Best Cask Ale Brands

The importance of Cask ale to the clubs and pubs is globally recognized. Those who like to get real with life understand very well that cask Ale cannot be replaced with any other brands. In fact, a recent report revealed that 81 percent of Cask ale lovers are willing to spend 20% more just to secure a bottle of this lovely beer.

Everybody is cautious when it comes to spending their hard-earned money, so hearing that 81% of consumers are willing to pay extra to get this brand only explains how exciting and unique this brand is.

Aside from the uniqueness, look, we just have to be real with you: not all Cask ales are the same. And that is why we have done comprehensive research and presented to you the top 4 best cast ales of the year.

Top 4 Best Cask Ale [year_shortcode]

  • Doom Bar

Having been rated as British’s best brand in 2013 and 2017, Doom Bar continues to get more and more funs day after day. In fact, it is the bestselling brand in the country today. So, based on public opinion, “Yes” Doom Bar is worth your money.

Let’s look at what it has for you. Doom Bar has an enticing fragrant smell of sweet malt, delicate roasted notes, and resinous hop. So by taking just one sip, your mouth experiences a balanced feeling of highly roasted malt, blended succulent fruits, and some assertive bitterness.

Actually, this brand will make your night. As you wind up your first bottle, you will feel highly refreshed and you more likely to ask for more and more.

  • Greene King IPA

If you are the type of “old is gold,” laugh once because you have got your real partner! Greene King IPA has been on the market since 1799, and so it understands what a typical person expects from a Cast ale. Actually, Greene King IPA is a drink-and-recommend-your-friend model.

It has a hoppy aroma and taste which makes it crisp, moreish and clean. Take this advice for free: once you become a lover of Greene King IPA, nobody will ever convince you to take other models, including those regarded as “best of the best.”

Even though Greene King IPA has been on the market for centuries, nothing has changed. It still contains the same craftsmanship and passion.

In 2015, Greene King IPA’s legacy was propelled even further when it won Gold Monde Award! So, be part of this legacy by securing yourself a bottle.

  • London Pride

Just as its name suggests, this brand is full of pride. But you don’t have to be in London to feel the pride.

This beer has a creamy beige which evaporates quickly leaving no glass lacing. I gaze that is the same way it evaporates the stress in your mind.

In a barely lit room, London Pride is copper looking. But in the presence of full light, the brand is dark golden! I think I don’t have to remind you the status one gets in the society for being associated with gold.

London Pride has a dark maltiness aroma that is mixed with hops and brown bread’s taste. In your first few sips, you will experience a silky feeling in your mouth.

But as you wind up, the feeling will disappear and leave you a smooth feeling, instead. So be smooth for once in your lifetime by taking a bottle of London Pride

  • Abbot Ale

The first thing that you will see once Abbot Ale is placed on the table is the work “Abbot Ale” on the neck and the lower part of the bottle. You will then see a short paragraph.

Very few people read the paragraph, not because they intentionally chose to do so, but because the attractive beer’s smell can’t allow them. I mean who can resist the concentrated aroma of malt accompanied with that of hop and malted barley.

As for taste, Abbot Ale has fruity and bitter tastes. However, the bitterness disappears within no time. To cut a long story short, grab a bottle and prove it yourself.

Top 4 Cask Ale Brands Best before A Date

Before a first date, a man will do everything possible to avoid being shy and boring before his fiancé. The lady, on her part, will want to be cool. However, she will need to gain some courage to ask questions.

We care about dates, and that is why have studied Cask ales in the market and presented to you the ones that will make your first dates successful and memorable.

For Women

  • Wainwright

This model has a golden color with a fruity aroma. Therefore, you will leave for the date knowing that your efforts will bear you extra fruits, (i.e., win you the man of your dream).

Besides that, Wainwright has a smooth texture and a honey biscuit-like malt taste, which is a good start for a person expecting to meet her real “honey.”

  • Tribute

Most people like to pay tribute to the dead. But this beer challenges the odds by allowing you to appreciate that handsome man while he is still alive. It has an aroma of Orange Zest and Tropical Fruit, which will make your date fruity.

As for taste, Tribute tastes like Fresh Orange and Grapefruit. Simply put, this is a delicious and drinkable beer that will keep you focused throughout the date.

For Men

  • Pedigree

Pedigree’s slogan is: see, smell and taste. Under “see,” Pedigree’s color is golden brown. And that is exactly how your partner will appear to you when you take several sips before leaving for the date. She will be glowingly golden!

Pedigree describes their beer’s smell as “Burton Sulphur.” But it is not Sulphur that you know. So there will be no Sulphur-smell in your date.

Finally, the brand has both sweet and bitter tastes. However, the sweetness exceeds the bitterness. With a glass of Pedigree, you can go to adage knowing that it will be lovelier (sweet) and less boring (bitter).

  • Deuchars IPA

This is a golden beer offering a long refreshment. As a result, you will stay refreshed all through your date.

Besides that, Deuchars IPA has a brilliant aroma of malt, hop and citrus. Consequently, your mouth will feel the delicious taste all through your date.

One bottle is enough to make you free with your partner regardless of whether or not it is your first date. Simply put, the date will be fun, active and memorable because you will be in “an active mode.”

For me, Doom Bar gives me a million reasons to enjoy life even when the world gives me a thousand reasons why life is worthless. So grab one, and let’s enjoy this life to the fullest because we only live once!