Understanding Wine Regions

Wine has one of the oldest and richest histories among any alcoholic libations on today’s market. Its representation is of a culture and lifestyle, echoing from the regions in which it is produced to the tables at eloquent restaurants. The first known wine was conceived in China around 7000 BC and soon after evidence of … Read more

Best Cognac Brands

Top Five Cognacs for Elite Tastes Considered to be a premier alcoholic beverage, Cognac is enjoyed world-wide by a variety of tastes. In order to earn the name of Cognac however, this brandy must meet strict requirements. Cognac is produced from 90% Ugni Blanc, Folle Blanche and Colombard grapes and must be aged in Limousin … Read more

Four Regional Alcoholic Drinks from Around the World

Many kinds of alcohol are associated with some sort of place, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be from there to know it and drink it. After all, vodka is drunk around the world, not just in Russia; and whiskey drinkers are not confined to only Scotland, Ireland, and North America. While you … Read more

Types of Wine

A Typical feature of most restaurants is their focus on offering a well-prepared wine list that will complement the menu. A wine bar, also known as bodega, usually has a wide selection of wines available by the glass and offers a great opportunity to explore different wines. You can match food and wine whether you … Read more

Process of Wine Making

Wine has been consumed throughout all the recorded history. Wine lovers are known for their passionate curiosity. If you really want to learn about wine, you need to drink experimentally. Curiosity results in a much deeper enjoyment and association with what is in the glass. Da Vinci thought that man’s senses were the gateway to … Read more

Best Champagne and Sparkling Wine Brands

Top Sparkling Wines and Champagnes – [year_shortcode]

Sparkling wines and champagne are associated with toasts, merrymaking and happy moments and are used to celebrate, commemorate and indulge. Selling more than 300 million bottles per year, Champagne is synonymous with celebration.

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Best Absinthe Brands

Absinthe – A Drink From the Ages When it comes to the long line of distilled beverages most people will think of the traditional staples, the ones in nearly every home across the globe. It doesn’t matter if you are in a private home and tasting the delights of your friend’s wet bar or you’re … Read more

Best Tequila Brands

The Spirit From South of the Border It is difficult for one to think of Mexico without thinking of Tequila and its unique flavors. Today, one might be surprised to discover that the distilled liquor from South of the Border has gone through a sort of evolution from its humble beginnings. Had anyone tasted the … Read more

Best Gin Brands

Gin – A Good Spirit For the Heart Historically, in comparison to the other distilled liquors on the market, gin is a relative newcomer. It actually made the scene in the 17th century originally for sale in apothecary stores as a blood cleanser. It did not make it to the taverns until much later. It … Read more

Best Vodka Brands

A Little Bit About Vodka Like the old favorites rum, whiskey or brandy, vodka is usually started with the same kind of grains, rye, wheat, corn, etc. However, unlike those other grain liquors it can also be made from a vegetable mashes like potatoes or white beets. The difference in producing this pure and colorless … Read more