Best Icelandic Vodkas

Iceland mainly experiences cold weather. Throughout the year a large part is dominated by chilly weather. Icelanders keep themselves warm with the consumption of alcohol. Tourists also consume different types of alcohols available here to keep inner bones warm. However, it is advisable to know the type of beverages that you are going to order in a pub or any local bar. The price of alcohol in Iceland shocks foreign visitors, and it is quite expensive to drink.

The land of Leif Ericson offers the perfect environment for partying, but expensive alcohol makes it difficult to enjoy the fullest. Many travelers skip alcohol during their trip to maintain their budget, or they stock up the drinks at Keflavík Airport, where a duty-free store is present. Some tourists use happy hour at local bars. Make sure to try the following drinks to get the perfect Icelandic experiences.


This vodka is one of the best in the world. The water used in its production comes from the lava field that is 4000 years old. The vodka is distilled in one of the low-temperature places across the globe.

This Icelandic vodka is the distillation product of barley and wheat. It is the first green vodka, and it uses glacial water. The distillation is done using energy from geothermal heat. It is fully enjoyable and has the round mouthfeel that carries vanilla notes, earthy pepper and lemon. The vodka is smooth and clean with a nice buzz and negligible burn. It is not necessary to tone it with juice. A lime or a splash of flavor according to the choice is enough.

Icelandic Mountain

This is one of the crispest vodkas that constitute Icelandic water. The distillation process takes place seven times. The vodka is gluten-free with 40% alcohol. It is gentle and soft that can be enjoyed on ice or neat.  It received a Gold Medal and 92 points in 2017 from The Beverage Testing Institute’s This has a touch of Alpine herb.


The distillation process takes place seven times. It has 40% alcohol and uses Icelandic water for its production. This is a gluten-free product that is clear, creamy, and has confected aromas. There are flavors of pistachio paste, peach jam, and spumoni. The vodka has medium to full body with mint cream and lychee finish. It is full of character, confection, and body. The extraordinary balance of taste makes it perfect.


Black Death

This is triple distilled vodka that is made from French Sugar Beet. Iceland is the origin of Black Death vodka. The production is done through a traditional method of brewing. Distillation of wheat grain gives it a smooth and distinct flavor. The vodka is silky and crystalline. The notes of caramel and honeyed toast are appreciable. Black Death has won many international awards from the year 1987 to 2015. It was awarded as the World’s best white Spirit at 1993. The vodka has also won gold medals in Wine competition of London and San Francisco.


This vodka is of Icelandic origin. It has delicate sole berries flavor. It is red in color and very mixable. Distillation of fine grain results in flavorful vodka. You can enjoy it straight or mix some juices or soft drink. Surprise yourself as the possibilities are endless.

Iceland has an extraordinary relationship with alcohol. If you are on a trip to Iceland, and you love exotic alcohol, then do not forget to experience the alcohol scene. Iceland is the right place to taste unique drinks.  A trip to Iceland is incomplete without visiting the regions that are popular for local brews.

Why is alcohol so expensive in Iceland?

Taxes are the primary reason why alcohol prices are high in Iceland. The taxes are based on the alcohol volume. For instance, if a bottle is priced at 5,420 ISK, the selling price will be 7,302ISK. In addition to this, another valued added tax tops the price to 724 ISK. The states have their additional taxes, which is 20ISK recycling fee. Hence, the taxes comprise about 85% of the actual sale price. The state’s monopoly stores further add their margins, which makes the price of an alcoholic beverage expensive by as much as 94%.

Tips to Stay Protected from The High Prices

Party enthusiasts and travelers who would never like to drink and enjoy when in Iceland can adhere to some simple tips. This will help in saving some money while not entirely skipping alcohol when in the country. They can stock up when they arrive at Keflavik Airport from the Duty-Free store. Alternatively, they make the most out from the happy-hours at different bars.

One thing to be noted is that the tax is charged on alcohol volume. This means it’s a much larger share of price of alcohol than the VAT. Hence, there is a price differential among the most expensive quality vodka and less expensive one. The low-quality brands do not attract a large tax amount. However, top craft beer will be much more expensive as compared to the generic mass produced lager.