Best Table Wines

Tables wines are often considered simple wines best paired with a meal, they’re thought of as inexpensive, simple wines that don’t match the quality or taste of higher priced, better known wines. They are officially defined in the European Union as wines that do not qualify as quality wines according to appellation rules. While in the U.S. table wines are considered wine that is neither sparkling nor fortified, with a maximum alcohol content of 14%. Neither of these definitions do these unique wines any justice, many table wines offer huge amount of quality both in flavor and aroma as well as a price tag that the average person can afford.

In order to help you choose the best table wine for your next dinner we have put together a list of a few of the best table wines on the market today.

Best Table Wines2

Dow Vintage Port

The Dow Vintage Port sports a certain verbosity of taste with a rather large pool of dark plums, cassis, and kisch flavors. The body of this wine presents itself with a refined, luscious, and powerful edge to it. The long, full flavors of this wine present with a thick finish including Asian spices with hints of raspberry tarts, rich with chocolate undertones.

Mollydooker Shiraz McLaren Vale Carnival of Love

This wine carries itself with a lithe and sinewy presence, containing the flavors and aromas of black cherry, red berry, and cardamom, all into one tightly infused packaging. The finish of the wine expands out and drives hope a very long, strong, and meaty end. It displays a poise and muscular verbosity.

Prats & Symington Douro Chryseia

This wine presents itself quite elegantly with a very pure, red, and powerful pose. Sustaining hints of luscious red plum, dark and deep currants, and juicy raspberry, we also find it filled with notes of deep bakers chocolate and black olives with a well gripping back up of tannins. It finishes nicely with rather refined accents of white pepper as well as of slate.

Quinta do Vale Meao Douro

Seductively red and luscious, this wine is positively filled up with a wide array of different dark fruits and kirsch flavors which are boldly accented with creams and notes of spices. As we dive deeper in we also begin to see the smooth and silky tannins mixed with the molten chocolate richness. The finish at the end deeply echoes with white pepper and mineral detailing.

Leeuwin Chardonnay Margret River Art Series

This Chardonnay is a deeply and well balanced brew that is rich, ripe, and quite generous. The flavors of mango, pear, spice, and floral flavors balance together with a slight and gentle acidity. The seductive and supple finish comes together with quite a grand display of intensity and strength while keeping its charms intact.

Castello di Ama Chianti Classico San Lorenzo Gran Selezione

This wine brings quite a racy feel to the table with a deep combination of elegance and power. The deep notes of strawberry, rose, wild cherries, and woodsy, leafy flavors come out in this deep red. This wine has a nice long finish though it requires time in order to shed the deep tannins. These flavors are very well defined from start to finish.

It should be easy to see from this short list the wide range of flavors that table wines can offer as well as the variety of producers creating them all over. Despite how they’re defined by the US and the European Union, table wines have more to offer curious customers than they could have ever imagined. The excellent tastes, aromas, and most importantly price make table wines the best entry point for a person new to the world of wines who want to learn more. Fantastic table wines can be found in nearly any local grocery store making it that much easier to use them as a jumping off point for the world of wine.

Stores in your town probably have an impressive selection of table wines, that you never gave a second glance because they were simply labled “red table wine” or “white table wine” costing you an amazing experience. So perhaps the next time your grocery shopping you will give the wine aisle a second look.