12 Popular Danish Beers

The famous Carlsberg brewery in Denmark was established in 1847 with the two brands namely Carlsberg and Tuborg. This has dominated the beer market here but certainly not the only options because Denmark comprises of several microbreweries that produce varieties of beer. Pale lager dominates the beer market of Denmark, and it accounts for 95% of the overall beer sales of the entire country. It is pale to golden color with a perfectly attenuated texture.

Geek Brunch Weasel’

It is black colored with the dark brown edge. The small island with thin ring sticks upon pouring and fed by bubbles. Some lacing spots are left behind which back down into it. The dark roasted malts aroma comes with the hint of sweetness and addition of chocolate, dark fruits, and subtle smoke with heavy coffee. The taste resembles aroma but no allusion to meats. The beer gives heavy mouthfeel and thus mouth coating sensation with medium carbonation. The aftertaste is more of chocolate. Lack of foam gives it a forbidding appearance.

Mikkeller George

Pours a blackish brown rich muddled with a big head of brown foam. The beer subsides thick layer, thick ring, and some lacy spots. It is characterized by the nose of dark fruits, dark chocolate, light char and dark malts with a trace of licorice and coffee with strong booze. Taste follows aroma with heavy dark chocolate similar to syrup that blends with licorice and coffee. The plum and sweet cherry awash in brandy like booze. It features medium-high carbonation with nice mouthfeel and has a full bodied heavy malt finish. Overall it is a solid beer that should not be taken lightly.

To Øl Jule Mælk

The liquid is black which pours a finger high tan head that slowly dies down but leaves short head over the surface.  Aromas are light to moderate dark chocolate malts along with the hint of licorice. It is characterized by its chocolate flavor with notes of lactose with a hint of spices and licorice along with some bitterness. It is medium to full bodied and smooth as well as thick on the palate with medium carbonation. This is a unique beer similar to a milk stout.

Amager Hr. Frederiksen

The liquid pours in a clear black with a reddish hue. It has moderate retention, which leaves an excellent lacing and three fingers tall Ivory foam. The moderate aroma of plums, dried fruits, alcohol, and rich chocolaty is excellent. The sweet and aggressive coffee flavor gives high bitterness. It is full bodied, oily, chewy, and has a bittersweet aftertaste.

Fanø Imperial Jule Porter

Jule Porter is brewed with spices and coffee. It has 10% ABV with rich coffee, cinnamon, and chocolate flavors. The head is medium brown, and the aroma is cinnamon, coffee, chocolate, malts. It is vinous, sweet, light spice, coffee and light cellar in taste with a dry wood finish.

Mikkeller Brian

The pitch black liquid is semi-dense, medium brown head. The aroma is sweet with some roasted malts, hazelnut notes, fruity and vanilla with noticeable booze. The semi-sweet taste is strong and gives better notes in between. The beer is full bodied with oily texture. Overall, it is impressive with dark fruit notes.

Amager MurpHill 2017 Ed

MurpHill 2017 is aged in Bourbon barrels that are fresh and straight from Kentucky. This liquid is dark brown with a frothy and thin tan head. The aroma of bourbon, dry dates, wood, and caramel is pleasant. It is full-bodied, rich, and oily beer with soft carbonation. The flavor is slightly bitter with woody notes and alters to moderate bitter with a boozy finish. Overall it is a good porter.

Warpigs / Alesmith Speedway Stout

The liquid is jet black and opaque that forms a tiny tan head and has minimum carbonation. The aroma of roasted malts, coffee and the dark cacao with the notes of vanilla, caramel, and leather is soothing along with the slight char to the malt roast. The taste resembles coffee, mocha, dark chocolate, dry tobacco, and mild char with notes of caramel and vanilla that increases as the beer turns warmer. Alcohol is hidden with an excellent heft to the body. Overall it has complex and nice flavors.

Faxe Premium

Pours copper/ orange color with lots of bubbles and a decent frothy head that collapse quickly. The strong characteristic smell is little sweet and syrupy but does not overpower. The taste is metallic sweet and watery with a nasty after taste. Overall it is fizzy and simple and best served chilled.

Ceres Royal Stout

The liquid is black with a couple of fingers grey head. The lacing on the edge of glass and retention is excellent. The aroma is a combination of malty sweet feel with notes of caramel and dark bread along with the licorice touch and roast.  The flavor is balanced with slightly sweet and roasted malts. The notes of coffee give bitterness at the end. Ceres Royal Stout is medium bodied and too light with average carbonation. It is not creamy or as smooth as most stouts. Overall it is average with noticeable alcohol.


Pours golden with a small and cloudy white head. The citrus aroma of lime, heavy lemon, and slightly pineapple is refreshing. The salty flavor with excessive lemon bitterness, orange, tart citrus fruits, and lime come with low carbonation. Overall, it is a surprising aroma and excellent taste.

Mikkeller Black Hole

The thin black liquid has a decent head that fades slowly and forms the knit ring of froth. It smells vanilla, dark char, chocolate, fig, and licorice. As the temperature rises, it releases blackberry with notes of worn leather and tawny port. 13% of alcohol is dominating. The taste resembles bitter chocolate, dark fruits, coffee, and the hint of honey. The dark roast grains, vanilla undertones, and initial flavors are not too sweet. The bold mouthfeel, bitter start with the pretty quick finish is surprisingly dry. The drink is slight sweet with a hint of smoke at the end. Overall it is a bold offering with strong aroma and flavor. Vanilla, coffee, and honey combine quite properly offering an excellent treat and worth seeking out.