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Top 9 Most Popular Types of Beer Glasses 2021

Glasses That Bring Out the Best in Your Beer

Most of us have our favorite beer that we savor during relaxing evenings or during outings with friends. What many people aren’t aware of is that the pleasure that we feel when consuming our favorite beer can be greater enhanced with the use of the proper beer glass.

Anticipation can be heightened as beer glasses have the ability to change the color, aroma and taste of beer. Qualities and colors that were once hidden will begin to shimmer and become more powerful. Depending upon the size and shape of the beer glass in use, various reactions will differ upon different brands of beer.

When beer glasses are used they have the tendency to adopt and maintain the aroma introduced by your choice of beverage. This aroma is significant for enhancing your beer drinking experiences.

Varying shapes and styles of beer glasses can direct the pleasant aroma of your favorite brew directly to your nose. Glasses that begin to narrow at the top and curl on the top edges seem to be the contenders for the enhancement of beer drinking experiences.

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Top 9 Most Popular Beer Glasses and Their Benefits – 2021

1. English (Imperial) Pint Glass – This glass can hold 20 fluid ounces of your favorite beer as it is tall and just below the rim it has a slight outward curve. Beers that are typically drunk from this style of glass include: English Lagers, English Ales, IPAs, Porters, Stouts and American Pale Ales.

2. Weizen or Wheat Glass – These glasses greatly resemble the shape of the pilsner glass. You will notice a display of color and taste the locked in sweet, fruity aromas of your beer related to the glasses tall and thin walls which can hold approximately 0.5 L of your beverage. Typical beers that are drunk from these glasses include: Pale Ales, Dark Ales and Hefeweizens.

3. The Snifer Beer Glass – A more rare type of beer glass that perfectly serves it purpose as its shape allows you to swirl your beer around for a better taste. It’s thin stem and large upper body is great for beers that have a lot of aroma and flavor. Beers typically served in this style of glass include: Barley Wines, Wheat Wines and IPAs.

4. The Stange Glass – The name, stange, means ‘rod’ or ‘stick’ in German because of its shape. The slender shape of this glass creates a more intense flavor and aroma experience. As it is smaller, it typically holds only 6 – 7 fluid ounces. Typical beers that are served in these glasses include: Lambic, Bock, Kolsch, fruit beers and other German style beers.

5. The Pilsner Glass – With its tall and slender shape, this glass helps to maintain the carbonation of your beer while showcasing the color. You can expect this type of beer glass to hold approximately 12 fluid ounces. Beers typically served in this style of glass include: Light Lagers, American Lagers, American Pilsners and Wheat Beers.

6. A Goblet or Chalice – These two styles of beer glasses are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes which typically have a long and thick stem leading up to a very wide top. As the wide and rounded shape easily allows certain aromas and flavors to rise to the top of the glass while drinking, these styles are perfect for heavier beers. Typical beers served in these glasses include: Imperial Stouts, Imperial IPAs and Belgian IPAs.

7. The Tulip Glass – As this glass is ‘tulip’ shaped, it is designed to capture and retain certain aromas and flavors. This glass is a perfect solution for hoppy beers. Typical beers served in this style of glass include: Saisons, Belgian Dark Ales, IPAs and Belgian Pale Ales.

8. The Beer Mug – Due to its ability to hold a large volume of beer along with a convenient side handle, this mug is a well-known and popular style of a beer glass. Beer stays colder longer as it is insulated by the wide shape of the glass and its thick walls. Beers typically served in this style of beer glass include: American Amber Lager, American Amber Ale, English Ale, American and English IPA and several other popular brands.

9. The American Pint Glass – This style of beer glass can hold between 16 – 20 ounces of your favorite beer and is viewed as one of the most popular pint glasses used by American bars. The thick walls of this glass make it durable, while its slender and tall shape allows for easy stacking. Beers typically served in this style of glass include: American Lagers, American Ales, American Pilsners and American IPAs.


The purpose of this guide is to introduce beer lovers to the means available to better enhance their beer drinking experience. Experimentation is encouraged to discover personal beer glass favorites.