Best Pisco Brands


Pisco is a pale brandy that’s produced in South America in specific regions of Peru and Chile. It has a very long history as the drink of choice for Spanish settlers in the continent. Since Spanish alcohol was very expensive to import, they began to brew their own strong brandies in the area to drink.

Made from distilled local grape wines, pisco can take on a lot of different flavors based on the grapes it is made with. Some local brewers like to add their own twists to this classic spirit by mixing in different flavors from their regions. When the brandy ages in glass or stainless steel, the tastes and flavors get the chance to mature and smooth out, giving you a great mix of flavors and a strong spirit.

It’s not legal to call your spirit Pisco unless it’s made within a select few regions in South America, using a few specific types of grapes and grape wines, with certain traditional methods necessary for the aging process.


Don Alvaro

As a well established brand of pisco, you can find a lot of different bottles made from various types of grapes. Try their Quebranta, Torentel, Moscatel blend for a full mix of intense flavors and unexpected quality. Take a whiff of the fragrant aromas of different citrus fruits, apples, herb spices, honey, golden raisins, and local floral scents. After you’ve gotten your fill of the bouquet, take a sip of the balanced mix of citrus and raisins with a medium-strong alcohol taste. This drink will give you a warm feeling as you drink it, because the 42% ABV is not as disguised as it is in some other brands.

Best Brands of Pisco2

Cuatro Gallos

This brand has a lot of good drinks, with the most recommended being the Moste Verde Quebranta. It’s a great brandy to sip in a quiet and relaxed environment. Fragrances in this bottle include delicious toasted scents, sweet fruits, dry grass, and a touch of vanilla. When you drink from your glass you’ll taste everything that you’ve smelled in small amounts with a wonderful blend and a silky sweet mouthfeel.


Try the Torontel pisco from this brand. It has a variety of fragrances like tropical fruits and melons, sweet golden roses, and other dry fruits. This brew has a stronger scent of alcohol than some of the others available, as well as some floral scents from the environments. The taste of this brand is very sweet and well balanced with a hint of mint herbs, bananas, and raisins.


This brand has a range of piscos, with their most popular being the Italia Mosto y Yema. That particular pisco is named after the Italia grape used to make it, not to be confused with any brandies that are actually made in Italy. It has a very fragrant aroma with strong scents of many different local flowers, citrus fruits, and sweet syrup. The taste brings out some of the fruit flavors for a nice, well-balanced drink.


If you want a sweeter brand of pisco, this brand is a good bet. Pick up a bottle of Uvina and enjoy the fragrances of herbs like mint paired with sweet toffee, raisins, honey, and other pleasantly light smells. When you take a sip, you’ll get an initially sweet flavor with a smooth mouthfeel and no unpleasant aftertaste. There are hints of many different sweet fruits as well as toffee and olives.


Pisco is a fiery spirit with a lot of kick, depending on where it comes from. Ultimately, your personal preferences will determine which pisco you will enjoy the most. Check the brands and read the labels to see the kinds of flavors that are included in each one as well as the aging it has underwent to decide for yourself which brand to try first. If you’re not used to drinking strong spirits, try to find a sweeter, more flavorful pisco to taste. Keep in mind that all of these spirits have 40% or higher alcohol content, making them very potent and not right for anyone seeking a light, weaker drink.