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Top 10 Strongest Beers in the World 2021

Ever kick your shoes off and crack open a standard beer like Budweiser, Miller High Life, Rolling Rock, or Pabst Blue Ribbon? Still feel unsatisfied from its effects after guzzling a few? Well don’t give up hope! There are several beers on the market that are so highly potent, that they make those labels look like root beer in comparison.

Several strong beers float around and boast their strong alcohol volume content. Many brands have an extreme limited availability, brewed seasonally, or brewed only once. However, there are several American beers that brew labels frequently or year-round, in order to provide patrons a truly strong drink that is content to their heart’s desire. The top 5 popular labels that gain attention for their strong effects are: Samuel Adams Utopias, 120 Minute IPA, Melange No.3, Wild Blue, and Miller Fortune.

Samuel Adams Utopias

For 12 years, this Boston, Massachusetts brew has satisfied customers with a 29 percent alcohol volume content. This beer’s resemblance to its dark fruit, smoky, and vanilla texture, makes it more comparable to wine or liquor. I would recommend this label for someone who enjoys the effects of beer, but prefers the taste and smell of other alcoholic beverages, such as whiskey or scotch. Wouldn’t recommend this for consumers who crave the taste of beer hitting their tongue, because they’ll be slightly disappointed; unless they want to display a dashing gold bottle on their shelf.

120 Minute IPA

Desire an ultra-strong hoppy brew that will warm your guts? This label solves this dilemma with its 18 percent alcohol volume content. There are other Dogfish Head variants available on the market, such as the 60 minute and 90 minute IPA. However, this brand deserves all the attention, due to its potency and popularity among beer enthusiast that prefer hoppy style drinks. Its thick citrusy taste, makes it difficult to gulp down; I am confident it won’t take 120 minutes for a consumer to finish by taking sips. I would recommend this label for individuals that don’t mind paying a steep price, for upscale hoppy quality.

Top Strongest Beers2

Melange No. 3

Hollywood, actors, celebrities, beaches, and hills are terms typically associated with the state California. Another thing that should be included in the list, is The Bruery. This brand is famous for brewing the potent label Melange No. 3. The beer is known for having a high alcohol content of 15.5 percent, without the strong taste, unlike the previous drinks mentioned. Its smooth sweet taste, dark red color, and earthy aroma of nut and oak; heightens the labels popularity with consumers. People who care about staying trendy in the beer world, may want to give this a shot.

Wild Blue  

In the mood for a drink, that is embedded with a strong blueberry taste? Everything about this

brew shouts blueberry! From its smell, taste, and texture. If you enjoy dominate tasting drinks, then this is the beer for you. Its 8 percent alcohol content is enough to get one buzzed after a couple of bottles, without losing composure. Anheuser-Busch’s headquarters is in St. Louis, Missouri; the company uses German hops from Bavaria when brewing Wild Blue. This is one of the key ingredients that enhances its outstanding taste. This beverage is commonly found in grocery stores and convenient stores in the Unites States. This is highly marketable for beer enthusiast that are picky when it comes to taste.

Miller Fortune

Do not be discouraged from its name! While Miller High Life is considered a low-end beer, the company has created a sub-brand that is genuine in taste and quality. Almost reaching at 7 percent alcohol volume content (6.9), this label has had phenomenal success with younger audiences. This drink might not tell you your fortune, but I predict it will definitely leave one feeling satisfied. The strong malt smell is accompanied by its thick creamy aftertaste. The effects of the drink don’t kick in right away, but once it does, it hits like a train. For beer enthusiasts on a strict budget, but still want to enjoy potent quality beer, this is the answer for you. This label has exceptional quality for its price.