Top Shelf Rum

“Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum”. You have heard pirates say it in classic fairy tales; but what exactly should you be looking for in a Rum. A drink distilled from molasses and sugar, rum is truly the main component in many mixed and summer drinks. With the warm weather soon approaching, one can find themselves overwhelmed by the amount of choices your liquor store may offer.  This article will serve as your guide for the perfect rum for any occasion (and any drink).You will surely be a hit with your friends and family with your extensive knowledge of this drink. If you’re feeling especially nautical lately, keep reading.

White Rum

White rum rings true as a staple in any bar or collection. New York Magazine boasts a list of the top shelf White Rums, perfect for mixing, or drinking straight. Their top three white rums Include “Bambu”, “10 Cane” , and “Rogue”.

Bambu :is a clean, classic rum, with an undetectable taste. The label and bottle is chic and adds a bit of glamour to any bar or table.

10 Cane:   A “Smoky, molasses-scented, and smooth enough to drink straight.”

Rogue:  “ A full-bodied rum with a bite to match, from Oregon, of all places. The clear scent belies a charcoal flavor and tingly aftertaste that serious drinkers will appreciate.”

Spiced Rum

A true favorite amongst alcohol experts and casual drinkers alike. Spiced rum serves as a beautiful base for the classic rum and coke, and others such as the seasonal favorite egg nog. I checked in with the blog Their thorough list of top shelf spiced rums clears up any confusion in the spiced rum department. Here were their top three:

Captain Morgan Black Spiced  : A darker rum produced in Jamaica, this liquor boasts dark notes of molasses, cinnamon, and clove. This truly has the ability to become an instant holiday classic.

Siesta Key Spiced Rum: This honey colored rum is produced is Sarasota, Florida. A sweeter, lighter rum that has notes of vanilla, honey, and allspice.

Shellback Spiced Rum : This dark honey colored rum is made in the Caribbean. Like the aforementioned, this rum has a sweet, modern flavor. Notes of vanilla, nutmeg, and allspice leave your insides warm and cozy in every temperature.

Coconut Rum

A personal favorite of mine, coconut rum evokes the romanticism that rum is often associated. Warm, sunny islands, sipping out of a coconut and watching the waves crash. Even if you can’t be at your dream destination, a sip of coconut rum will leave you feeling sunny all day long. We consulted’s list of top coconut rums.

St. Petersburg Distillery Oak and Palm Coconut Rum: A beautiful, sweet and fruity coconut rum made in St. Petersburg, Florida. This rum, although lower in alcohol content, does not lack in flavor. recommends this particular rum for mixing in cocktails.

Wicked Dolphin Coconut Rum: Florida Sugarcane and real coconut water make this sweet, delicious rum a staple in any liquor cabinet.

Brinley Gold Shipwreck Coconut Rum: This sweet and fruity rum starts off as a molasses base and is blended with flavors of natural coconut. Bottled at 36% ABV.

The Best Rums for Your Mojito

A minty, sweet concoction that is sure to tempt your taste buds, the mojito is a classic drink that’s base consists of a white rum, lime, sugar, and muddled mint. Getting the perfect white rum, however, can be one of the more difficult parts in making this simple concoction. lists five of the top brands to make your mojito with. We will look at the top three picked by yours truly (who is a huge mojito fan, might I add).

Bacardi Silver Rum: An easy to find classic, Bacardi Silver Rum adds bright notes of citrus to your mojito. A classic staple in your mixology work.

Appleton White Rum: This Jamaican Rum is distilled from molasses. Its sweet flavor perfectly complements a mojito.

Havana Club Anejo Blanco Rum: This lovely, Puerto Rican white rum is specifically made for mojitos. It has notes of citrus (more specifically lime; a main ingredient in mojitos.) and a hint of salt to add contrast in your mixed drink.

Dark Rums

A more distinguished spirit, dark rum tempts the taste buds with rich notes of molasses, brown sugar, and spice. Dark rum can tempt both more refined taste buds and even the taste buds of drinkers who are new to the expensive alcohol game. was the inspiration for this list of dark rums that you should be trying.

Gosling’s Old Rum: This Bermuda made rum is a definite treat. Its liquid has rich notes of molasses and spices. Not for the faint of heart or the new rum drinker, this rum is an indulgence sure to not disappoint.

Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 year old: Get your sweet tooth ready, because this dark rum is about as chocolate as it can get. even states that it smells similar to a “hot chocolate packet”. A candy like concoction that will make a sip of this Guatemalan rum feel like a delicious hug.

Pyrat XO:  With this rum, you can have your candy and eat it too. The strong orange candy notes make this a sweet, light, and refreshing beverage. A nice gateway to the rum experience, this would be a recommendation to any beginner drinkers.

No matter the rum that suits your fancy, there are more than enough options for anyone who enjoys a sweet, delicious drink. Rums range from light and sweet to dark and smoky. In my research of this beverage, it is easy to see that the lower range rums clearly do not hold a candle to Top Shelf Rums. It is true; you indeed get what you pay for, and that is no exception with rum. Whether you have a sweet tooth or a more refined set of taste buds, the rum world has a place for you in it.