Top 10 Popular Cuban Liquors

Cuba is popular for its authentic liquors. The drinking scenario of Cuba is awash in rum and beer. The drinks are affordable as compared to other western prices. There are many stories about Cuban drinking habits as people here love to drink and party. Well, all those stories are right. Average monthly income of Cuba maybe low, but it does not affect drinking habits. Locals here enjoy every evening with a few cold ones.

Cuba is famous for its rum, and it is the origination of smoothest and flavorful rum. Americans visiting Cuba bring home the popular Cuban rum as a tradition. Cuban stores have a variety on their shelves. Prices are almost the same regardless of the shop. Vodka, whiskey, and wine are also available here, but people are fond of authentic Rums.  Let us give a quick run-down of famous drinks in Cuba.

Beau’s Dark Helmüt

Schwarzbier is a German black lager style. This dark beer comes with subtle roasted flavor. A dark helmut, is the version of German black lager with enjoyable crispness. The mellow roasted character with bready, malty notes offers the backdrop to this crisp, clean beer. The Malt depth provides balance and intact presence of bigger alcohol well integrated. The finish is crisp and bright. There are various food pairing options available with this liqueur such as Rack of stuffed pork with rye-soaked prunes, ragout of bacon, mushrooms, and shallots on toast, spicy lentil, and mushroom burger, Swiss or Munster style cheese like Kootenay Alpine Cheese Co.’s Nostrala and  Magie de Madawaska.

Havana Club Añejo 15 Años

Havana Club family comprises of this decent rum which is worth every cent. It is a blend of a variety of rums with different ages along with sugarcane-based alcohol called aguardiente. The blended form is then allowed to mature in oak barrels especially used for American bourbon for 15 years. As a result, the product is exceptionally dark and comprises of full rich and flavored notes of dark fruits, brown sugar, honey, and little spice. It is a different experience.

CUBA Caramel

A trip on the town or a night by the fire! The Cuba Caramel vodka does it all. It came with sinful flavor and produced from pure, finest triple distilled vodka. The lovely seducing sweet taste of caramel will leave a soft finish.  Enjoy on the rocks and mix with juice or soft drinks for awesome cocktails. The drink can also be enjoyed as a shot. It is amazing in coffee or hot cocoa with or without whipped cream.

Old Havana

Gold color whiskey resembles the light rum aroma that is smooth and round such as Havana Club 3yo. It also shows cereals usage at some point with no foul notes. This whiskey tastes somewhat like the American coffee. It gets too dry, bitter and starts drying when it comes to finishing.

Perrin Black Goat

Aging of Black goat beer takes place in Woodford bourbon barrels that are most sought after bourbon barrels in the brewing industry. The recipe involves double ingredients as used in Black Lager, so it is termed as a double Black Lager. Sweet, rich and slightly syrupy, this pours black with red when held in the light. Vanilla, chocolate, bourbon and dark fruit are sweet and rich. The mouth is smooth and light.

Legendario Elixir de Cuba

Sip this flavorful drink and nurture your sweet tooth. This is matured in American oak wooden barrels for two to four years. Distillers use raisin extract to blend this rum. The product is sweeter with a rich honeyed finish. It is viscous and thick in a glass and the colors resemble cola. The raisin and grape give an intense and syrupy touch.

Ron Cubay 3-Year-Old – Carta Blanca

The brand was established in 1964, and the rum is three years old that goes well in a Daiquiri. It is the youngest rum of Cuban producers. It is exclusively made by the use of Cuban molasses. You can enjoy this top quality rum in various cocktails or enjoy it neat. Pepper spices aroma from sweet initial fresh to sugary toffee. A cooling layer of toffee balances black pepper on the palate. Grounded black pepper lingers on the finish. It is classic young rum that is full of lively and spicy notes.


Santiago de Cuba, Añejo Superior

This is flavorful and very intense rum. On the nose, it is aromatic and fruity, featuring notes of tropical spices and brown sugar. There are intense flavors of various fruits such as green banana and pineapple on the palate. Also, notes of some intriguing sherry and caramel are present. Cinnamon and cumin spice come along with intense black pepper notes emerging at the end. It has a peppery, long and fruity finish.

Ron Mulata Gran Reserva Añejo

This rum is obtained from Cuban sugarcane syrup. It is matured in a 180-liter wooden barrel. It is a concentrated version of sugarcane juice used by producers of Rhum Agricole. The rum is medium bodied and smooth. It is more subtle than Cuban rums made of molasses, but it delivers significant aroma and flavor. It is almost brandy like and similar to Caribbean rums. On the nose, it gives creamy caramel aroma with butter touch with dark sugar and bit of oak touch. The rum offers flavors of tropical fruit and spice notes of nutmeg and cinnamon with more caramel. It is notably dry and long finish with intense peppery and cinnamon notes.

Havana Club Gran Reserva

This high-cost rum is exceptional as compared to other rums of comparable age. It has rich fruity, honeyed and floral notes on the nose. A hint of pepper, cloves, and cinnamon can be felt. The rum is robust and rich along with notes of dried fruits such as figs, dates, prunes, and hint of raisin. Notes of baked apple and dried tropical fruits are also present. It has a flavorful and long finish featuring notes of tropical spices, dried tropical fruits, and brown sugar.