The 8 Best Cuban Beers

Cuba is a province in the northern Caribbean and a place where the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, and the Atlantic Ocean meet. The country lies to the east of Mexico, west of Haiti, north of Cayman and Jamaica and south of the Bahamas and Florida. Talking about Cuba, the country is famous for numerous things that no one can even wonder. It is renowned for its music, cars, summers, radios, foods, mountains, lakes, and not the least its drinks too. The drinking style of Cuba follows rum and beer. Cuban beers are fabulously sweet, incredibly refreshing and a very close part of the culture. Cuban’s blindly love drinking without thinking much about their pocket.

Visiting the country and experiencing life will give a new experience to you. If you have the plan to roam on the streets of Cuba and search for something good to drink then try its beers that can roll your mind. You can find numerous options available like Heineken in few bars, as Cubans look mostly for the cheaper ones this one goes right. The other famous that come on the top list of Cuban beers are cristal, Mayabe, Cacique, Tinima, and Bucanero. They all hold something unique in them and therefore giving them a try is a must.


Cristal is just like a family member in Cuba as it is available in every corner and every shop. The bottle has got a green label showcasing a palm tree. The very own brew has got a natural taste that may not fantasize you every time, but it shows its magic in the summer heat with its chill form. When you are in Cuba and looking for Cristal, you need to step on the island of Cuba. Well, if you are searching for the best experience, you need to head towards a Beatles-themed bar in Submarino Amarillo.


Bucanero is another popular beer after Cristal in Cuba with stronger composition. The brew contains 5.4% alcohol content in it. You can easily recognize a Bucanero with its black and red label on the bottle of the beer. Its taste can mesmerize you with its unique zest, and therefore it’s a little more popular among the guest. Before you plan to enjoy the beer in the Cuban heat, make sure you will have some fantastic afternoons. To enhance the level of your enjoyment with Bucanero, step towards Horizontes Jasmines on the Vinales Valley and gulp the drink with full excitement.


Hatuey, a Cuban beer in a golden color that fills the mouth with air, gives a cooling effect and disappears with a crisp touch. This Cuban style beer is a brand of Bacardi since 1920, and today its production is formulated at U.S.A. It is prepared in hops, yeast, barley, and water using the usual brewing technique with less than 800 containers produced in every batch. The sweet brew when mixed with ice adds charm to the exhilarating light beer. Serve it in the pilsner flute or a glass stein and enjoy the exciting moments.


Looking for a few of the cheap beers of Cuba then Bruja is the right option to go for. Although this little brew is rare to find in the streets of Cuba, taking a sip of it is a must. Well, not all of you may enjoy the brew because of its missing fizz but giving it a try is worth it. Its slow rate makes it suitable for casual travelers.


Tinima has a unique way of being served from a tap. The beer is like Cacique and Mayabe in taste. It possesses an ample amount of sugar in it full of caramel. It has no extra flavors or diacetyl. Making it a regular drink is not that easy, so it’s better to have a simple glass for starters. A small glass will cost 0.50 CUC from local vendors.

The cost doesn’t matter when you get the chance to taste something unique. So if you want to be the one then reach to Santi Spiritus and gulp the sweet brew taking the enjoyment of hot summer.


Oscura is a popular brew of Cuba that is similar to a Coffee Blender. Through a cold extraction, procedure coffee is mixed to the content to remove the bitterness of the beer. It has an extreme smell of candied apple, tobacco, and toffee creating soft and fermented alcohol aroma. The taste of Oscura is more like a palate, vanilla, molasses, and raisin which keep gaining its quality from staying in different barrels. The continuous sweetness in the beer forms a sweet finish. It is an alluring bear that can control the whole crowd very easily.


Mayabe is a completely clear and durable Cuban beer. Whoever wants to spend a day on the beach on a hot summer day must partner himself with a can of Mayabe. The Pilsner malt of the beer provides a soft 4.0% volume of alcohol in it. It gives a clear golden color to the beer.

Once you taste the Mayabe you will feel how far you were from the magical brew that was locked in tropical heaven. This mystical brand has got its name from Indian legend of eastern Cuba which is a dynamic region wealthy in heritage and culture.


Cacique is another popular brand that possesses a stronger essence than Mayabe. It has got a 4.5% volume of alcohol although it has a light taste. The beer comes in silver cans that mark the popularity of every business running in the streets and on the island of Cuba. For experiencing this mesmerizing brew, baseball bar is the best place on 12 Avenue on Havana.

In a crux Cuban beer has the potential to create and attract lots of lovers. Its sweet taste, high volume, frizzy nature, majestic glory is the reason behind its popularity. Take a pause, gulp a sip, feel the taste, and enjoy the aroma of the Cuban beer. It can do wonders for you!