberg Cabernet Sauvignon

Eisberg is the IK’s number one alcohol free wine producer, and is the perfect alternative to a tipsy night. Every wine is made exactly the same as any wine of your choice, however after fermentation, that is when the wine is de-alcoholised. Using selected grapes entrusted by their dedicated winemakers, in combination with the world’s most advance techniques helps ensure that all alcohol is removed, but all the character remains.

A rich non-alcoholic red wine that is deep with aromas of cherries and plums, its colour is dark and ruby-like. It is included on the website a handy cocktail called Winter Fruit Cobbler, which is a delightful treat to try out.

Available on Sainsbury’s, as well as on the Eisberg site itself.

Price: £11.90

Torres Natureo Syrah

Torres’ only mission is to create exceptional wines with the aim of creating memorable experiences, also to pass on their values from generation to generation. And so far, it’s safe to say that they have been accomplishing this for some time, to be precise La Familia Torres has been producing wine for more than three centuries. Ever since 1870, Familia Torres has used tradition, innovation, and integrity to be one step ahead. Look no further for a quality wine.

Natureo Syrah is not only a great wine created from varies ingredients and pleasurable, it is also high quality without any alcohol. Natureo Syrah is the first de-alcoholised red wine in Spain, using the Syrah grape types that is ripe with tannins. With every taste, you are hit with the sweet and smooth texture of plums and cherries.

Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon

Compared to the more tradition families, Ariel are quite a modern/new commercial producers, starting since 1985 they have quickly

Ariel age theor wines in Oak, adding more flavour and deepen the colour, in addition to the aromas of blackcurrants, cherries, blueberries and chocolate. The tannins and dry finish really add that extra layer of finesse.

Price: $9.00

Sainsbury’s Alcohol Free Red Wine

Another selection from Sainsbury’s, made with extreme care to ensure that there is only 0.05% alcohol. Every sip contains smooth and refreshing blackcurrant and red berries.

Price: £2.75

Alternativa Rosso Dry

Princess is the first manufacturer from Italy that produce non-alcoholic wines, from red, white and rose wines. Unlike some companies out there, Princess do not add any preservatives to their wines, however they do pasteurize their wines. The result is a fresh and delicious taste that make Princess’ wines to be highly recognised.

For the lover’s of red wine, I recommend Rosso Dry. It’s intense red colour is complemented by its dried fruit and mixed berries flavour and aroma. It is a dry wine and is also Halal certified, and best of all, there is 0% alcohol.

Price: £7.50

Sutter Home Fre Merlot

Fre Wines are produced Sutter Home Winery, which is one of America’s most trusted brands. From the 1800’s, Sutter Home Winery are producing high quality, non-alcoholic wines from the Napa Valley. With 7,000 acres to choose from, it is safe to say they have quite a portfolio.

Fre Merlot is not only plush and seductive, it is alcohol-removed. With just under 0.5% alcohol remaining, it retains its beautiful garnet colour and is served with grace. Sourced from California’s finest vineyards, its grapes are concentrated and full of flavour. A definite wine to try.

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