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Best Aged Bourbon 2021

What is a Bourbon? Is it simply a drink? No. It’s something you hold in your hand to work, to become the life of the party, to relax. Just that simple drink in that small tumbler can quickly elevate whatever you’ve decided to do.

It’s class. Whether you have it on the rocks or on its own. Maybe you’ve looked up hundreds of different articles as to whether ice improves the glass or not. Maybe you’re happy with whatever’s handed to you.

It all comes down to personal preference, however. It can be nice on the rocks or off them. All in all, what the drink is can be a reason to work, or a reason to relax, or a reason to tell your guests your world wearied traveller’s stories of the past.

You can be like one of the writers of old, such as Hemingway, sitting with your glass at your side, writing in front of that beautiful, roaring fire.

A bit about Bourbon

Bourbon Whiskey is a type of American Whiskey. Because of this, its primary ingredient is corn.

Most countries with colder weather have national drinks with higher alcohol content. For example, in Russia, the national drink is Vodka. So while the cowboys of the old west would drink shots of whatever whiskey was on the shelf, the farmers of Kentucky would get through the cold nights with a glass of their favourite Bourbon.

The difference between a Bourbon and a Whiskey is a geographical one. Where “Whiskey” is the umbrella term, where the Whiskey is brewed affects what it is called. So a Scottish Whiskey is a Scotch, where an American Whiskey, especially if it’s been brewed in Kentucky, is a Bourbon.

The difference in taste is very subtle, and this is partially due to the barrels the drink is left to ferment in. So where the best, top shelf Scotches, such as Laphroaig, will have a lighter wooden taste, the taste of a good Bourbon will feel heavier. Because of this, Bourbons are more likely to have notes of tobacco.

Where Whiskeys are similar, however, is the fact that the more wooden it tastes, generally the better it is. This is because it has been left to age longer in the barrel.

So what are the best aged, and therefore the best to swirl and enjoy, Bourbons on the market today?

The best of the best

  1. Kentucky Bourbon

It had to start here. This will remind you of the birthplace of the drink from the first sip to the last.

Brimming with Americana, no matter where you’re from any taste of this drink will instantly transport you to a wooden cabin with an open fire, waiting for your kids to come back from working in the field.

This drink is escapism, taking you far away to a simple time. The notes and flavours go a far way to help this, too. On the nose you’ll be recognising the chewy scent of old toffees, a few herbs, and you’ll even learn a bit about chewing tobacco from the smoky aroma.

On the palate you’ll get the same, sweet yet chewy tastes of toffee, but you’ll also get the rich buttery grains that’ll make you feel like you’ve been out in the field all day having a simple relax.

  1. Buffalo Trace

A little cheaper, but by no means having any less legacy, this Bourbon is for the survivor. A rich tapestry of 220 years of change, this Bourbon has survived prohibition and war after war, and has come out the other side swinging.

Aged to perfection, this Bourbon will dance on your tongue in a mix of spicy and sweet. There are hints of rum on the nose, and that familiar caramel taste as it goes down a warm treat. Then comes the espresso beans and the toffee apple to give it its world-famous kick.

You’ll feel like a survivor, like you’ve weathered storms, and that you’ve still come out the other side smelling sweet, just like this award-winning Bourbon.

  1. Noah’s Mill

Not to water it down, but this drink is highly recommended on the rocks. Listen to the blocks of ice crackle and melt and your mouth is guaranteed to start watering. A very generous 57.2% ABV, this Bourbon is for the bottled storm.

Noah’s Mill is for the ex-boxer or the retiree from years of manual labour. For the Old American Hero. Having fought the good fight for years and finally getting their fight bottled up, ready to target wherever is needed.

Ginger and black pepper will cleanse your palette whilst the notes of heavy treacle and vanilla calm the storm that’s been inside of you.

  1. Basil Hayden’s

Now for the inventor, the entrepreneur. This Bourbon is made from ingenuity. Instead of taking everything that was known about a good Bourbon as gospel, Basil Hayden’s decides to add a rye to the more traditional corn-based mash in order to create something new, strong, and innovative.

It’s easy to set this Bourbon apart from others, simply from the notes added by the mix. Spice, tea, and a hint of peppermint will greet your nose with a pleasantly surprising scent before you drink it. Then, when you decide to nurse your drink, spicy, peppery, honey-based flavours will flood your palate.

It’ll be smooth and flow like honey, whilst also hiding its best moves of a beautifully cultivated spicy moves for the exquisite after-taste.

  1. Angel’s Envy

This Bourbon has more than just its name going for it. Yes, its name perfectly and exquisitely describes it. After one taste you’ll feel like your soaring above everyone else, and yet indulging in the sinful delight of this Bourbon.

It’s indulgent, and yet in its indulgence comes a kind of perfection. Have one taste of this and if you reach the pearly gates and are asked what you miss most on earth, it’d undoubtfully be this extremely human, extremely tasty indulgence.

With 200 years behind them to hone their skills, this Bourbon boasts notes of Maple Syrup, Vanilla, Toasted Nuts, and Spices, giving it a heavenly smell. Then comes the incredibly American Gothic tastes of fruit, chocolate, spices, and that beautifully barrel-created smoky palate.

This is the Bourbon of angels, and which angels yearn for.